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February 23, 1799 Division of New Jersey into Recruiting Districts Aaron Ogden Alexander Hamilton Ogden provides his suggestion for dividing New Jersey into recruiting districts.
April 17, 1799 Illegible Document James McHenry [not available] Encloses a letter from [illegible]. Refers to a township.
September 10, 1798 Assisting Alexander Hamilton Thomas Campbell Samuel Hodgdon Campbell informs Hodgdon that Alexander Hamilton needs his assistance in settling the affairs of his deceased son James Hamilton until his son Matthew Hamilton can provide that assistance.
November 4, 1796 Land Speculation, Etc Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Ignoring as usual the fact that the function of letters is to communicate, Sargent mentions the following; land speculation, Benjamin, Boston, chimney, Quartermaster General, township of 5000 acres, public offices, ample testimonials, public land, republican, newspaper, my home,
January 8, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department to Messrs Parrish & Murdock William Simmons Mr. Parrish Simmons informs Parrish and Murdock to expect payment from Jedediah Huntingdon.
April 7, 1799 List of Insurgents from Fries Rebellion William Seagrove Edward MacPherson Seagrove sends to General MacPhearson a list of men held in custody and charged with treason for aiding John Fries' campaign against the Direct House Tax of 1798. Fries was Captian of Bucks County Militia.
November 11, 1794 Seizing delinquent distilleries Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton writes President Washington on the measures to be taken tomorrow for apprehending persons and seizing delinquent distilleries.
April 25, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney Jacob Keller Samuel Maus Power of attorney for Jacob Keller, administrator for the estate of Nicholas Miller, late a soldier in the 12th Pennsylvania Regiment.
February 28, 1792 Letter of Administration Jacob Bowes Unknown Recipient Letter of administration of the estate of Alexander Warwick. The court does not find the account in question to the United States settled.
April 12, 1796 Accounts examined and money owed William Simmons James Morrison Accounts of a Captain James Gamble deceased have been examined anf Simmons requests that Morrison pay the sums owed to the War Department
November 8, 1794 Contractor killed by Indians Alexander Hamilton James O'Hara Informs James O'Hara, Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army, that Robert Elliot, one of the contractors, has been lately killed by hostile Indians, and that this might hinder the furnishing and forwarding of supplies.
March 1794 Requests made by John Cleves Symmes [not available] [not available] Report by the Secretary of Treasury, Attorney General and Secretary of War concerning Judge John Cleves Symmes.
April 22, 1799 Forwarding of Correspondence with General MacPherson James McHenry John Adams Forwards letter from General MacPherson, as well as McHeny's response to the same.
April 23, 1792 Letter of Administration John Arnatt Jacob Keller Letter of administration for the estate of Nicholas Miller, late a soldier in the 12th Pennsylvania Regiment under the command of Col. Cook. Power of administration granted to his brother-in-law, Jacob Keller.
November 10, 1794 Seizing delinquent distilleries Alexander Hamilton Brigadier General Henry Miller Secretary Hamilton writes General Henry Miller, stating that a seizure of delinquent distilleries may be advisable in the township of Elizabeth in Alleghany County, Pennsylvania. In order to do this it will be necessary to employ Collectors of the Revenue, along with an additional number to protect the operation. The seized stills will be sent to Fort Pitt.
April 6, 1799 Contract between Wolcott and Evans for fabricating muskets for the United States Oliver Wolcott, Jr. [not available] Articles of agreement between Wolcott and Owen Evans of Providence Township Pennsylvania for the manufacture of 1000 stands of muskets complete with bayonets and ramrods to be delivered at Philadelphia.
February 10, 1788 Certificate in Favor of Joseph Cone, Canadian Refugee John Livingston James McHenry Certified service of Lieutenant Cone, now as refugee entitled to compensation.
December 4, 1786 Shortcomings of the Current System of Government Benjamin Lincoln George Washington Lincoln appears to be commenting on the weaknesses of the central government of the Confederation. Those whose interests are undercut by the current system, namely creditors and holders of securities, will probably support strengthening the government with a revised constitution.
July 21, 1788 Certificate of Supply to West Point Timothy Ketchum [not available] Troops and refugees at West Point were supplied, noted that no provisions were issued to Joseph Cone.
April 6, 1799 Copy of a contract made with John Bray to furnish rations for US troops in New Jersey counties of Somerset and Middlesex [not available] [not available] Articles of agreement for recruiting of troops, between Jonathan Rhea on behalf of Secretary of War and John Bray.
November 8, 1794 Investigations to Apprehend the Guilty Alexander Hamilton George Washington Along with military matters, Hamilton discusses the ongoing investigations to determine who is responsible for the insurgency in western Pennsylvania. [Whiskey Rebellion]
April 18, 1799 Movements & Actions of Troops Suppressing Revolt in Pennsylvania William MacPherson James McHenry MacPherson describes the recent movements of his troops in suppressing the current insurrection in Pennsylvania, as they attempt to arrest individuals charged with treason. Discusses disposition of different detachments, arrests made, intelligence about the movements of the insurgents; supposes on the opinions of the people in the region, believing that the spirit of revolt was "high and...
May 23, 1787 Cattle taken by Army at the Battle of Wite Marsh [White Marsh] Jesse Greenfield Joseph Howell Brings up the matter of two cattle taken from Joseph Bradfield while the Army was at Wite Marsh. Asks if the matter may be settled and how to proceed.
March 28, 1800 Enclosed Affidavit of Joseph Cove John Cummings James McHenry Cummings submits Cove's claim for relief as a refugee. Cove was injured by frostbite and cannot make the journey to submit the papers himself.
March 1794 An act empowering the United States to hold lands for fortification. Rhode Island General Assembly [not available] The US Congress gave the President the power to claim land from states upon which fortifications have been erected. Thus the General Assembly grants the United States claim to the lands on which fortifications lay on Goat Island, and any adjacent lands that have been improved by the state for the purposes of defense. Additionally, it is deemed lawful by the General Assembly for the Town of...