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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
January 29, 1796 Enclosed Receipts, Updates to Accounts Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed sundry receipts, noted enclosed vouchers and requested accounts be updated.
October 5, 1797 Sundry Receipts for Bounties William Simmons Andrew Marschalk Sundry receipts for bounties paid, muster and pay rolls for September of recruits under command of Marschalk received.
June 12, 1795 Enclosed Documents Isaac Craig William Simmons Packets containing muster and pay rolls. Pay and schedule enclosed.
February 27, 1796 Confirms Receipt of Enclosures William Simmons Charles Martin Informs Ensign Martin that his letter enclosing sundry muster, pay and receipt rolls, which after examination will be passed to his credit.
August 9, 1799 Accounts and Cost of Printing Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed sundry rolls and vouchers and disbursements made to the army agreeable to enclosed schedule. Received notification from Hagner that all accounts were accepted and paid except for the payment of E. Turner for expenses accrued in pursuit of a deserter. Requested info on printer and rate in Philadelphia for J.Scull who is printing muster and pay rolls per request of D. Strong.
May 26, 1798 Notification of Ensign McCall's Sundry Vouchers to be Transmitted John Habersham William Simmons Habersham encloses vouchers for payments made by Ensign McCall for the troops in Georgia.
June 16, 1787 Sundry accounts; Mr. Pierce; Mrs. Howell illness Caleb Swan John White Mentions sundry accounts. Mr. Pierce is in Virginia and Howell is in Philadelphia visiting Mrs. Howell, who is sick.
1799 List of documents belonging to the Office of the Accountant of the Department of War William Simmons [not available] Itemized list of muster and pay rolls, sundry receipts, and other accounting documents.
July 5, 1794 [No.200] Receipt of Rolls Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Muster and pay rolls received from Craig. Documents will be examined and passed to credit of Craig. Box of papers from Hodgdon received.
February 29, 1796 Discussion of Authenticated Day Rolls for Accounting Stephen Rochefontaine Nehemiah Freeman Letter, discusses orders for making pay rolls.
October 18, 1797 Notification of Forwarded Sundry Receipts of Posts Saint Tammany & Pickering John Habersham Constant Freeman Submission of receipts from posts Saint Tammany and Pickering received and approved by H. McCall. Details of the receipts included.
January 9, 1798 Receipt rolls received William Simmons William R. Boote Informs Ensign Boote that the Accountant's Office has received his letter enclosing receipt rolls for pay of himself and his recruits for October and November, along with sundry receipts for bounties.
January 24, 1794 Not Authorized to Pay Troops without Settled Pay Rolls Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Received pay rolls. Not authorized to sanction payments to to troops without filling out pay rolls.
February 12, 1796 Pay, Muster, and Receipt Rolls William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Informs Freeman that Lt. Geddes has in his possession five packages containing pay, muster, and receipt rolls.
November 14, 1795 Concerning muster and pay rolls William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges the receipt of his letter mentioning muster and pay rolls.
April 28, 1795 Pay Rolls Due Every Two Months William Simmons Frederick Frye It is expected that in the future every officer will make out their own pay rolls and transmit them with their muster rolls at the end of each two-month period. An examination will then take place and the amounts therein will be transmitted through the usual channels.
April 19, 1797 Blank rolls William Simmons Isaac Craig Forwards blank muster, pay, and receipt rolls
June 28, 1796 Pay rolls and muster rolls William Simmons Isaac Craig Notifies Craig of sums that will be passed to his credit on the War Department account books after examining Craig's par rolls, discusses details of the pay rolls, and directs that in future Craig make only such payments as are supported by his muster rolls.
July 3, 1798 Receipt, Muster, and Pay Rolls Enclosed Frederick Frye William Simmons Frye sends receipt roll for May, muster rolls, pay rolls, and pay and subsistence receipts for various individuals.
[not available] Return of sundry men of Virginia quota of Invalid Regiment Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Return of sundry men of Virginia quota of Invalid Regiment not on rolls to 1782.
June 5, 1795 Pay Rolls Received William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmons confirms receipt of Major Craig's pay rolls.
August 15, 1797 Receipts for Bounties Regarding Troops William Simmons Andrew Marschalk Simmons received sundry receipts for bounties paid regarding recruits. Muster rolls examined, name of James Lowry did not appear. Lowry must inform office of new company or detachment assigned by Col. Butler.
January 13, 1797 Muster and Pay Rolls Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay rolls, noted enclosed of Maj. Toamy. Additional rolls from Fort Franklin, Le Boeuf, and Presque Isle to arrive soon.
February 24, 1796 Receipt Rolls Received William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Informs Freeman, West Point Paymaster, that his receipt rolls for the Corps of Artillerists & Engineers have been received by the office.
April 21, 1790 Returns for Payments to Sundry Officers [not available] Henry Knox Letter addressed to Henry Knox which enclosed return of payments to sundry officers, for which author has receipts. Requested warrants to settle accounts.