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April 25, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Simmons discusses teams employed by Major Tousard at Fort Mifflin with the Secretary of the Treasury.
May 10, 1798 Two Teams Travelling to Pittsburgh with a Load of Tents Henry Bedinger Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig has been notified that two teams will start for Pittsburgh on Monday with a load of tents. During this busy season it was not possible to obtain teams that would proceed instantaneously at a lower price or weight so the urgency of the matter prompted Bedinger to act as he did.
July 4, 1798 Account Summary of Cecil Company Samuel Hughes [not available] Materials list of cannon balls and cost of hands, teams, and carriages for Cecil company. Joseph Elliott noted 23 July, 1801 that the last charge should not be admitted.
June 20, 1792 Loading for Two Teams James O'Hara William Knox David McNair will apply to Knox for loading for two teams. He may be depended as a person who will faithfully perform his engagements.
June 2, 1793 Lists Accounts and Requests Payment; Reports Purchase of Horses and Teams James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Lists accounts received and requests payment. Has worked to find 300 horses and 20 teams locally. Has loaded horses with corn and the teams are loaded with limestone. Plans to come down the Ohio River. Refers to money left out of the last advance which is absolutely necessary at Pittsburgh.
September 27, 1794 Supplies Forwarded to Carlisle and Reading Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Arms and cartouch boxes forwarded, remainder of order to be forwarded shortly. Difficulty in procuring teams of wagons hindered shipment.
May 3, 1798 Two Teams that Will Carry Tents to Pittsburgh, Etc. Henry Bedinger Samuel Hodgdon Bedinger discusses in detail the shipment of tents to Pittsburgh. He has contracted with two teams to carry them but they are required to haul full loads so he made up the balance with tent poles. The wagoners have been advanced $100 on account and will set out on Monday.
November 7, 1799 Receipts of Frederick Razz for Use of Teams Frederick Razz [not available] For use of three teams to bring two tumbrils and one traveling forge with its contents from Reading to Philadelphia, agreeable to contract with Lieutenant House. Payment received November 7 of Samuel Hodgdon.
October 19, 1794 Fresh Teams Would Cause a More Rapid Push John Davis Samuel Hodgdon Davis announces that he has reached Shipingsburgh that morning along with Robert Young's load. The two-horse stages loaded on the 14th and 15th are on their way. Weaver is still twenty miles away. Davis wrote the previous day observing that fresh teams of horses would result in a more rapid push.
July 21, 1798 Receipt of Goods David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions that a few of the bales of goods received from Mr. Hamilton's teams were wet because of the continual rains.
July 4, 1798 Account Summary of Cecil Company Samuel Hughes [not available] Expense of hands, teams, carriages, and 60 shot for improving 48 frigates and 21 forts. Elliott noted that the last charge for 60 shot should be the only admitted for reimbursement.
October 22, 1785 Estimate for teams to take supplies to Pittsburgh Quartermaster General's Department Henry Knox From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for three teams wanted to transport military cargo to Pittsburg.
June 20, 1798 Difficulty Sending the Twelve-Pound Shot to the City Robert Coleman Samuel Hodgdon Coleman has tried to procure teams to haul the twelve-pound shot to the city but the farmers are so busy at this season of the year that they will not haul them until after the harvest unless paid an extravagant amount. The shot is currently at Cornwall Furnace the manager of which has been given directions to exert every diligence to procure teams.
April 25, 1798 Possible Impropriety in Major Tousard's Account William Simmons Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Simmons points out that Major Tousard is using one driver for two teams of horses yet Colonel Mentges is paying him for the hire of two drivers. Colonel Mentges asserts that he has made this impropriety known to the Secretary of War.
October 18, 1799 Ensuring that Full Justice Is Done to the Public, Etc. George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a lengthy discussion of the stores and arms at West Point, Fleming assures Hodgdon that he has done all in his power to minutely examine the military and quartermaster's stores that the various Secretaries of War have indicated were of the first moment. That would include purchasing materials, hiring workmen and teams at the lowest rate, paying the workmen, and generally superintending the...
February 15, 1793 Transporting Stores and Forage Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Since peace with the Indians is not likely, Wayne has decided that the best method of transporting stores and forage westward is by wagons pulled by teams of oxen and provides an accounting of the money saved by using this method instead of pack horses.
February 5, 1800 Reports Being Detained for Washington's Funeral; January Returns David Henley James McHenry Reports desire to attend George Washington's funeral solemnities by orders of Major General Pinckney. Expresses concern about six teams loaded with public accounts with the deep snow. Encloses returns for the month of January.
December 12, 1794 Fortifications at West Point Daniel Niven Henry Knox Report to the Secretary of War, relative to the fortifications at West Point. Niven was employed in superintending lime-burning, collecting stone to Fort Clinton, making and repairing roads, making and repairing tools, and repairing parts of the rear wall of Fort Putnam. He employed many miners, masons, laborers, and teams.
November 2, 1792 Discusses Need for Horses and Oxen James O'Hara Henry Knox Encloses a return of horses, oxen, and wagon, which he believes will set to rest any concerns about extravagance. There are five teams currently working to supply fuel to the camp and garrison, and even those are not sufficient so that O'Hara has hired additional help on occasion. Pack horses needed to fulfill orders of the Commander in Chief for delivering forage to forts. The only way to...
September 19, 1794 Six Loads of Arms to Reading Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Six loads of arms have been sent on to Reading and the remainder will be sent soon.
November 7, 1794 Shipments of Clothing & Shoes, Etc. R. Parker Samuel Hodgdon Parker has been promised two teams [of horses] that will leave in two or three days. The clothing is not yet loaded onto the wagon but the shoes were transported the previous day for Bedford.
September 21, 1794 Stores Delivered by Mr. Nicholson Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon The arms and accoutrements intended for Reading are nearly all forwarded and those for Carlisle will be sent with all possible dispatch.
September 19, 1794 Forwarded Arms Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Arms forwarded, Hunt making every effort to send along powder.
January 27, 1792 Public Monies and oxen Oliver Spencer Samuel Hodgdon Discussion about public monies and purchase of oxen and the making up of a team.
December 28, 1798 Parks & Myself Will Do the Public's Hauling Robert Culbertson Samuel Hodgdon Culbertson recommends himself and Joseph Parks, with three or four teams, to do the government's hauling to different parts of the country. After receiving proper wages, he and Parks will see that the public's loads are transported safely consistent with Hodgdon's duty as a public officer.