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April 9, 1792 Account of Captain Briscoe Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Capt. Reuben Briscoe, 3rd Virginia Regiment, for supernumerary pay.
June 14, 1790 Application for Supernumerary Pay Joseph Howell Henry Knox Discusses the application of Captain Daniel Baldwin, of the New Jersey Line, for supernumerary pay.
April 2, 1792 Regarding Captain Lee Michael Connolly Joseph Howell Letter concerning Capt. Thomas Lee, late of the 5th New York Regiment; Lee has not received his supernumerary pay.
April 17, 1792 Supernumerary pay for Captain Barnes Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Daniel Barnes, late captain in Col. Bigetown's Massachusetts Regiment, for supernumerary pay.
October 3, 1786 Settlement of Capt. Waugh's Account Joseph Howell Alexander Power Informs Power that no part of the supernumerary pay has been charged to the settlement of Capt. Waugh's account.
October 3, 1786 Regarding pay of Captain Waugh Joseph Howell Alexander Power In response to the recipient's inquiry, no part of the supernumerary pay is charged to Capt. Waugh as part of the settlement with the recipient. Waugh has received the pay of the Pay Master of his regiment. Mr. Nicholson has been informed of this.
November 8, 1785 Returns of officers of Pennsylvania Line Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Encloses returns of officers of Pennsylvania Line. Mentions charges against prisoners. Remarks that the greater part of officers deranged in 1778 have received their supernumerary pay. Encloses receipt of Colonel Harmar.
January 13, 1789 Accounts of Captain Abraham deHuff Joseph Howell Captain Abraham de Huff Regarding accounts of Captain Abraham deHuff, Howell conceives that he is entitled to the year's pay allowed in consequence of being a prisoner. In consequence of being a suprenumerary, deHuff is entitled to 300 acres of land.
July 15, 1786 Request for payment William Winchester John Pierce Payment request for the amount due as a supernumerary officer; Winchester asks that the money be sent to Silas Walker.
October 3, 1786 Pay matters of Captain Waugh and Captain Luke Broadhead Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Capt. Waugh has been paid the entire $480 of his supernumerary pay. Regarding Captain Luke Broadhead, the haste with which his account was settled resulted in him being granted $40 specie to which he is not entitled so that payment should be stopped if possible. The author still needs information regarding Col. Baker and the status of the power of attorney for Mr. Widesman[sic].
July 7, 1786 Pay of Captain David Schrack Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Capatain David Schrack is granted the sum of 480 dols for one year's pay as a supernumerary Officer. The sum was drawn on to the extent that it was reduced at thirty for one.
September 28, 1786 Request for examination Captain James Waugh account Alexander Power Joseph Howell The author requests that the account of Capt. James Waugh be examined to see if he has been charged with the monies he received as a supernumerary. He is owed the amount of $480 which the Comptroller General stopped in the belief that the recipient had not charged Waugh with that sum.
August 1, 1786 Joseph Cox's claim for commutation Joseph Howell Richard Humpton Lieut. Joseph Cox's claim for commutation is not admissible because no officer who was a supernumerary and was deranged in 1778 was allowed commutation unless a State adopted him or he was recommended by Gen. St. Clair. John Smith's order is being returned because the amount claimed by him could not have been charged by the State so he has already received the value of it. Manning's discharge...
May 6, 1786 Response to Request for Widow's Benefits Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson This is the author's response to a request for widow's benefits for James Wilson. He says that an examination of regimental rolls reveals that Wilson was mustered in on February 1, 1777 and deserted January 20, 1780. He apparently was not in the Army during 1780 so a Certificate will be issued for the period from January 1, 1781 until the time of his death. Also there is reference to the pay of...
February 28, 1797 Additional Pay James McHenry Thomas Lewis Notification that submission for additional pay of the late Commander in Chief was granted.
March 21, 1786 Settlement for Pennsylvania Regiments Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson Discusses the details of the settlement of the accounts of several Pennsylvania Continental regiments from the Revolutionary War
January 7, 1788 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Colonel Samuel Miles Joseph Howell Samuel Miles Joseph Howell supplies Samuel Miles with confirmation that officers in captivity were paid and promoted.
April 9, 1792 Account of Lieutenant Hungerford Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account of Lt. Thomas Hungerford, 3rd Virginia Regiment, for one year's pay.
May 20, 1784 Pay application John Mercer John Pierce Application for supernumery pay. Mentions having been a prisoner of war for four years during the Revolutionary War
October 18, 1792 Account of Captain Lee Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Account abstract of Capt. Thomas Lee's 5th New York Regiment.
December 20, 1792 Account of William Callis Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and pay for William Callis, late lieutenant in the 4th Virginia Regiment.
January 16, 1790 Pay Claim Joseph Howell Samuel Carlton Discussing pay claims to Lt. Col. Samuel Carlton; the claims have been examined by Benjamin Goodhue.
April 4, 1794 Account of Robert King Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for Robert King, late lieutenant in the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment.
May 19, 1794 Joseph Howell's Certification on the account of Jonah Frisbie Joseph Howell [not available] Two years pay authorized for Jonah Frisbie.
October 31, 1791 Account of William Cleveland Joseph Howell Peter Shoemaker The United States in account with Lieutenant William Cleveland, late of Tyler's Regiment of Connecticut.