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September 25, 1791 Possession of Stores Henry Knox Isaac Craig Messrs. Turnbull and Marnie informed Knox of their legal right to possession of all public stores in Pittsburgh. Knox ordered stores be given over to them upon receipt of proper proof.
May 18, 1800 Possession of My Quarters Alexander Hamilton William S. Smith Hamilton informs Smith that one of his secretaries, Ethan Brown, will take possession of his quarters at camp and a Subaltern's guard should be at those quarters on Wednesday next.
July 11, 1796 Notification of Peaceful Possession of British Posts Anthony Wayne James McHenry Wayne announced the possession of the Detroit and Miamis posts, previously held by Great Britain. Enclosed letters from Captain DeButs and Colonel Richard England (British Officer) recounting exchange of possession.
May 12, 1791 Possession of Fort Isaac Craig Henry Knox Inquires about representation at Supreme Court to be held at Fort Pitt. Discussed possession of Fort being given by Sheriff to Messr. Turnbul and Mannie.
June 3, 1795 Aknowledgement of possession of gunpower at Norfolk Virginia James Grey Samuel Hodgdon James Grey acknowledges possession in the public magazine, of a number of casks of gunpowder, which he will deliver when called for by the proper officer. Signed by James Grey
July 23, 1798 Disposing of the Public Horse in Your Possession Samuel Hodgdon Peter Shoemaker In order to avoid the expense of keeping the public horse in Lt. Shoemaker's possession, it should be sold if fair value can be obtained.
October 22, 1788 Regarding possession of printed register of certificates James Ewing Joseph Howell Regarding possession of printed register of certificates, Ewing says that this is not the case.
September 3, 1795 Intelligence on Spanish Land Possession Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering Enclosed information on Spanish possession of Chickasaw Bluffs. Wayne therefore reinforced the garrison at Massac and sent forward provisions and ammunition. Provides details of Spanish location and its effect on foreign relations.
March 22, 1796 Request to take possession of books and papers held by the deceased clerk [not available] Captain Silas Talbot Until the pleasure of the congress can be known under Act authorizing the equipment of frigates, Pickering advises Talbot that he take possession of the books and papers of deceased Clerk.
October 2, 1795 Indian Relations and Land Possession Timothy Pickering George Washington Noted Capt. Brant stated not all tribes were represented at Treaty of Greenville, but Pickering didn't believe there would be any hostilities. Mentioned British deserting and the procurement of posts from British possession.
July 31, 1793 Speech Regarding Possession of Land and Past Treaties with Indian Confederacy Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Deputies of the Confederation of Indian Nations Commissioners agreed the boundary line set at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix between the Indians and the British colonies was the Ohio River, but future treaties ceded tracts of land to the U.S. and therefore they could not remove settlers from the land.
September 10, 1784 Monies in the possession of Major Marbury Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) John White The unknown author [pay office] informs John White that the balance of monies in the possession of Major Marbury are directed to be disbursed to him.
February 21, 1799 Announces Possession of Trunks Belonging to Deceased Donald Grant Mitchell Samuel Hodgdon Stephen Mix Mitchell Reports the possession of two trunks belonging to Mitchell's deceased son. Refers to the rules and regulations of war regarding the payment of debts and the disposal of property for deceased officers. No debts appear against Donald Grant Mitchell [who died of yellow fever]. Requests directions.
April 15, 1797 Troops Camped on East Bank of Mississippi Lieutenant Piercy Smith Pope Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos Correspondence between two parties addressed. Per Gayoso's advice, Pope camped his troops on bank of Mississippi and received good treatment from Spanish.
August 2, 1785 Value of U.S. property in possession of Robert Morris Gunning Bedford Samuel Hodgdon Gunning Bedford sends an inventory and valuation of government property in the possession of Robert Morris to Samuel Hodgdon.
August 9, 1799 Concerns about Public Lands; Suggests a New Survey to Defend Government Possession Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Cannot find the draught for public land, but isn't too worried. Believes a new survey will be made soon. Requests Parker to communicate to the proprietors' agent that the government will not concede one foot of land which they originally possessed. Col. Postlethwaite and Col. Alexander are well aware of the land from its first possession until now. Requests any further information.
May 5, 1788 Settlement of Captain Jones account Joseph Howell Margaret Jones From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Requests papers in the possession of Margaret Jones needed to settle her late husband's account.
June 14, 1788 Regarding the conduct of elected militia officers whose commissions were withheld Timothy Pickering Peter Muhlenberg Discusses conduct of elected militia officers whose commissions were withheld. Discusses legal proceedings related to rights of land possession.
July 22, 1796 Land Acquisition and Negotiations Between Georgia Commissioners and Creek Chiefs George Washington James McHenry Treaty between Commissioners from Georgia and Creek Indians did not end favorably. Western territories to be under U.S. possession shortly.
July 14, 1792 Forwarding of public stores to West Point; request for information regarding field pieces. Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, in response to Olney's request, directs public stores forwarded to West Point by water, addressed to Captain George Fleming. Was not conscious of a considerable quantity being at Providence Rhode Island. Regarding the artillery pieces, asks by what means they came into possession of the artillery company under Colonel Tillinghast.
July 23, 1796 Fears of Supplying Troops at Fort Detroit Assuaged Anthony Wayne James McHenry Enclosed letter from Captain DeButts and letter to General Wilkinson. Notification that Fort Detroit was official taken possession by U.S. at 12 o'clock on July 11th. Previous fears of Wayne regarding supply of provisions assuaged.
October 3, 1795 Indian Peace and Possession of British Post Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Secretary Pickering writes General Wayne that he believes lasting peace with the Indians to be dependent on gaining possession of land currently occupied by the British. Since peace has been made with the various Northwest Indian tribes, Pickering does not believe it necessary to maintain a full legion at Greenville, stating that finances cannot afford them.
January 18, 1793 Money in Swan's Possession Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan provides a statement of the money in his possession including sums related to transactions with the following: the contractor at Fort Washington, Captain Mills, Daniel Britt (refund for amount paid the Scouts of Bourbon County Kentucky), and James O'Hara.
July 10, 1798 Requests Orders to Lift Goods from French Schooner Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Reports the French prize being cleared of crew and the process of possession. Requests orders for the Fort to receive the ship's goods and prepare the schooner for a cruise.
August 7, 1793 Commandeering Ships Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair Agreement between U.S. government and Ministry of France on conditions of commandeering ships in U.S. waters. Requests clarification on how to proceed if there is no French consul at port.