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December 9, 1786 Instructions for Vouchers & Certificates; Requests Final Settlement and Accounts for Pay Table Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce The assembly of Pennsylvania has ordered regimental agents to resolve their accounts with the Committee of Pay Table for the final settlement certificates. Wolcott informs Pierce that he will require records of those transactions as soon as it is convenient to send them.
August 10, 1799 Receipt for pine table Caleb Swan John Bamfield Caleb Swan receipt $19.00 to John Banfield for pine table.
January 23, 1784 Information on Depreciation John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Author requests that recipient provide the "Table of Depreciation" that Congress made for him or let him know where it can be found as he soon plans to leave for home.
September 6, 1798 Forwarding of Army Budget Table, & General Hand's Acceptance of Commission James McHenry John Adams Forwards a letter and table submitted to the Secretary of the Treasury [Oliver Wolcott, Jr.] concerning army expenditures for the next six months. Says he shall inform Adams of Wolcott's response once he has it; also informs Adams of General Hand's acceptance of an appointment to the provisional army.
[not available] Principal Blocks for the U.S. Frigate "Constitution" Unknown Author [not available] List of the principal blocks for the U. S. Constitution with 44 guns.
May 9, 1800 Discussion of Funds Needed to Fill Request for Army Shirts Jonathan Williams James McHenry Acknowledges receipt of order to have 12,000 army shirts made available as quickly as possible. Discusses the varying prices of different types of linen, and where they might be procured; asks for an allowance of $15,000 to fill this order.
February 12, 1789 [Estimate of Expenses for the Treaty with the Cherokees agreed to February 12, 1789.] Unknown Author Unknown Recipient List of items and their estimated values for a treaty with the Cherokee Nation.
June 16, 1797 Letter from the War Office regarding the table of signals [not available] Captain Thomas Truxtun Acknowledges receipt of table of signals. Appear to be methodical the accompanying observations the result of reading and experience. Will direct the printing to be paid;
January 29, 1800 Allowed Expenses James McHenry William Simmons Discussed expenses related to the board of troops at taverns and the cost of entertaining citizens at the Captain's table. McHenry believed that the U.S. should pay the incidental expenses of Rodman.
September 1, 1786 Advance for the Connecticut Line John Pierce Committee of Pay Table Requests from the Committee of Pay Table accounts of credits for the advance made by the United States for the troops of the Connecticut Line.
October 31, 1785 Table of company equipment Henry Knox Unknown Recipient The Secretary at War issues a standard table of camp equipment for a 70 man company. An equipment allowance is made for officers' servants. Ordinance is not included in camp equipage.
May 29, 1795 Forwarding of Suggestion for Obtaining Lumber Timothy Pickering Josiah Fox Letter, describes Humphreys' idea regarding the procurement of timber.
July 9, 1794 Bags of Linen or Canvass Joseph Howell Samuel Hodgdon Howell has requested fifty bags of linen or canvass with drawing strings.
April 22, 1794 Return of Clothing for the Post at Carlisle John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon A note from Stagg to Hodgdon which includes a Return of Clothing Necessary for the Post at Carlisle signed by Thomas Butler, Major of the 4th Sub Legion.
June 1798 List of articles on board sloop Mayflower War Department [not available] List of articles on board Mayflower addressed to Captain Truxtun for the frigate Constellation.
March 31, 1784 Connecticut regiment Eleazer Wales John Pierce Discusses the pay of a Connecticut regiment.
August 2, 1785 Value of U.S. property in possession of Robert Morris Gunning Bedford Samuel Hodgdon Gunning Bedford sends an inventory and valuation of government property in the possession of Robert Morris to Samuel Hodgdon.
December 11, 1788 Captain Thacher's account Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Lists the allowances for two battalions raised by General Assembly of Connecticut to serve in Northern Army. Thacher commanded a company in Colonel Herman Swift's Regiment. Notes that Thacher must settle accounts before pension is settled.
December 20, 1792 Pledge to issue linen shirts to George Carpenter John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon John Stagg pledges to issue two linen shirts to soldier George Carpenter, who belongs to Captain John Armstrong's Company.
September 1800 Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter,
July 17, 1794 Clothes for John Philips John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to provide clothes for John Philips of [Joseph] Shaylor's Company who had been taken prisoner by the western Indians at the time Lt. Lowery and Ensign Boyd were killed.
May 18, 1798 Request for Issue of 2 Companies' Worth of Clothing, Emphasis on Linen James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 2 companies' worth of clothing to the Walnut Hills -- specifying that less woolen and more linen overalls be sent.
September 1, 1786 Regarding advances made to troops John Pierce Committee of Pay Table The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes the Committee of Pay Table regarding advances made by the United States to the troops of the Line of Connecticut.
April 22, 1794 Return of Clothing for the Post at Carlisle Pennsylvania John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon A note from Stagg to Hodgdon which includes a Return of Clothing Necessary for the Post at Carlisle signed by Thomas Butler, Major of the 4th Sub Legion.
October 8, 1800 Sergeants' Linen Overalls for the Navy Department Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Harris is asked to deliver 150 pairs of sergeants' linen overalls for the use of the Navy Department to the order of Israel Whelan, Purveyor of Public Supplies.