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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
December 17, 1800 Receipt of Smith [not available] [not available] Receipt for oats, supper, and hay.
November 22, 1793 Tea & Coffee for Breakfast & Supper, Etc. Thomas Holt Samuel Hodgdon Holt acknowledges responsibility for boarding certain of the workmen who will come to New London and has made appropriate arrangements with some citizens of the town. He has learned that they will expect to have tea and coffee for breakfast and supper and this will make a capital difference in the board. Since he wants to be as economical as possible, he requests directions with Hodgdon as to how...
January 1, 1801 Account with Dennis McBee [not available] [not available] Document encloses two receipts, one for hay, supper, and oats which totals 6-6, the other for dinner and oats at 4-0. A final account dated January 1 states that McBee has been paid in full the amount owed. These are part of Brigadier General Wilkinson's travel expenses from December 1800.
December 15, 1800 Receipt for Blacksmith's Work [not available] Campbell Smith Receipt for carriage repair and other blacksmith work done for Captain C. Smith.
December 10, 1800 Receipt of Henry Deal [not available] [not available] Receipt for money paid Henry Deal for goods provided General Wilkinson
December 14, 1800 Receipt for Goods Provided Captain Hughes [not available] [not available] Receipt for goods provided Captain Hughes from December 11-14, 1800.
December 8, 1800 General Wilkinson's Expenses at Big Spring [not available] [not available] General Wilkinson's bill from Big Spring.
December 1800 Bill for Food and Lodging [not available] [not available] Bill for food and lodging, paid to William Shriner
December 18, 1800 Bill for General Wilkinson [not available] [not available] Bill for various expenses of General Wilkinson, paid to Mr. Lyons.
December 7, 1800 Expenses for General Wilkinson's Servants at Williamsport [not available] [not available] Expenses for General Wilkinson's servants and horses at Williamsport, paid to Thomas Helm.
December 6, 1800 Receipt for Food and Lodging [not available] [not available] Receipt for food and lodging for General Wilkinson and his party.
April 3, 1799 Recruiting and Suppression of Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Washington Informs Washington that he has ordered the Paymaster General to the "Seat of Government" (Philadelphia). Discusses the state of army recruiting efforts in several states and the efforts to suppress Fries's Rebellion ("the Insurrection")
[not available] Account of Depredations Committed in Kentucky by Savages since May 1, 1789 Unknown Author [not available] Details on murders, attacks, and horse thefts that occurred in each county of Kentucky.
January 25, 1798 Suggested Changes to Regulations John Francis Hamtramck James McHenry Hamtramck's changes to the regulations sent by McHenry. The regulations relate to command structure, the sick and medicine, arms, goods, appearance, ammunition exercises, absentees, garrison books, returns, fortifications,
June 15, 1797 Instructions to Capt. Guion Concerning Management of U.S. Posts in U.S.-Florida Border Region James McHenry Isaac Guion Directs Capt. Guion to see that the terms of the treaty with Spain concerning the border region between the U.S. and Spanish Florida are enforced. Specifically mentions: keeping Indians under U.S. jurisdiction from attacking Spaniards; keeping U.S. posts in a condition to resist attack ("as though at war"); various articles of management of the posts; gaining the goodwill of the inhabitants,...
May 17, 1790 [Mr. Gamelin's Journal: Memorandum of sundry speeches held by Anthony Gamelin to the chiefs of the Ouabache (Wabash) and Miami nations] Antoine Gamelin [not available] Recounts Gamelin's travels to various Indian villages with a speech offering peace to the Indian Nations. Promises of peace, no more stealing. Discussed contracting a peace between the Kickapoo and Chiefs of the Falls and peace with white people to be held at Post Vincennes. Details on the relationship between the Miami and Kickapoo tribes.
February 19, 1800 Application for Refugee Aid Lewis Frederick Delesdernier Commissioners Recounts travails of De Lesderniers, and seeks financial assistance for hardships. Petition for relief is on behalf of the author's parents, Gideon and Mary deLesdernier.