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August 7, 1790 Speech of the Commissioners prior to Signing of the Treaty of New York Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department [not available] This is the speech of the the Commissioners of the Southern Department prior to the signing of the Treaty of New York with the chiefs of the Creek Nation.
February 17, 1793 Act to regulate the claims of invalid persons Henry Knox Congress of the United States Discusses adjudication by Supreme Court on the validity of the rights claimed by invalids under the act entitled "An Act to provide for the settlement of the claims of widows and orphans, barred by the limitations heretofore established, and to regulate the claims of invalid pensions."
March 1, 1792 [List of Invalid Pensioners who were not Paid by General Lincoln] Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton Knox agrees that the list of names submitted all appear to be owed a complete year's pension. States that the Supreme Court has recently overturned a lower court ruling regard commissioners. Listed a few names that were the exception to payment as records show they were paid, despite being included on the aforementioned list.
October 1, 1796 Secretary at War discusses legal issues with Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr Letter, discusses the legal jurisdiction of state and federal authorities; mentions Supreme Court.
May 31, 1796 Appointment as Principal Clerk William Simmons Peter Hagner Notification to Hagner of his appointment as principal clerk in the War Department Accountant's office.
March 1, 1794 Unpaid Invalid Pensioners Henry Knox Nathaniel Appleton Secretary Knox encloses a list of Invalid Pensioners to the Commissioner of Loans for Massachusetts. The pensioners were not paid by General Benjamin Lincoln from September 1789 to March 1790. Notes that the Supreme Court has decided against the validity of the adjudications of the judges of the Circuit Court in the the capacity of commissioners.
May 24, 1784 Receipt for certificates Michael Connolly John Pierce Michael Connolly, a courier, issues a receipt for certificates obtained from John Pierce. Connolly also provides a statement of good faith that he will deliver the certificates as directed.
May 12, 1791 Possession of Fort Isaac Craig Henry Knox Inquires about representation at Supreme Court to be held at Fort Pitt. Discussed possession of Fort being given by Sheriff to Messr. Turnbul and Mannie.
April 3, 1797 Indian affairs Benjamin Hawkins Esau Tustunnagau Hawkins discusses various matters concerning Efau Tustunnagau's nation, including a survey of boundary lines and Efau Tustunnagau's trip to see the U. S. President
October 31, 1798 Request for signature Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon Request for signature from the principal clerk in the War Department.
November 15, 1785 Depositing unissued certificates John Pierce Governors of these United States The Commissioner of Army Accounts notifies governors of the method by which Congress has directed him to dispense with unissued certificates.
September 20, 1789 Regarding planned visit from Principal Chiefs and request for private meeting Alexander McGillivray Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department McGillivray informs of a visit from Principal Chiefs, accompanied by interpreter Derezeau. He asks for a private meeting with one or two of the commissioners.
December 3, 1794 Extract of a letter from Isaac Craig to Henry Knox dated 3rd December 1794 Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig tells Knox that he is grateful for the offer of the position of Principal Commissary but declines and recommends Major Abraham Kirkpatrick for the position.
December 29, 1785 Request for appointment and certificate from principal in office regarding sums paid Joseph Howell James Bray Requests that Bray produce his appointment and a certificate from the principal in office regarding what sums were paid.
February 13, 1795 Establishment of a Principal Clerk in the Accountant's Office Joseph Howell Timothy Pickering With regard to the question of employment and compensation of Clerks in the Public Offices now pending before Congress, Howell makes his claim for a Principal Clerk to be established for his office with a salary proportionate to the responsibilities undertaken by those in a similar position in other offices. He asks Pickering to support him in achieving this goal.
September 18, 1798 Receipt Rolls of Ordnance Detachments George Fleming William Simmons Receipt rolls enclosed. Separate receipts and signature of James Barnet to be mailed due to lack of signature on original submission. Fleming made out a draught by order of the Sec. of War to be sent to Col. Revere of Boston to cast brass cannons for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Fleming then collected evidences and attended the Supreme Court at Goshen after being served a writ regarding...
April 13, 1799 Assigning Officers to Sub-Districts Alexander Hamilton Thomas Lloyd Moore "Relying that you will lose no time in assigning your Officers to the different subdistricts--I request that you will transmit me a list showing the name of the principal Officer of each sub-district and the particular sub-district to which he is assigned. You will also...forward a duplicate to the Secretary of War."
September 13, 1785 William Clark, Principal Messenger for the Western District George Rogers Clark William Clark George Rogers Clark and Richard Butler, acting as Commissioners of Indian Affairs, appoint William Clark to serve as the Principal Messenger for the Western District. George Owens is appointed as William Clark's assistant.
August 6, 1800 Denial of Principal Allegation Against Me Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Sargent sent a letter to Colonel Pickering as Secretary of State before he knew he was out of office. Fortunately he marked it private before committing it to the postmaster in Philadelphia. The Justice in charge of the Grand Jury has denied the principal allegation against Sargent which was that he assumed to aggress the people. The Justices formally attested to same but the judgement is omitted...
July 22, 1791 Information on Appointees George Washington Henry Knox The President asks for information on appointees. Habersham is mentioned.
December 18, 1794 [No. 52] Declined Appointment John Stagg Isaac Craig Regrets that Craig declined appointment to Principal Commissary. Noted Craig's suggestion of Major Kirkpatrick but the Sec. of the Treasury had previously suggested another candidate.
April 14, 1800 Removal of Stores from Fort Wayne John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Hamtramck inquires as to whether quartermaster stores can be moved from one fort to another, as was done from Fort Wayne by the Quartermaster General, without the consent of the principal officer in command of the fort.
June 12, 1799 More Compensation for Doctor Strong Unknown Author James McHenry Doctor Joseph Strong, the Principal Surgeon and Superintendent of the Hospital Department during the Expedition to Southhampton, should be entitled to compensation in addition to his pay as a Surgeon. McHenry is asked what the added amount should be so that the Paymaster can act accordingly.
March 15, 1785 Congressional resolution regarding Indian Commissioners Congress of the United States [not available] Congressional resolution regarding pay and responsibilities for Indian Commissioners.
October 22, 1788 Regarding a pension for Edward Whelan Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Whelan could not expect a pension were he to apply. The Act of Congress requires residence in the state from which it is drawn.