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September 18, 1799 Forwards Package from Natchez Territory David Henley William Simmons Received previous letter. Forwards two packages from Natchez Territory.
September 15, 1797 Delivery Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Noted assistants quitting service and general malady in Philadelphia. W. Weekly delivered two casks w/o invoices addressed to Governors of Kentucky and North West Territory which will be forwarded immediately.
November 6, 1798 Discontent & Disgust in This Territory James Wilkinson James McHenry Wilkinson comments on the discontent in the southern territory evidenced by the withdrawal of several notables to the adjoining Spanish Territory. He lists three essentials to the preservation of order: the presence of Judges, the settlement of the right of soil and jurisdiction, and the establishment of a principle by which to ascertain and fix individual rights to land.
July 27, 1792 Procedure for Advances in Western Territory Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Mr. Lanclive left for Philadelphia on previous day on return to Western Territory. Mr. Colesworthy made a mistake in accounting. Describes procedures for future conduct of transactions in the "Western world."
April 1, 1788 Cession of Illinois Territory by Virginia John Pierce Mr. Wadsworth Encloses a statement of the arguments respecting the settling of the accounts of expenses incurred by Virginia for ceding the Illinois Territory to the national government.
May 24, 1799 Efforts to Establish the Indian Boundary in the Northwestern Territory Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Refers to the correspondence from the Surveyor General about when and where he plans to establish the Indian boundary. He agrees that expediency necessitates that the assistance he requires in marking the boundary should come from the Commanding Officer in the Northwestern Territory.
July 3, 1794 Personal Allowances David Henley Joseph Howell Henley lists his expenses as agent for Southwestern Territory.
March 25, 1794 Explains Accounts for the Western Territory James O'Hara Henry Knox Response to request to Quartermaster for shipment of supplies to Western Territory.
August 8, 1794 Southwest Territory Infantry Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Secretary Knox encloses an abstract of pay due to the dismounted Infantry for the defensive protection of the Southwestern Territory, where William Blount is governor.
September 18, 1799 Forwards Packet of Letters from Natchez Territory David Henley Timothy Pickering Forwards packet of papers from Natchez Territory.
July 9, 1794 Request for Expenses Henry Knox David Henley Expenses in the Southwestern Territory and expeditions to Cherokee Country requested for accounting.
November 3, 1797 Concerns with Spanish and the Northwest Territory James McHenry [not available] References relations with Spanish and Indians. Mentions militia, President, and Congress. Concerned about administration of the Northwest Territory.
August 8, 1794 Pay Due the SouthWest Territory Militia Joseph Howell Henry Knox General abstract of pay due the Militia for the defense of the Southwestern Territory under the command of Governor Blount.
November 19, 1791 Letter Citation Henry Knox William Blount Cited in McHenry to US House, 01/05/1798.
August 24, 1793 Submit Enclosed Letters to the Southwestern Territory Henry Knox Tobias Lear "Will you please to submit the enclosed letters of the 27 and 30 July from the Secretary to the Southwestern territory and their enclosures to the President of the United States."
August 31, 1793 Abstract for pay due the militia Joseph Howell David Henley Abstract pay due sundry militia officers for services in 1793 called into service by Governor William Blount for defense of Territory of United States south of Ohio River, i.e., Southwest Territory. Henley was just appointed agent of the War Department for Southwest.
February 4, 1796 Request for Advanced Salary David Henley Timothy Pickering Request for warrant to be issued to Anthony Foster (of this territory) to receive Henley's pay as agent of War Department.
June 14, 1794 Protection of the Mero District William Blount General James Robertson The Governor of the Southwest Territory (Tennessee) encloses a copy of a letter from the Secretary of War which ordered him to extend a degree of protection to the district of Mero. Discusses the potential for "hostile Indians."
April 22, 1791 Recommendation of Major's Brother Reverend David McClure Henry Knox Letter of introduction for Major's brother who was to visit Philadelphia shortly. Discusses politics of recent expedition of troops to Indian territory, treatment of Indians, and reconciliation with French of Canada discussed.
August 31, 1793 Appointment as agent in Southwest Territory Henry Knox David Henley Secretary Knox notes that the objects of expense, having been considerably multiplied by recent occurrences in the Southwest Territory, has been deemed advisable with approbation of President of United States to appoint Henley as agent of War Department. Appointment to be temporary until more regular measures ordained by Congress of United States.
January 10, 1788 Territory ceded by Virginia to Congress John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to the Board of Treasury respecting the claims of the Virginia House of Delegates for expenses in subduing and maintaining the territory ceded to Congress following Independence.
August 8, 1792 Western Lands Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Alludes to news from France; mentions appointment of Adjutant and Inspector General; discusses governor of the Western Territory.
July 28, 1797 Pay of the Troops in the NW Territory, Etc. Caleb Swan William Simmons With the surplus money brought on by General Wilkinson and what Swan already had on hand, he is able to pay the troops in the Northwest Territory through May 1797 but not farther.
[not available] Abstract pay due sundry militia for services Joseph Howell [not available] Abstract pay due sundry militia officers for services in 1793 called into service by Governor William Blount for defense of Territory of United States south of Ohio River, i.e., Southwest Territory
June 24, 1793 Pay due sundry militia for services Joseph Howell David Henley Abstract pay due sundry militia officers for services in 1793 called into service by Governor William Blount for defense of Territory of United States south of Ohio River. Blount is Governor of Southwest Territory