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September 11, 1789 Knox informs Eveleigh of his appointment as Comptroller Henry Knox Nicholas Eveleigh Letter, advises Comptroller of appointment.
August 4, 1800 Absence of the Comptroller David Rann William Simmons In the absence of the Comptroller, Clerk Rann acknowledges receipt of Simmons' letter dated the 23rd of July and its enclosures all of which will be carefully preserved and laid before the Comptroller upon his return.
October 27, 1784 Letter from the Comptroller's Office James Milligan Joseph Howell Letter from the Comptroller's Office, pertaining to pay issues.
December 13, 1799 Letters from the Comptroller James McHenry William Simmons Whatever communications to McHenry from the Comptroller relate to the Simmons' office, the appropriate parts of those letters will be sent on to Simmons.
May 2, 1791 Letter to the Comptroller of the Treasury Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Letter to the Comptroller of the Treasury
November 15, 1800 Simmons Requesting Ellis' Compliance to Avoid Reporting to the Comptroller of the Treasury William Simmons Solomon Ellis Simmons' letter of March 17th requested that Ellis forward his accounts to exonerate himself on Simmons' books, but Simmons has not received a reply. Simmons repeats the necessity of Ellis' immediate compliance, otherwise Simmons will be forced to report Ellis to the Comptroller of the Treasury.
March 24, 1784 Officer's account Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Discusses an officer's pay account.
June 21, 1799 Discusses Adjustment and Paperwork with Comptroller; Col. Stevens Refuses Compensations Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Looks forward to requested returns. Not necessary to suspend commissary adjustment. Require certain papers from the Comptroller's office, which have proved difficult to obtain. As soon as he completes a report for General Hamilton, he will work with the Comptroller. Hopes to work with the Secretary of War on Col. Stevens's salary, but Stevens has resigned his position and refuses the...
December 10, 1795 Letter to the Comptroller of the Treasury William Simmons Comptroller of the Treasury Requests instructions from the Comptroller of the Treasury to enable the War Accountant's office to enter the accounts which have been settled.
November 17, 1800 Simmons Requests Hyde's Compliance to Avoid Referral to the Comptroller of the Treasury and the Secretary of War William Simmons Charles Hyde Recent instructions from the Comptroller of the Treasury make it necessary that anyone who received public money which remains unaccounted for must immediately forward and settle their accounts. Simmons again, despite frequent reminders of the consequences to Hyde, reminds him that he has been requesting a settlement from Hyde, and that failure to comply will result in referral to the...
January 24, 1799 Regarding request for report on what may be done with several papers received from Comptroller of Treasury James McHenry William Simmons Transmits letter from John Steele, comptroller of Treasury Department with several papers referred to and requests that Simmons report what may be done on the subject.
August 8, 1794 Mail Returned Isaac Craig Henry Knox Packet of vouchers returned safely after being stolen from the mail carrier. Craig to forward them to the comptroller's office immediately. Mail addressed to Knox received by Craig, he will forward to Head Quarters.
September 16, 1799 Instructions for the Paymaster General, Inspector General, and Comptroller James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Refers to express instructions for the Treasury and the paymaster general, including money advances and payment forms. Writes of efforts of Inspector General to muster the troops and the Comptroller to work with the paymaster general.
March 7, 1796 Requests Payment to Close Account with the Comptroller at the Treasury Department John Davis Samuel Hodgdon As past Quartermaster General, Hodgdon was responsible for a balance due from the late comptroller of the Treasury. Requests payment to the Secretary of the Treasury in order to close account in public books.
November 3, 1787 Jonathan Nicholson discusses business of the Comptroller's Office with Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell John Nicholson transmits his account of Colonel Henry Bicker to Joseph Howell.
January 6, 1791 Account of Colonel Wood Nicholas Eveleigh Joseph Howell The Comptroller of the Treasury discusses the settlement of the account of Colonel James Wood.
July 31, 1798 Recommendation of David Jones John Jay Alexander Hamilton Jay recommends his private secretary David Jones, son of the Comptroller, to be one of Hamilton's aides.
March 16, 1795 Information Transmitted to the Comptroller Pro Tem Joseph Howell Joseph Nourse "Having received a letter from the Comptroller Pro Tem of the United States [David Lenox] embracing the same request to you I have this day transmitted him the information required."
January 5, 1798 Discussion of Instructions from Comptroller for Accounting Muster Rolls Stephen Rochefontaine Nehemiah Freeman Letter, discusses extract from the instructions of the Comptroller to the Paymaster General regarding signing of muster rolls.
October 4, 1785 Confusion Surrounding Certificates at Comptroller General's Office Joseph Howell Joseph Ward Howell refers to a letter from Ward asking for either the cancellation or examination of certain certificates issued to Mr. Warner by the Comptroller General's office. No certificates of this description have been receive but four certificates were issued to Warner for the same sum so perhaps there has been some confusion.
August 2, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Steele Simmons accounts for the pay of his clerks to the Comptroller.
December 6, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Samuel Jackson Simmons informs Jackson that his account is being referred to the Comptroller as a delinquency.
March 21, 1794 Settlement of the Sub-Paymasters Joseph Howell Henry Knox The deviation of the paymasters and sub-paymasters from the system prescribed by the Comptroller has prevented Howell from acting on a great proportion of their accounts.
December 29, 1789 Accounts of General Hazen Nicholas Eveleigh Joseph Howell Notes that the accounts of General Moses Hazen are lodged in the office for the purpose of placing them in the proper channel for a final settlement of them. Howell is writing Eveleigh of the Comptroller's Office because of Eveleigh's knowledge of the affair.
May 4, 1790 Concerning the account of James Warren Nicholas Eveleigh Joseph Howell Comptroller at the Treasury Department inquires the Commissioner of Army Accounts on the account of James Warren, the late Paymaster General.