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May 5, 1800 Disposition of Troops During the Summer Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Letter from the Secretary of War to Major General Alexander Hamilton. Since it is now time to decide on the disposition of the troops during the summer, it seems that Rhode Island is the point where the most is doing in the way of fortifications as it could be seized by a maritime enemy.
July 17, 1799 Pittsburgh is the Most Eligible Summer Post John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Hamtramck explains why he has selected Pittsburgh instead of Detroit to be his post during the summer months.
August 20, 1800 Deliver Summer Allowance of Clothing to Private George Groses Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Request to deliver completion of summer allowance of clothing to Private George Groses of the First Regiment of Infantry as requested by Captain Charles Hyde. Includes shirts, shoes, overalls, to complete summer allowance for year.
March 20, 1787 Hiring a Cooper to Make Casks William Price Henry Knox Price has found a cooper who is well recommended and will work at West Point on the following terms: pay to be either 5 pounds 10 shillings per month and half rations or 16 pence per casks and half rations. Price cannot estimate the total amount this will cost because the number of casks needed is unknown. They may need a cooper in the summer as well, so Price thinks it best to pay him the...
August 12, 1796 Financial Documents and Request for Clothing Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification of enclosed vouchers and former Quartermaster General's accounts. Hopes that summer clothing is being shipped for Col. Butler's garrison.
March 22, 1784 Employment of Coopers at West Point William Price Ebenezer Stevens From West Point letter book. Discusses employment of two coopers.
January 28, 1797 General Knox's Account for Wine Willings & Francis Samuel Hodgdon Knox directed Willings & Francis to submit his bill with them to Hodgdon, which they did in the summer. That bill has not been paid, so they send it again with additions.
April 5, 1800 Posting of the 12th Regiment James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Abigail Adams indicated to McHenry that, if militarily warranted, her son-in-law William S. Smith's 12th Regiment could be moved to Rhode Island to assist in completing fortifications, making it easier for her to see her daughter during the summer.
February 28, 1796 Information about Conference with Creek Chiefs Bartholomew Dandridge James McHenry Presidential order requesting B. Dandridge to report to General Blount in service with the Southern Indians. Requests that conference to be held in May with Creek chiefs will be postponed until summer.
July 8, 1796 Maintaining the Arms in the Stores, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Ames encloses a return of the work done in the armorer's shop for June 1796 and hopes that work will not be halted for a want of stocks. He wants to know whether he is responsible for keeping the arms in the stores clean or does the responsiblity fall to Captain Bryant. During the summer they will only be oiled over.
May 20, 1800 Resignation James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry agrees with Hamilton's assertion that public affairs are dangerous to one's reputation at present. On the whole, McHenry is happy to have resigned. He encloses a copy of a letter to his nephew which explains his reasons for resigning. McHenry plans to spend the summer at Lebanon.
May 19, 1796 Proper Department for Making Returns of Indian Goods Return Jonathan Meigs Samuel Hodgdon Meigs has received blank forms for accounts of clothing and of Indian goods. He will reply as soon as he can, but is busy with the delivery of summery clothing to the troops.
June 3, 1796 Submits Clothing Needs John McClellan Samuel Hodgdon Col. Tousard requested that McClellan write to say that West Point is in great need of summer clothing. Lists items needed by men before they leave the garrison. Col. Rochefontaine requested an estimate of necessary clothing for six months.
November 10, 1783 Application for Pay David Brearly John Pierce Discusses his application for payment of arrears in his pay for service in the Revolutionary War
December 8, 1798 Our Lack of Laboratory Preparations Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon worries that no provisions have been made for the buildings or materials needed for the preparation of the laboratories. The lack of all kinds of stores for the magazines will soon be felt if immediate steps are not taken.
March 17, 1800 Summer Employment of Troops, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the employment of new troops in non-military operations like digging canals but perhaps any troops so employed should be provided extra compensation so as to avoid discontent.
March 10, 1799 Necessity of tents in Portland Amos Stoddard Samuel Hodgdon Reiterates the "absolute necessity" of tents for his soldiers in Portland, Maine. Upset to find out that the vessel of supplies leaving from Philadelphia went to another port instead.
February 20, 1795 Disposition of a Box of Public Shoes Manning, Wychoff & Co. Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a bill of lading for public shoes that have been in storage since the Summer of '92. The shoes were delivered to Manning, Wychoff & Co. by Beach & Canfield who had been contracted by the Secretary of the Treasury to supply the Army. Captain Cornelius Sedam informed Manning, Whychoff that the shoes should be forwarded to Philadelphia.
August 20, 1798 Supplies Without Which I Will Absolutely Suffer Winthrop Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Sargent asks for numerous supplies, including large quantities of wine, coffee, and brandy, which he must have before winter and without which he will absolutely suffer. He has asked for permission to visit the Atlantic states the following summer if the Mississippi territory is at peace and he has organized its government well.
May 29, 1797 Recent Bills Drawn, & Estimate of Quartermaster Department Expenditures for Summer 1797 John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Lists recent bills drawn, and encloses estimate of projected Quartermaster Department costs for June-August 1797 [included].
June 24, 1792 Letter from Captain Henry Carberry Frederick Town Maryland listing equipment for his Company Lieutenant Colonel Henry Carberry William Knox Captain Carberry lists items of equipment received, presumably in preparation for operations in support of General Wayne expedition against Indians in summer of 1792. Items include canteens with straps, sundry clothing; common tents; camp kettles; for the use of his company. At the bottom of the document, Carberry comments about a particular item short of the number mentioned.
February 2, 1799 Crimes & Punishment William Littlefield James McHenry Littlefield discusses several instances when his soldiers have been caught and subjected to court martial or summary punishment.
March 7, 1799 Records Converation about Appointment Nominations before the Senate James McHenry Uriah Tracy Responds to a request to record the events of a conversation in his office from the previous summer with Tracy, McHenry, and Mr. Lee, Attorney General. Comments were made about military appointments, with objections by Mr. Mason of Mr. Blackburn.
April 18, 1793 Settle of Accounts for 1791, Etc. Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan protests that he cannot be expected to settle the accounts for 1791 because Daniel Britt settled the accounts of his regiment during the Summer of 1791 and then carried the arrearages with him down the river. How can Swan be expected to settle accounts he never made and which are probably unfinished?
June 24, 1796 Requests Permission to go to Kentucky for Business Elias Langham Samuel Hodgdon Reports news from his brother, whom he sent on important business to Kentucky last year and who became ill and hasn't been able to conduct the business. Requests permission from the Secretary of War to go conduct his business in Kentucky. Will ask Major Beduyler to ascertain orders while he is absent. Promises not to be gone longer than 10 weeks. Has examined all arms and has arranged all summer...