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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 27, 1797 Supplement to the militia law James McHenry John Eager Howard McHenry agrees with Howard's opinion that a defect in militia law must be reformed, but McHenry insists that at this point in the Congressional session, it is best to postpone the subject until later.
July 9, 1788 Supplement to the Land Ordinance of 1785 Congress of the United States [not available] A supplement to an ordinance entitled An Ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing lands in Western territory.
January 18, 1794 Supplement: Truce with Indians, and Considerations of Possible Treaty Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Supplement to prior letter of same date; Wayne laments the arrival of the Indians' truce flag, as he was set to seize Girtystown (now St. Mary's Ohio), in the center of the hostile tribes' region, but says he could not refuse the gesture. Truce of three days set, will not advance for that period. Considers merits of two possible treaty sites, Picquetown or Grand Glaize. Asks for instructions,...
September 11, 1795 The Supplement to the Treaty of Greenville Henry De Butts [not available] Shawnee explained the reason they have caused mischief was due to their camp in Scioto being robbed when they were peaceably hunting. The hunting party did not know the chiefs of their Nation had made peace with the U.S. Shawnee beg forgiveness.
July 27, 1798 Supplies for Provisional Army James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver swords and pistols for troops of Provisional Army.
May 12, 1800 Problems with Payment of Clerks William Simmons Abraham R. Ellery Simmons examined accounts of Ellery that was used to pay clerks in Adjutant Office and noticed money was used to pay officers. Officers pay is fixed sum, therefore all money used by Ellery to supplement income was not credited to account. Vouchers returned.
February 10, 1790 Knox replies to Mason's ideas about militia training Henry Knox John Mason Knox endorses Rev. Mason's ideas to create mandatory military education of boys as a supplement to a national militia plan.
January 14, 1799 Request for Temporary Issue of Rifles, Accoutrements, & Tomahawks to Volunteers James McHenry John Harris Temporary issue of rifles, accoutrements, & tomahawks to volunteer company.
January 31, 1791 Petition of John Fitch John Fitch Edmund Randolph Details of Fitch's character described. Went poor in public service, traveled to Kentucky at the personal request of the commissioners, no longer has the assistance of the Army or his private creditors. Requests discharge, happy to hear there is a committee appointed by Congress to hear requests.
April 25, 1795 Opposing the Town at Presqu' Isle Timothy Pickering Thomas Mifflin Pickering responds to Governor Mifflin's declaration that a town is needed at Presque Isle to provide a garrison for state troops to supplement the federal garrison at Fort Le Boeuf. He lists the reasons he opposes this action. He discusses the difficulty of manning both posts.
January 4, 1796 Copies of Letter from the Judge of the District Court of Virginia to the Secretary of War Cyrus Griffin Timothy Pickering Griffin encloses three cases of soldiers seeking pensions for injuries sustained during service. The first is that of Ulisses Rogers, whose thigh was broken. Griffin sends the best papers he could find in support of the claim, following the points set forth in the Act of Congress. Rogers had not previously applied because he lives in an isolated area and had not heard about the pension law. He is...
March 11, 1799 Request for Issue of Arms, Accoutrements & Equipment, as a Company Exchanges Previous Armament James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of arms, accoutrements & equipment; informs Harris that the officer of the company receiving these supplies will submit some other muskets, etc. to be put back into military stores.
January 5, 1791 Protecting Virginia's Frontier Henry Knox George Washington Given the Indian threat to the frontier counties of Virginia, Knox recommends that experienced hunters and woodsmen be employed by the General Government to supplement the defensive measures provided by the Army.
September 4, 1795 Supply of Ordnance and Medical Departments Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Military stores left at Bedford by militia retrieved by wagons and brought to Pittsburgh, invoice of stores enclosed. Some clothing destroyed by moths. Noted officers of Ordnance and Medical Departments did not make proper requests for articles wanted and are now in dire need of supplies, offers supplies at Pittsburgh to supplement those lacking.
March 3, 1791 Supplement Act Regarding Treasury Department and Compensation Congress of the United States [not available] Outlined compensation for clerks within the treasury department and extended the regulations and laws from act that established Treasury Department to include clerks. Further requires all employees of the US Government to take an oath to support the Constitution.