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August 6, 1798 Letter to the Secretary of the Navy Philip Jarvis Benjamin Stoddert Jarvis informs Stoddard that he has received bonds and expenses for the USS Constitution. He currently only has the originals of the vouchers and it may be necessary to make copies to transmit. His accounts would have already been settled if he not been called for duty on board the Constitution and been at sea for some time but they have recently been sent via post.
August 28, 1794 Drums Lodged by Tinley Tench Francis Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] The drums lodged by Tinley in Hodgdon's stores should be delivered to Mr. Rutter who will place them with the arms of the United States.
June 25, 1787 Enclosed paper lodged by Oliver Pollock John Pierce Edmund Randolph Encloses a copy of the paper lodged by Oliver Pollock with the Comptroller of the accounts of the United States and an extract taken by the receipts.
December 10, 1793 Responsibilities to Discharge Accounts, Proper Paperwork Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox Hamilton describes a plan to pay commissioned officers who wish to paid in Philadelphia. They should execute an instrument to be lodged with the Paymaster of the Army who will grant a certificate to be lodged with the accountant of the War Department, with a Power of Attorney from the officer. The accountant wil then discharge the aproriate sums.
October 17, 1797 Returning Originals of Forwarded Correspondence John Adams James McHenry Adams writes to enclose all the originals of letters McHenry had sent to him, that McHenry may have them for his records. Expresses concern over McHenry's health.
November 19, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Andrew Dunscomb Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Joseph Howell discusses unliquidated accounts with Andrew Dunscomb. Howell informs Dunscomb that he has put the amount due the non-commissioned officers and privates of the Virginia Line into the hands of Edward Carrington.
March 22, 1787 Money lodged in Charleston John Pierce Board of Treasury The Commissioner of Army Accounts informs the Board of Treasury that money previously lodged in Charlotte was currently in Charleston. Pierce states that he did not see the need to have it brought to him in New York since it would be ordered there anyway.
January 5, 1792 Letters to be Forwarded Henry Knox Isaac Craig Duplicates of original letters intended for lieutenants of several counties in Pennsylvania and Virgina. If Craig believes the originals will reach the lieuts before an express of the duplicates, he can send the duplicates by regular mail.
December 6, 1776 Request for pay for Captain James Wilson Joseph Howell General William Irvine The author examines the request for pay for Captain James Wilson and, after a thorough examination of the records, finds the request unwarranted. Indeed, Wilson may have been given more pay than was due him.
December 10, 1791 Certificates of John Bennett and John Strahan Joseph Howell Robert Denny The certificates issued for John Bennett and John Strahan of Lee's Legion and issued to Mr. White are found to have been cancelled by the Treasury but it is not evident who funded them or who disposed of them. Richmond is of the opinion that Mr. White lodged all the certificates remaining in his hands with Mr. Harwood or Mr. Johnston. Denny is asked to examine all the receipts lodged by Mr. White...
February 15, 1798 Justice James McHenry James Jackson Murder of Indian Commissioner and wounding of 2 Creeks met with swift punishment for offender. Money to pay Georgia militia lodged at Branch Bank of Charleston.
July 24, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Joseph Williams Simmons informs Williams that duplicate copies of vouchers are required before settlement can occur.
November 11, 1796 South Carolina accounts Peter Hagner Arnoldus Vanderhorst Forwards copies of the accounts of South Carolina settled in the War Department Accountant's Office. Accounts listed in the enclosure.
October 21, 1787 Account of Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to Major General Greene George Reid [not available] Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to Major General Greene, has lodged an account of sundry disbursements.
December 4, 1800 Rations for troops in Virginia Samuel Dexter Michael McKewan Refers to contract for supplying troops in Virginia. It was lodged in the War Office.
September 3, 1794 Mistakes in the Account of Hartman Leitheiser Joseph Howell Hartman Leitheiser it appears that Lt. Leitheiser is mastaken is his assertion that he has lodged in the Accountant's Office the receipts of his recruits for their pay through the 31st December 1793.
November 12, 1796 Execution of the Bond of Mr. Harris James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are instructions for Hodgdon and for Mr. Harris the Storekeeper of Military Supplies. Harris should have the bond required of him for the faithful performance of his duties executed according to his instructions. It then should be sent to the War Office to be lodged there.
October 22, 1797 Encloses Letters; Requests Return James McHenry John Adams Encloses letters; requests return of originals. Includes list of letters and contents.
July 23, 1787 Request for copy account of Major Edmund Hyrne Joseph Nourse Joseph Howell Is directed by Comptroller to request that Pierce forward an official copy of account that Major Edmund Hyrne, aide de camp to General Greene lodged in Pierce's office of sundry advances to officers of southern army.
August 30, 1794 Returns Forwarded to General Wayne Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon For his books Jones needs duplicates of the returns forwarded to General Wayne and asks Hodgdon to provide them.
October 22, 1794 Accounts of James Seagrove Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the records relative to the settlement of the accounts of James Seagrove, Agent for Indians Affairs in the Southern Department. These accounts involve the receipt and distribution of stores and Seagrove affirms that the relevant vouchers have been lodged in the office of the Secretary of War.
October 9, 9800 Recommendations for the Position of Aide de Camp Charles Carroll Alexander Hamilton Carroll recommends the Comte De Moelien to be one of Hamilton's aides de camp and encloses two testimonials.
November 29, 1793 Derangement of the Department Richard Harrison Samuel Hodgdon The accounts Hodgdon lodged in Harrison's department as late Quartermaster General have been examined but a statement has been prevented by the late derangement of the department. They will be taken up and adjusted as soon as more urgent business allows. Some corrections and alterations will be made but to no considerable amount.
February 2, 1791 Pay Request Thomas Doyle Joseph Howell As a consequence of information from Capain E. Beatty regarding pay and subsistence lodged in Pay Office, Doyle draws in favor of Mr. Adam Reigart.
November 18, 1799 Papers Lodged with Mr. Bingham James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Hamiton's request for Mr. Bingham's papers has been received but Bingham has not returned to Philadelphia so a servant has been dispatched to contact him.