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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 2, 1791 Return of Brass Ordnance and Implements George Fleming Henry Knox Captain Fleming's return of Brass Ordnance and implements, sent to the Honorable the Secretary of War by his order.
March 6, 1798 Brandy, Spikes, Howitzers, Anchors, Etc. Caleb Gibbs Samuel Hodgdon In Gibbs' return book is entered three casks of brandy, 434 gallons of which is correct. There is an error, however, due probably to the faintness of the lines in the ledger. The spikes are entered in return book 5674 but there is an inaccuracy which should be corrected by one of the clerks. The howitzers are also entered in this return. He has receipted the Naval Agent for the three anchors.
September 30, 1793 Inflict Due Punishment on Them Daniel Smith John Sevier "In answer of yours of the 27th instant, which I acknowledge to have received, I hold it would be proper to follow the trail of that large party of Indians who massacred Caveat's family on the 25th instant; and, if possible, inflict due punishment on them. The country is to be defended in the best manner we can, comporting with my general instructions to you of the 17th instant."
December 25, 1797 Description of Attack on Indians Edward Price [not available] Description of attack on Indians on 22 December 1797. One Indian was killed; two others were seriously wounded, one of which was Bird Trail, an influential Creek chief. Col. Hawkins, Indian Superintendent, left to determine the damage.
February 12, 1798 Inaccuracies in Your Account Samuel Hodgdon Caleb Gibbs Letter, directs return of ordnance & stores; discusses inaccurate accounting.
February 28, 1785 Return of Ordnance and Military Stores at West Point William Price Unknown Recipient William Price, Deputy Commissioner of Military Stores, issues a return of military stores on hand at West Point to an unknown recipient.
June 22, 1792 Units Recently Arrived and Precautions to Protect Settlers Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne reports on the various military units that are now with him at Pittsburgh and the precautions he will be taking to protect the neighboring settlers from Indian attacks.
April 13, 1798 Request for Issue of Powder & Handspikes to Fort Mifflin James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of powder and handspikes for the Fort Mifflin garrison; an addendum from Major Tousard on April 17th is included.
February 26, 1799 Return of ordnance on Castle Island Daniel Jackson [not available] Return of ordnance and military stores on Castle Island in Boston submitted by Major Daniel Jackson of the 2d Regiment of Artillery and Engineers. Document lists ordnance and classifies whether fit or unfit for service.
December 18, 1797 Hand still owes $3.57 William Simmons General Edward Hand Simmons notifies Hand that he has received most of the vouchers needed to settle his account but there is still $3.57 that has not been documented.
February 21, 1797 Settlement of Hand's account William Simmons General Edward Hand Simmons informs Hand that documentation is needed in order to settle his account with the War Department. (large portions illegible)
June 30, 1797 Return for ordnance received at Knoxville showing the species and quantity of stores delivered for Second Quarter 1797. Stephen Hillis [not available] Return of ordnance received at Knoxville showing species and quantity of stores delivered and received between 1 April and 1 June 1797. Signed by Steven Hillis, Deputy Paymaster and Storekeeper
September 1, 1799 Scarcely Any Clothing On Hand Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon In addition to enclosing his returns for July and August, Kalteisen warns that he has scarcely any clothing on hand. The overalls which appear to be on hand were sent to Captain Heyer and have not been returned so he is without these articles.
July 11, 1784 Cited letter or document, John Pierce to General Edward Hand John Pierce General Edward Hand Cited in Hand to Pierce 07/19/1784. Appears to have related the circumstances of an anauthorized seizure of pay funds by the officers at the garrison of West Point who were being discharged.
July 25, 1797 Edward Hand is promoted to Major General. James McHenry General Edward Hand McHenry informs Hand that he has been appointed Major General by President Adams with the advice and consent of the Senate.
July 5, 1797 Letter from Stephen Hillis accompanying return for second quarter of 1797 Stephen Hillis Samuel Hodgdon Addressed to Samuel Hodgdon dated July 5th, 1797. An inventory of public property on hand. Hillis asks that Hodgdon inform him that the returns are made out in a proper manner. Signed as Stephen Hillis, Paymaster and Storekeeper
June 16, 1791 COPY: Ordinances, Military Stores, and Medicines Forwarded to Pittsburg Samuel Hodgdon [not available] List of military and hospital supplies for troops.
December 18, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Edward Hand William Simmons General Edward Hand William Simmons informs Edward Hand that his accounts have been closed.
July 20, 1796 Regarding Ship Timber for Frigates, Especially New York Frigate Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, advises ship timber be kept at hand; discusses timber for New York frigate.
June 2, 1797 Statement of Muskets On Hand Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of muskets on hand as of April 1, 1797, per the books of the Intendant of Stores.
February 1799 Return of Medicines on Hand at West Point J. Holliday [not available] Return of medicines on hand, and such as are wanting, for the garrison of West Point, February 1799.
February 23, 1792 Gun barrel production General Edward Hand Henry Knox Hand discusses the effect of severe weather on the production of gun barrels.
December 15, 1785 Regarding certificates, charges and pay Joseph Howell General Edward Hand Mentions that the certificates of Colonel Pickering are not canceled in his office. A discussion on the matter of certificates. Notes that Mr. Denning has exhibited a charge against Hand for clothing delivered to Hand's Regiment; asks for information on this matter. Mentions the pay of Colonel Chambers.
May 31, 1793 Governor Blount's Orders to Captain John Beard William Blount John Beard These are Gov. Blount's and Captain White's orders to Captain Beard and his company regarding the pursuit of Indians who have committed murders and depredations on the frontier.
September 14, 1798 Forwarding of General Hand's Acceptance of Appointment John Adams James McHenry Encloses General Hand's acceptance of an appointment [probably to Adjutant-General of the Army].