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January 12, 1799 Requests Change in Clothing Supply Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Refers to the disappointment of untimely clothing supply and requests information about establishing a possible 2-year supply. Could such a supply be delivered to the corps however remote their situation? The current arrangement delivers clothing too late and causes great difficulty. The suggested mode would incur no greater cost.
August 22, 1799 Supply of Money for Recruiting Purposes Alexander Hamilton James McHenry "...I send you...some extracts from Colonel Hall's letter of the fourteenth of this month. He...requests a supply of money for recruiting purposes. I must revive my request on this subject. I should wish a supply to be sent on sufficiently large to make up the complement of three fourths of the several regiments..."
August 24, 1799 Procuring a Further Supply of Water Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon He needs another water supply to accommodate the engine in case of fire, it might be necessary to dig another well and sink two large cisterns.Hodgdon's approval and directions are required.
August 25, 1798 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, advises re state of timber supply in yard; discusses live oak timber for Frigates; discusses white oak timber; asks for information re timber supply.
July 22, 1799 Interference with an Adequate Supply of Clothing Alexander Hamilton [not available] Circular to the Commandants of Regiments: "Agreeably to the intimation of the Secretary of War, I transmit you an extract of a letter from of the tenth instant by which you will perceive the causes which have hitherto interfered with a supply of clothing adequate to the demand. If the assurance of the Contractor can in any degree be relied upon, the supply in future will more than keep pace with...
January 4, 1799 Clothing Supply Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Concerned for safety of boat transporting stores. Supply of clothing aloted to Capt. Miller's company incomplete due quantity in store and then orders to march light.
June 15, 1800 Authorization to Draw Up Contracts Thaddius Sherman Samuel Dexter Sherman authorized Peter B. Porter to make contracts for the supply of troops.
May 14, 1800 Order to Provide Information on Clothing Supply Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed letter from Wilkinson regarding clothing supply, Hamilton ordered information to be passed along to Wilkinson without delay.
January 27, 1791 Know writes to Duer regarding the supply of rations Henry Knox William Duer Letter, discusses supply of rations; describes Indian aggression.
April 20, 1793 My Estimate for the Present Year's Supply James O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon O'Hara expresses his pleasure that his estimate for the present year's supply is so promptly attended and repeats his request that every article be of the highest quality.
November 13, 1795 Adequate Provisions for the Troops Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering wants to know how many days provisions would ensure a supply against common incidents. He believes that a further provison of a month's rations for the troops should be made after their arrival in case the Contractor does not at first provide an adequate supply.
July 21, 1791 Supplies and Indian Relations Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Troops arrived, ready to march, supply of materials discussed. British urging war between Indians and United States.
July 19, 1799 On the Necessity of Both the Army & the Navy, & Congressional Approval for Military Supply Plan John Adams James McHenry States that the army and navy are equally necessary for the safety and prosperity of the U.S., and that "we must own the risks" as other nations do. Discusses the application of Hamilton's plan of military supply, which was feared to require the approval of Congress, but apparently does not.
October 16, 1799 Recruiting business is totally stopped and desertion prevails Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Parker complains that the delay in paying the troops has destroyed recruiting efforts and increased the number of desertions.
December 4, 1800 Contract for supply of rations Samuel Dexter William Colfax Dexter discusses proposal for supply of rations for ensuing year.
February 2, 1797 Order for Kalteisen's Supply John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon "Enclosed is the order for Kalteisen's supply agreeably to your statement of yesterday's date--The cannon and powder excepted."
June 17, 1799 Articles of Supply, Bounty Money, and Advance Pay Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton notes that in the case of the beginning of a new branch of service it will be necessary to waive the usual forms but he will send a statement of the articles of supply needed for each regiment. He will address the additional bounty money needed for each regiment and will inform McHenry later of his decision on an advance of pay.
February 28, 1798 Requests Order for Further Supplies Samuel Hodgdon Staats Morris Letter, requests order for further supplies.
March 4, 1799 Inquiry into Purchasing New Type of Saddle James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Discusses the possible purchase of a supply of a new pattern of saddle.
August 16, 1792 Purchases for Hospital Department Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Supply Order, directs supply purchase for hospital department.
July 22, 1799 Request for Contract to Supply Recruits James McHenry John Stockton Supply of troops to be stationed at Lewis town, Delaware.
December 4, 1800 Contract to supply armorers at Springfield Samuel Dexter James Byers Asks for proposal to supply armorers at Springfield in the ensuing year.
August 19, 1791 Clothing for Andrews' Recruits, Etc. John Stagg William Knox Ensign Andrews should be supplied with a suitable supply of clothing for his recruits. In a few days [Isaac] Craig is expecting a supply of 55 suits from New York.
December 27, 1796 Regarding Timber Supply for Frigates Isaac Garretson Josiah Fox Letter, discusses timber supply re Frigates.
September 20, 1799 Request for Clothing Supply James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Acknowledges receipt of letter; refers to clothing supply requested by Captain Jonathon Toussard.