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March 7, 1785 Account of monies advanced while a prisoner Joseph Howell James Johnson Has not heard from recipient. Expected a few lines. Issues an account of monies advanced while a prisoner.
August 11, 1794 Examination of a Shawanese prisoner Captain Wells Unknown Recipient Examination of a Shawnee prisoner taken by Captain Wells near the foot of the Rapids. Interrogates the prisoner on the position of the British and their numbers, which are allegedly about 200 men, at work at a fort at least four "great guns." Asks about Indian numbers as well.
September 1, 1786 Application for commutation Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Informs Nicholson that Lieutenant Weidman - late of the German Regiment and prisoner - has made application to the office for commutation.
September 24, 1788 Report on insurrections in Pennsylvania and rewards for apprehending ruffians who seized Pickering as prisoner Timothy Pickering Benjamin Franklin Captain Ross waits for opportunity to present Congress with orders for rewards offered for apprehending ruffians who seized and kept Pickering as prisoner.
May 20, 1784 Pay application John Mercer John Pierce Application for supernumery pay. Mentions having been a prisoner of war for four years during the Revolutionary War
[not available] Accounts of William Darke Joseph Howell John Pierce Accounts of William Darke while Captain and Colonel. In 1778 he was a prisoner, freed in 1780. After his release he was advanced 5,666-60. The account relative to his time as colonel is in settlement of his account of pay and cash received while a prisoner in 1781. Includes a charge for board for 36 weeks at 2 dollars per week.
July 2, 1788 Regarding the ruffians who captured Pickering Timothy Pickering Benjamin Franklin Pickering encloses the petition of the ruffians who lately made him a prisoner. Suggests it may be used as evidence against the petitioners, if it serves no other purpose.
May 28, 1790 Report on the petition of Pattin Jackson Joseph Howell Henry Knox Report on the petition of Pattin Jackson, an officer taken prisoner by the British from 1777 until 1780. Howell concludes that the petitioner has no legal claim to half-pay.
March 25, 1786 Ferguson's certificate of pay Joseph Howell William Ferguson Sends Ferguson his certificate of pay for his time as a prisoner of war and requests accounts needed for completing an officer's settlement
September 11, 1795 Proposed Peace b/w Creek and Chickasaw Nations Timothy Pickering George Washington Southwestern Territory is at peace according to letter from Gov. Blount. Notification that Gen. Robertson will go to Chickasaw Nation and notify them of Creeks intention of peace and request for prisoner exchange. Gov. Blount will meet with the Creeks at the Tellico Blockhouse.
January 21, 1799 Discussion of General Court Martials James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Mentions the President's direction. Claims that the death sentence of General Brown cannot be executed; rather, outlines the requirements for an appropriate general court martial trial. Discussion of appropriate authority. Writes of the rights of the prisoner.
October 21, 1794 Taken prisoner by Shawanese James Neill Henry Knox The author was a pack-horseman at Fort Recovery aged 17 years and taken prisoner by the Shawanese Indians, along with two others. Neill was then taken to a British fort at the Miami, then to Detroit and Michilimackinac. 1,500 Indians and whites were involved in the attack of Fort Recovery.
February 3, 1787 Certificate for Jonathan Bauer John Pierce Unknown Recipient Certifies that Major Timothy Bigelow did, on Septmber 30, 1776, draw the pay of Jonathan Bauer, a prisoner in Canada.
December 29, 1788 Request for compensation Abraham Dehuff Joseph Howell Dehuff discusses settlement of his accounts. He informs Howell that he was a prisoner and requests the same compensation that others were entitled to. He also makes claims for his recruiting, and losses while a prisoner.
May 9, 1785 Regarding Captain Elholm's claims Joseph Howell [not available] Howell disputes Elholm's claim as a Lieutenant, stating that the musters in Count Pulakie's Legion show him to be a Cornet. Elhorn had been a prisoner.
February 26, 1799 Certification of payments; Private John Watkins in Captain Greatonís Company, 2d Sub Legion, following time he was taken prisoner by Indians William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $97 pay Private John Watkins in Captain Greatonís Company, 2d Sub Legion, following time he was taken prisoner by Indians; includes a reasonable allowance for him to return to his home town.
June 17, 1786 Pay of John Smith Richard Humpton Joseph Howell The author seeks the pay for John Smith who was a prisoner and wants his pay for the time he was held in captivity. The author had written an earlier letter in which he had mistakenly referred to "James Smith." The author does not know how long Smith was a prisoner but every time he sees him he asks about his settlement.
October 5, 1789 Return of the depredations committed by the Creek Indians since the commencement of hostilities in the State of Georgia. J. Meriwether [not available] From the office of the Secretary of Council, J. Meriwether lists whites killed: 79; wounded: 29; taken prisoner: 30; Blacks killed: 10; taken prisoner: 110; Horses stolen: 184; Cattle stolen: 984; Hogs destroyed: 387; Houses burned: 89.
October 7, 1794 Transport of Prisoner, Provisions for Troops Isaac Craig Henry Knox Upon receipt of letter from Knox, Craig applied to Butler for an escort to Newman, a prisoner, to Fort Washington for further transport to Head Quarters. Payment due troops in the upper posts of the Ohio river arrived. Requests information on troops under Gov. Lee that could join Colonel Butler so that proper provisions are made.
February 3, 1787 Certificate of payment John Pierce Unknown Recipient Certifies that Major Timothy Bigelow drew the pay of Jonathan Bauer, a prisoner in Canada, in 1776.
September 5, 1795 Treaties and Jacobin Opposition Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Enclosed application of Gov. Mifflin, on behalf of W. Brown, is to obtain release of prisoner J. Thompson from Indian possession. If it is too late to have prisoner released, the status of his fate is requested. Mentioned Jacobin newspapers depicting the President as a "haughty tyrant" and that the dissenters were "on the eve of revolution". Jacobins are also gaining support in protesting the...
May 9, 1787 Captain Mackay and his status as a prisoner of war Joseph Howell Richard Humpton Cannot find Captain Mackay among the returns of prisoners filed in the office. Says that Mackay must consider himself among those forgotten or not classified as a prisoner and he should consider himself fortunate with his continued pay to 1 January 1783. If he disagrees, he should make application to Congress.
January 16, 1793 Payment to Christian House, captive Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Payment to Christian House, late of the 1st New York Regiment, held in captivity on July 23, 1779 and released upon the peace.
November 4, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with John Pierce Joseph Howell John Pierce Howell encloses receipts for certificates to John Pierce. Mentions claim of Doctor Trezvant, who says he was a prisoner and not exchanged until the general exchange of May 1783.
December 23, 1786 Account of Captain John Jameson, former prisoner Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Discusses in detail the account of Captain John Jameson who was taken prisoner for 21 months. Included is a receipt for $608[&]40/90 pay due Capt. Jameson but there is a question regarding whether it is for the Capt. Jameson who is the applicant. The disposition of Jameson' account cannot be settled except by an Act of Congress.