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August 12, 1796 Request for Terms to Supply Needed Materials for Frigate Construction Josiah Fox George Frost Letter, asks for terms regarding masts & materials for Frigate.
May 6, 1799 Discussion of Terms of Service, Pay for Volunteers James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Writes of recruits and terms of service and pay.
August 2, 1796 Discussion & Statement of Timber Wanted for Various Frigate Components Josiah Fox Mr. Vaughan Letter, asks for terms regarding timber for Frigate. Letter includes a statement of masts, spars, planks and scantling wanted for use of the United States.
January 25, 1800 Altered Terms of Enlistment James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Altered terms of enlistment should perhaps run "for and during the existing differences between the United States and the French Republic, or five years at the option of the government."
April 3, 1797 Discussion of Hostilities With France & Shipbuilding for Warships Josiah Fox Forman Cheesman Letter, alludes to Quasi War with France; asks for terms to build ships of war.
July 25, 1796 Description of Specifications for Building of 36-Gun Frigate Forman Cheesman Josiah Fox Letter, describes terms to build 36 gun Frigate.
September 8, 1796 Letter to Blacksmiths Concerning Iron for Frigates Josiah Fox [not available] Letter, asks for terms regarding iron for Frigate
September 26, 1789 Dissatisfaction with Alexander McGillivray's Behavior Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray The commissioners are unhappy that McGillivray has fallen back under false pretexts. They recount that they asked for treaty objections in writing and were promised by McGillivray that he would not separate until providing final terms. They admonish that if McGillivray departs without full discussion of business, then it cannot be considered in any other point of light, than a refusal to...
September 9, 1796 Statement of Terms for Ironwork Aboard Frigate William Plaisted Josiah Fox Letter, describes terms for iron work on Frigate currently under construction.
September 10, 1796 Terms for the Ironwork on Frigate James & Elisha Hill Josiah Fox Letter, discusses terms of iron work for small frigate; mentions cost of iron.
September 19, 1796 Regarding Masts, Spars & Timbers for Frigate Josiah Fox James McHenry Letter, discusses terms for masts and spars; discusses timber for Frigate.
September 28, 1796 Letter from Blacksmiths Concerning Cost & Specifications for Frigate Ironwork [not available] Josiah Fox Procurement, describes terms of iron work for Frigate; asks for advance of money to purchase iron.
August 2, 1797 Discussion of Terms for Shipbuilding & Vessel Dimensions Josiah Fox Timothy Pickering Letter, encloses terms of shipbuilders; discusses terms of shipbuilders; discusses timber for vessels; mentions dimensions of vessels.
June 9, 1799 Terms Proposed for Taking My Son Joseph Perkin Samuel Hodgdon Perkins declares himself well satisfied with the terms proposed by Bayerd & Pettit by which they will employ his son who has Perkins' full consent to bind himself to them. He hopes that his son will conduct himself in a manner to merit their esteem. He will receive a reasonble supply of cash from John Baker and Perkins hopes Hodgdon will act as his guardian.
December 24, 1798 Renting One Half of Pennsylvania's Magazine Samuel Hodgdon Tench Francis Hodgdon discusses the terms by which the United States has rented one half of the powder magazine of Pennsylvania, including additional terms if more than one half of the magazine is needed.
January 3, 1784 Knox's Terms for Appointment as Secretary of War Henry Knox George Washington From West Point, New York, Henry Knox sends to George Washington a letter indicating the terms under which he'd be willing to accept a future appointment. Asks that pay be equivalent to that of Major General. If Congress is willing to make an offer, Knox will accept, on the above terms. Will soon depart for Boston. Expresses affection and gratitude to Washington.
January 2, 1796 Prepared to Cut Cedar Timber if Terms Are Agreeable Josiah Fox Tench Francis Letter, informs availability to cut cedar for Frigate frames; asks for written instructions re procedures.
November 21, 1785 Terms of payment for steel purchased William Henderson Samuel Hodgdon Capt. William Henderson establishes terms of payment for steel purchased from Samuel Hodgdon.
August 15, 1796 Discussion of Construction Costs for 36-Gun Frigate James McHenry Josiah Fox Letter, discusses construction cost of 36 gun Frigate.
September 1, 1796 Contemporary Copy of Letter [not available] [not available] Letter, directs commencement of Frigate construction; discusses terms of Frigate building; discusses timber for Frigate; discusses Frigate for Dey of Algiers; describes terms for building Frigate.
January 23, 1800 Making Terms With Deserters and Double Rations Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Alexander Hamilton Pinckney expressed his determination in not making terms with deserters until they deliver themselves up. Letter noted, "there are currently three skulking on the Allegheney Mountain" who contacted him but he would do nothing until they come in. Enclosed letter from Freeman which pertained to double rations.
September 25, 1789 Request for Terms to be Agreed Upon Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray Commissioners received note informing that chiefs were in council until late evening; appeared they were not entirely satisfied with some parts of talk. Objected to boundary line. Ask for the terms upon which the Chiefs will agree to. Hope that Chiefs will not leave without affording chance to conclude a treaty; do not expect another commission. Not authorized to make any presents unless a treaty...
July 15, 1796 Request for Live Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, asks for live oak to complete Frigate frame.
December 4, 1794 Fair and Equitable Terms of Peace [not available] Anthony Wayne Following the defeat of the northern tribes at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, General Wayne proposes terms for a lasting peace that will serve the interests of both red and white people.
November 10, 1785 Seeking publication of Congressional deadline for claims John Pierce Printers The Commissioner of Army Accounts forwards an act of Congress to various printers for publication in their newspapers. The act of Congress establishes a deadline for the acceptance of military claims. Pierce provides the terms of payment.