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June 2, 1799 Adams Leaves Matter to McHenry's Judgment John Adams James McHenry Leaves a matter, related to recommendations, to McHenry's judgement.
April 24, 1797 Land Sale in Georgia Harmed Indian Relations Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Indian nations alarmed at the sale of land in Georgia and feared settlers will steal their land. Hawkins sought to quiet the matter through assurances of good intentions on part of United States. Matter seen as embarrassment to Indian Department. Hawkins advised suspension of trade licenses until matter is resolved.
May 10, 1787 Surprised over large account Stephen Bayard John Pierce Bayard is surprised that there is a large account against him. In order to have it speedily settled and closed has put under cover to Pierce an answer to the matter, with such information that will enable Howell to fully settle matter.
October 3, 1789 John Crane seeks the assistance of Knox on a pay matter John Crane Henry Knox Letter, asks for balance of account.
July 12, 1787 Regarding the matter of bringing on Mr. Caleb Swan Joseph Howell John Pierce Discusses matter of bringing on Caleb Swan. Argues that it would be a saving to the government. His salary was no additional expense to public. Is settling Colonel Harmar's Regiment; the most complex piece of business he has yet taken on hand.
July 27, 1800 Request for Confidential Opinions of Department Heads Regarding Uriah Tracy John Adams Samuel Dexter Encloses a letter concerning Uriah Tracy and a justice of the peace; as Tracy is currently serving as an agent of the War Office, inspecting government installations & property on the frontiers, Adams transmits the matter to Dexter. He also asks that Dexter submit the papers to all the department heads, and that they send him their confidential opinions on the matter.
May 23, 1787 Cattle taken by Army at the Battle of Wite Marsh [White Marsh] Jesse Greenfield Joseph Howell Brings up the matter of two cattle taken from Joseph Bradfield while the Army was at Wite Marsh. Asks if the matter may be settled and how to proceed.
December 15, 1785 Regarding certificates, charges and pay Joseph Howell General Edward Hand Mentions that the certificates of Colonel Pickering are not canceled in his office. A discussion on the matter of certificates. Notes that Mr. Denning has exhibited a charge against Hand for clothing delivered to Hand's Regiment; asks for information on this matter. Mentions the pay of Colonel Chambers.
May 19, 1794 Forwarding Information Relative to Six Nations Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Full text: "The enclosed relatively to the Six Nations just received is communicated to you as a matter of information to impair in the least degree the energy of your orders of the 10th instant."
May 8, 1787 General John Stark accounts and a matter of counterfeit public securities Charles Stark John Pierce Asks for copies of father's [presumably General John Stark] accounts. Has written before with no action. Mentions matter of Eliphalit Norris, who took to passing counterfeit public securities. His father, Captain Norris, sustains a fair and unblemished reputation.
November 21, 1797 Discussion of Account Settlement for Algerian Frigate Colonel James Hackett Josiah Fox Letter, discusses settling accounts for Algerine Frigate.
August 24, 1799 Request for Investigation of Fee to Be Paid to the Captor of An Army Deserter Hugh McAlister John Adams Hugh McAlister asks that Adams bring his case directly to the accountant in the War Office, for investigation. McAlister claims a Congressional bounty of $10 for apprehending and turning in an army deserter, David Gill. William Simmons, the accountant, had refused McAlister's certificate without stating a reason. McAlister claims it is less a matter of money than a matter of justice.
November 11, 1790 Regarding Fiscal Affair John Collins Henry Knox Letter, appears to pertain to a financial matter.
January 25, 1793 Returns of Ordnance and Military Stores; the Matter of Craig's Compensation Henry Knox Isaac Craig Received returns of ordnance and military stores. Asks for monthly returns. Addresses Craig's rate of compensation. Does not believe Craig entitled to separate compensation for erection of block houses at Pittsburg. Notes that a public officer should have a fixed and known compensation.
July 25, 1797 On the matter of the expense of coppering the frigate Constellation [not available] David Stodder Naval Constructor at Baltimore David Stodder informed that President of United States General George Washington desires that Joshua Humphreys, Captain Thomas Truxton, and Stodder develop a joint opinion on the matter of coppering a small part of the hull. As such Joshua Humphreys has been ordered to Baltimore to consult.
August 30, 1793 Military Clothing Possibly Infected with Yellow Fever Henry Knox Isaac Craig Reports that a infectious fever rages in Philadelphia. Took its rise not far from ordnance store on Water Street in which the clothing for the troops was deposited and packed up for transportation. Expresses concern that the clothing may be infected. Has written to some physicians to request that they devise a means to dispossess the clothing of the contagious matter.
October 24, 1795 Consent for Leave of Absence Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Treaty between U.S. and Indians received and sent to President for review. Leave of absence granted, other matter to receive attention at a later date.
April 15, 1785 Officer commutations Ebenezer Jackson Joseph Howell Mentions the proceedings of two boards of officers. It is a matter of consequence to those officers as their commutation entirely depends on the determination of the Secretary of War. Asks to send duplicate to Knox.
December 21, 1785 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Unless Dunscomb complies with Pierce's request to furnish his registers immediately, the Paymaster threatens to put the matter before Congress.
April 29, 1784 To be brought before Congress Hezekiah Wetmore John Pierce Discusses a matter he wishes brought before Congress.
January 6, 1784 Accounting for Equipment Samuel Hodgdon Major Nichols Discusses accounting for flannel cartidges and tubes.
June 7, 1794 Troops Intended for Charleston John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The detachment of troops intended for Charleston cannot embark for eight or ten days. The matter with Capt. Strong relative to his vessel should therefore be settled.
June 11, 1787 Regarding wages due to Benjamin Durrell Jeremiah Hills John Pierce Mentions that he wrote regarding wages due to Benjamin Durrell. Pierce's answer was that there is pay due to Durrell. Hill sent the papers required, but has heard nothing back on the matter.
May 28, 1792 Vetting a response to Mr. Hammond Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Secretary Jefferson asks for Secretary Knox's alterations for the response to Mr. Hammond.
January 31, 1796 Update on Accounts Edward Miller William Simmons Miller noted receipt of money from John Chester. Enclosure of pay roll with comment on lack of pay for John Bennett and Nathan Randall. Miller met Frowbridge and awaits orders from Sec. of War on matter regarding aforementioned man.