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April 15, 1799 Sending the Recruiting Money & Transporting Clothing James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry discusses the most economical way of sending the recruiting money to regimental paymasters and transporting clothing intended for the recruiting service.
September 8, 1798 Money for Transporting Stores to Baltimore, Etc. Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Langham has drawn on Hodgdon for monies to cover the expenditures of transporting stores to Baltimore. He has received no money from the public since the previous January except what was sent to Baker and Comegys. Still he assured the Secretary of War that he will continue to attend the safekeeping of the stores.
July 20, 1798 Certification of payments; compensation of John M. Scott William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $41.06 is due John M. Scott, late Surgeon of the Army of the United States, for his expenses transporting public money from Philadelphia to the Headquarters of the Army in July 1793.
May 20, 1798 Transporting the Clothing Henry Glen Samuel Hodgdon A mostly illegible letter that mentions "transporting of the clothing."
March 25, 1796 Charge for Transporting Money from New York Staats Morris William Simmons Cost of traveling the river to New York was a trifling sum and money due troops could not be received in a timely manner otherwise.
September 9, 1793 Protection for Bearer of Money Henry Knox Isaac Craig Requests protection for Jacob H[a]deman who was entrusted with transporting money down the Ohio River for army.
May 19, 1794 Transporting Mr. Martinson and Mr. Lewis Joseph Howell Edward Carrington The Treasurer will remit $84 to reimburse Carrington for transporting Mr. Martinson, engineer, and Mr. Lewis from Richmond to New Bern [Newbern], North Carolina.
September 3, 1795 Payments for Transporting Troops John Dexter Timothy Pickering Dexter encloses his bills and receipts for payments made by him for transporting troops from Providence to New York.
June 18, 1793 Transporting Arms Edward Carrington Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are Aaron Jenkins' contract for fifty dollars for transporting arms to Capt. Preston at Montgomery Courthouse. The report to Hodgdon came late owing to Jenkins having entered with the contractor to go with the troops down to the place where they were embarking in the boats, a long march from which he has just returned.
May 11, 1796 Boats Built in Schenectady for Transporting Goods to the Northward Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to provide him with information regarding three boats built in Schenectady and used in the service of the US Army.
May 4, 1789 Morrow's Account Closed, Cost of Transporting Troops and Stores to Reading, Pennsylvania William Price Henry Knox Having received Knox's letter of April 1, Price has closed Morrow's account for repairing and cleaning stands of arms, and he encloses a duplicate receipt for the same. Price forwards by Ketchum some stores that Knox requested. He encloses an account of the money received and expended in transporting stores and men from New York and West Point to Reading, Pennsylvania, with receipts from Captain...
October 18, 1798 Transporting Powder from Charleston Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon recommends transporting the powder from Charleston in casks made specifically for that purpose rather than in the boxes in which it currently resides.
February 15, 1793 Transporting Stores and Forage Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Since peace with the Indians is not likely, Wayne has decided that the best method of transporting stores and forage westward is by wagons pulled by teams of oxen and provides an accounting of the money saved by using this method instead of pack horses.
September 11, 1795 Reimbursement for troop transport William Simmons John Dexter Informs John Dexter that he is to be reimbursed for transporting men from Providence to Newport, Rhode Island.
February 16, 1784 Gold Coin James Lovell John Pierce Discusses exchange of money into gold coin.
October 5, 1795 Amount Due the Estate of Duncan Manson, for transporting a detachment of the United States Regiment William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $104.01 is due the estate of Duncan Manson for transporting a detachment of the United States regiment commanded by Captain John Smith from Fredonca to St. Mary's in Georgia during the years 1790 and 1791.
September 10, 1795 Confirms receipt of claim William Simmons John Dexter Informs John Dexter that his claim for transporting troops has been received.
December 14, 1798 Difficulty in Transporting Pattern Muskets Samuel Hodgdon John Kilty Hodgdon discusses the difficulty of transporting the pattern muskets to Kilty either by land or water during the winter.
September 10, 1784 Instructions regarding an advance payment John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce sends to Andrew Dunscomb instructions regarding an advance payment for transporting muster.
May 31, 1792 Request for Assistance Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Requests Craig assist Armorer in getting "forward", transporting baggage, and assisting his family.
May 26, 1799 Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, informs Indian concerns re shipping cost; discusses Seneka annuity.
November 16, 1799 Transporting Recruits to Winter Quarters Rufus Graves Alexander Hamilton Lt. Col. Graves informs Hamilton that the Contractor for New Hampshire asserts that he has already met his obligation and refuses to aid Graves in transporting the baggage and militry stores of the recruits of the 16th Regiment to winter quarters. Graves and the other officers have therefore had to assume the responsiblity for this task themselves.
August 30, 1798 Proposed Arrangement for the Pay of the Troops Porteous, Murdoch & Co. William Simmons They have heard that the troops in New York State are complaining that they do not receive their pay. As the firm has successful business in Canada but worry about the safe transmission of money, they propose that they pay cash to the troops and receive government bills in return.
December 5, 1796 Transporting Stores to Pittsburgh Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Langham has drawn $500 in favor of William Davidson & Company to be charged in the expense of transporting the stores from Shepherds Town to Pittsburgh. The articles will be shipped in boxes suitable for carrying them safely over the mountain. Should they blocked on the mountain by heavy snow, their fees will be paid for the time they cannont travel.
February 21, 1797 Vouchers needed William Simmons General Edward Hand Requests that Hand provide his vouchers for monies paid to him for the pay of wagon hire for transporting rifles to Pittsburgh so that Simmons can settle his account