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December 27, 1791 Guard for Survey Crew Henry Knox William Alexander Alexander's request for guard to be assigned to survey crew can be honored if there are enough troops to spare the men.
February 12, 1799 Survey of the Bay below the Narrows to Sandy Hook Alexander Hamilton John Jay In providing for the defense of the port, Hamilton expresses the need for a survey of the bay below the narrows to Sandy Hook and observes that such a survey has been done by the British. Mr. Hill owns a draft of that survey and will sell it for $800 which appears to be a reasonable price.
January 26, 1799 Only a Partial Survey Available Alexander Hamilton John Jay Hamilton is able to submit only a partial survey to Jay due to inadequate engineering support. More investigation and thought is needed before a specific plan can be proposed to the Legislature.
April 24, 1797 Report on boundary line survey Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Report on the progress of the survey of boundary lines. Reports gathering of Indians to meet the commissioners, difficulties with the Army officer commanding in the area, and that "lawless persons" were planning to attack the Indians accompanying the commissioners on the survey.
June 22, 1798 Survey of the Public Buildings at Carlisle Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon recommends a survey of the public buildings at Carlisle by professional men and an estimate of the cost of repairing the buildings that need it.
January 17, 1791 Letter from Israel Ludlow regarding escorts during survey of Miami Purchase lands Israel Ludlow Samuel Hodgdon Agreeable to Hodgdon's request, Ludlow has written to Major Leiglon respecting the escorts for his survey of land and encloses Leiglon's written answer.
August 9, 1799 Concerns about Public Lands; Suggests a New Survey to Defend Government Possession Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Cannot find the draught for public land, but isn't too worried. Believes a new survey will be made soon. Requests Parker to communicate to the proprietors' agent that the government will not concede one foot of land which they originally possessed. Col. Postlethwaite and Col. Alexander are well aware of the land from its first possession until now. Requests any further information.
November 5, 1798 Fortifying the Port of New York John Jay Alexander Hamilton Relative to the plan for fortifying the port of New York, Jay has provided $500 for the perfecting of a survey of the shores and waters. After the survey is completed, General Clarkson, Colonel Burr, and Colonel Stevens should be consulted as to the specifics of the plan.
June 12, 1798 Land Contracts Samuel Hodgdon Eli Whitney Cost of land survey and land discussed.
January 6, 1800 Value of Public Ground Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Colonel Alexander's survey will show that the valuation of the public ground should be half as much with the seven acres and the spring taken off. The proprietor's agent may ask for pay at the present valuation. If possible, a new valuation should be made but the claim should be held as the survey now stands. Mr. Montgomery is travelling to Philadelphia and will explain the whole business.
May 5, 1792 Survey of the Ohio & the Miami Purchases Israel Ludlow Alexander Hamilton Surveyor Israel Ludlow describes for Hamilton the travails of his attempts to survey the Ohio and Miami Companies and the danger and suffering that were involved.
August 13, 1799 Public Claim of the Channel on the Spring Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon The deed is not currently recorded in this county so it would be proper to have it forwarded for that purpose. Both Colonel Postletwait and Colonel Alexander believe that a survey is needed to ascertain the public claim on the channel of the spring so Hodgdon should make every effort to forward the draft and the survey as soon as possible. Wilson's heirs would sell the land they claim on the...
January 4, 1792 Request for escort to accompany survey of Miami Purchase Israel Ludlow Samuel Hodgdon Ludlow informed Hodgdon that he made application to the Commandant of troops at Fort Washington, conformable to instructions from Secretary of Treasury, for an escort to accompany him while on survey of lands from Miami Purchase, also known as Symmes Purchase, located in what is now Southwestern Ohio, along the Ohio River. The survey would be conducted with the aid of woodsmen who would act as...
June 12, 1799 Findings of Land Survey for Connecticut Fortifications James McHenry Jonathan Trumbull Connecticut is preparing to cede land to the U.S. for the construction of two forts, Trumbull & Griswold. McHenry transmits the findings of a survey of the land in question, by Captain Decius Wadsworth. The report gives a precise qualitative description of the boundaries of each site; McHenry asks that the land cession now be put in motion.
February 18, 1784 Order to conduct a survey Samuel Hodgdon James Pearson Order for Pearson and Bedford to survey building owned by the U.S. for their value and their rental value.
November 25, 1792 Escort Ordered for Surveyor in Lands Bought from Miami Indians Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Congress has authorized a survey of the lands bought from the Miami Indians and Knox orders Wayne to provide an escort for the appointed surveyor.
June 10, 1797 Benjamin Hawkins Report to the Cherokees Benjamin Hawkins Cherokees Report to the Cherokees on the progress of his boundary survey, and his assurance of respecting the rights of both the Cherokees and the whites living in the region; also advises the Cherokee to keep the peace and to follow the advice in the "talks" from the U. S. President
April 5, 1787 Opening of Road from Nescopeck Creek to the Lehigh Timothy Pickering General Muhlenberg Pickering reports that the Assembly has approved funding for the opening of a road from Nescopeck Creek to the Lehigh. Discusses efforts to devise the best route, surveying and contracting, and road to Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Recommends that Owen be appointed a commissioner to survey the best route, noting that Owen is honest and willing to work for very little compensation.
November 19, 1798 Consultation With Engineers Alexander Hamilton John Jay Since the survey of the port of New York has been completed, Hamilton recommends seeking advice from qualified engineers before proceeding with the fortification project.
June 12, 1793 Placing the Cart Before the Horse George Washington Thomas Jefferson Washington warns that the pending application should not be addressed until a survey, an essential document, is taken. Doing so would be like placing the cart before the horse.
June 14, 1791 Surveying military land Henry Knox Surveyor Addressed to the Geographer of the United States, or to the Surveyors appointed by him to survey the military land. The recipient is hereby required to survey for Barney Cox, a soldier in the Delaware line. 100 acres of land are due to the late army of the United States. This warrant is to be returned to the Board of Treasury, agreeable to the Act of Congress on July 9, 1788.
[not available] Regarding the Treaty of Holston and Survey Lines Senator Joseph Inslee Anderson James McHenry Line run pursuant to the Treaty of Holston runs from the River Clinch. Large number of inhabitants ordered off land pursuant to the running to the line. Ferry across Clinch has been disrupted by Indians, not charging exorbitant rates. An armed force is preventing people from traveling down the Holston River. Senate committee requests any information that McHenry might have on these matters.
April 2, 1794 Preference for Older Officers Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Noted preference given to older officers for certain tasks before mentioning Captain Snicker, of Baltimore. Advised the appointment of a French officer to survey cannons at Whetstone Point. New cannon carriage invented.
March 23, 1798 Request for Estimates of Defects in Decking of Frigate United States James McHenry Joshua Humphreys The captain of the frigate United States reported that the seams of its deck are opened. Humphreys is to survey the problems and write an estimate of the repairs costs.
December 26, 1798 Request to Purchase Surveys of Port and Harbour of New York Alexander Hamilton William MacPherson Captain Hill former British officer offering surveys of New York City port and harbor for sale. Hamilton requested MacPherson to find out if the Sec. of War already procured the surveys.