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September 5, 1800 Sums Credited to General Wilkins Peter Hagner Samuel Hodgdon General Wilkins has written to Mr. Stevens respecting several sums the General is to be credited with. Being credited with the two sums, he is ready to pay the balance according to the terms of the bill.
November 3, 1793 Sums Charged to the Quartermaster General Major John Belli Samuel Hodgdon By order of the Quartermaster General, Bellie has drawn sums for individuals who have rendered services to the public which sums, after payment, will be charged to the Quartermaster General.
July 9, 1794 Sums to be expended upon fortifications Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton Agreeable to Secretary Hamilton's request, Secretary Knox transmits the sums to be expended upon fortifications, the entire appropriation amounting to $106,000.
March 19, 1796 Receipt's Received William Simmons Nathaniel Gorham Acknowledges receipt of two receipts enclosed in Gorham's letter and informs him that the sums will be entered in the War Department's account books.
June 2, 1794 Report on Sums for Which a Further Appropriation Is Requisite. Alexander Hamilton [not available] A report on sums for which a further appropriation Is requisite.
May 25, 1793 Covering the Sums Advanced to Officers for Recruiting, Etc. Joseph Howell Caleb Swan It was Howell's intention to pay officers through March and no further as he had done with recruits at the various places of rendezvous, but he had to deviate from this arrangement to cover sums advanced to officers for recruiting. He has also had to pay officers detached from posts on the Ohio who have left prior to the arrival of their money. Paymasters should be informed of these matters.
November 26, 1800 Impropriety of Monetary Advances David Henley William Simmons Refusal to advance additional sums to Mr. Chandler until he has brought for accounts for examination. Requests receipts.
March 6, 1797 Dates & Sums of the Respective Bills Samuel Lewis Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to insert in the enclosed letter the dates and sums of the respective bills comprising the indicated amount along with the names of the persons who drew them. The requisition for that amount has been sent to the Treasury.
January 25, 1795 Sums Transmitted to Captain Bissell Joseph Howell Russell Bissell The Treasurer has remitted to John Chester, Supervisor of Connecticut, sums to be transmitted to Captain Russell Bissell for the following: the balance of pay and subsistence due Ensign Peter Frothingham, the subsistence of Bissell, and the pay of Bissell and his recruits.
September 3, 1796 Accounting issues and prevention of speculation on soldiers' pay William Simmons Caleb Swan Acknowledges accounts, receipts, and muster and pay rolls received from Swan. Cautions Swan against any "improper persons" viewing lists of sums due to soldiers to prevent them from speculating on the sums due to the soldiers.
July 17, 1800 My Business Interrupted by My Mind, Etc. Christian Gallagher Samuel Hodgdon Though he is anxious to complete the employment Hodgdon has honored him with, Gallagher complains that he is repeatedly called on for small sums that he cannot pay. He finds his business interrupted by his mind and to much harassed to attend to his profession.
December 29, 1785 Request for appointment and certificate from principal in office regarding sums paid Joseph Howell James Bray Requests that Bray produce his appointment and a certificate from the principal in office regarding what sums were paid.
January 23, 1795 Sums Transmitted to Capt. Russell Bissell Joseph Howell John Chester The Treasurer will remit to Chester sums to be transmitted to Captain Russell Bissell for the following: the balance of pay and subsistence due Ensign Peter Frothingham, the subsistence of Captain Bissell, and the pay of Captain Bissell and his recruits.
January 22, 1795 Sums Transmitted to Capt. Frederick Frye Joseph Howell Nathaniel Gorham Howell discusses sums to be transmitted by Nathaniel Gorham to Captain Frederick Frye for the following: the balance of Frye's pay and subsistence, the pay of Frye's recruits, and the balance of pay of Nehemiah Freeman.
February 1, 1787 Counterfeit certificates John Pierce William Imlay Informs William Imlay that unless he examines the certificate in question he cannot tell whether it has been counterfeited.
December 21, 1793 Sums Deducted from Advances to Officers & Soldiers Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell wants to be furnished with certificates of the sums deducted from his advances to the officers and soldiers as shown in his own account. Swan's certificates should indicate the company and corps in which the officers and soldiers are arranged.
November 8, 1792 Appropriations Required for the Services Joseph Nourse Alexander Hamilton Enclosed are the estimates for which appropriations will be required for the [military] Services for the year 1793.
June 14, 1788 Enclosed Act Regarding Invalids Charles Thomson Edmund Randolph Federal government to reimburse states for sums paid or will be paid to invalid pensioners, with proper documentation.
[not available] Account of the sums paid for the Wilmington fortifications B. Wood [not available] Account of the sums paid for the fortifications at Wilmington, North Carolina.
January 10, 1797 Estimate of Sums Necessary for U.S. Port Fortifications in 1797 War Department [not available] Line-item accounting for costs associated with the upkeep of coastal fortifications, less "unexpended appropriations from 1794 & 1795."
September 22, 1797 Credit to Account William Simmons Horatio R. Dayton Letter regarding recruiting and contingent accounts with vouchers of Dayton returned by Simmons. Dayton only received $47.86 to his credit, the remaining vouchers were inadmissible. Simmons advised future vouchers should contain specific sums for goods and services purchases.
August 9, 1785 Request for certificate for sums of money Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Request for certificate for sums of money to Lieutenant William Thompson of 9th Pennsylvania Regiment, for recruiting service in 1778.
October 1792 Inadequate Sums, Treasury, Disabled Howitzer Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Sum of $500 is inadequate and short of expectation. Will draw on Jeremiah Barker for same. Expresses mortification over issue with Treasury. Encloses Charles Anderson's receipt for disabled howitzer.
June 10, 1786 Sums due North Carolina Line John Pierce Robert Fenner Refers to sums due North Carolina Line. Is having difficulty procuring subsistence due officers, non-commissioned officers and privates.
January 18, 1791 Settling the Accounts of the Pennsylvania Line Thomas Mifflin Alexander Hamilton Governor Mifflin has directed his Comptroller General to develop a statement of the sums paid to Pennsylvania by the Agents responsible for settling the accounts of the Pennsylvania line.