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May 4, 1798 Assignment and Power of Attorney Denis McCarty William Leary Document certifying the service of Denis McCarty, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War.
December 11, 1799 Power of Attorney from Martha Ridgway to Ebenezer Hilyard Martha Ridgway Ebenezer Hilyard Martha Ridgway, widow and sole administrator of all the singular goods of Aquila Ridgway, appoints Ebenezer Hilyard, bricklayer in Philadelphia, power of attorney.
August 25, 1790 Assignment and Power of Attorney Christopher O'Neal Robert Prise Document certifying the service of Christopher O'Neal, late soldier in the Pennsylvania Line during the Revolutionary War.
July 27, 1795 Assignment and Power of Attorney Christopher O'Neal Unknown Recipient Power of attorney of Christopher O'Neal - late a soldier in the Pennsylvania Line or James Decorcy, his "trusting and loving friend."
April 30, 1793 Power of Attorney to Samuel Shannon from John Burton John Burton Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by John Burton to Samuel Shannon regarding service rendered as soldier. Documents signed by John McCluster, Thomas Woods, and John Burton.
May 17, 1793 Power of Attorney [not available] [not available] Christian Snyder grants Samuel Shannon power of attorney.
December 28, 1792 Power of Attorney Conrad Setler Peter Dransy Conrad Setler, late soldier in Colonel Hazen's Regiment, appoints Peter Dransy power of attorney.
February 20, 1801 Power of Attorney Thomas Ewing [not available] Power of attorney. Thomas Ewing appoints David Henley his attorney, to receive funds from John Green.
November 4, 1796 Required Mode of Keeping Accounts James McHenry James Byers McHenry directs Byers to make out an inventory of all the goods on hand and debts due to and by the factory and remit it to the Secretary of War. All remittances, whether money or goods, should be addressed to John Harris, Store-Keeper in Philadelphia who will point out, in conjunction with the Comptroller of the Treasury, the required mode of keeping accounts.
May 4, 1793 Power of Attorney Zebulon Fuller Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by Zebulon Fuller to Samuel Shannon.
February 7, 1794 Unpaid Debts Timothy Pickering Henry Knox Ledger of accounts unpaid by Oneida Indian Chief, Peter Otsiquette, deceased. Money amount recorded in "York currency."
April 6, 1798 Uneasiness Due to Delay in Quarterly Dues Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon worries that the gentlemen in his office are growing uneasy due to the delay in receiving their quarterly dues.
April 1, 1784 Settlement of accounts of debts Samuel Hodgdon Bourne Price Discusses the rules for the settlement of accounts of debts contracted for the purchase of stores.
August 29, 1797 Assumption of Indian Debts of Panton Leslie & Co. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Assumption of Indian debts required consent of Congress, thus making the act difficult to fulfill. Instead offered assistance to Panton Leslie & Co. to help them collect debts owed them by the Indian Nations. Remarks on conduct of Spanish officers towards U.S.
September 22, 1797 Credit to Account William Simmons Horatio R. Dayton Letter regarding recruiting and contingent accounts with vouchers of Dayton returned by Simmons. Dayton only received $47.86 to his credit, the remaining vouchers were inadmissible. Simmons advised future vouchers should contain specific sums for goods and services purchases.
May 18, 1792 Quartermaster to Pay Off Debts Henry Knox Isaac Craig Quartermaster General to travel to Pittsburgh to pay off all debts to contractors.
December 26, 1794 Debts Unsettled Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Expressed disappointment that he did receive requested cash to discharge debts.
1791 Discussion of Debts and Imprisonment of Recruits Bezaleel Howe Henry Knox Questions the practicality of the law regarding small debts of men recruited for military service.
May 19, 1800 Payment of Discharged Troops Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan It is imperative that sufficient funds be provided by the Paymaster General to pay all the troops being discharged from Hamilton's and Pinckney's forces. Troops must not quit the ground without the whole of their dues.
November 26, 1800 Impropriety of Monetary Advances David Henley William Simmons Refusal to advance additional sums to Mr. Chandler until he has brought for accounts for examination. Requests receipts.
November 18, 1785 Public debts of Col. Alden Joseph Howell Oliver Patridge Joseph Howell writes Oliver Patridge, administrator of Colonel Ichabad Alden's estate. Informs Patridge that Colonel Alden owes the public considerable sums. Requests that Patridge account for Alden's debts or pay them from the estate.
May 18, 1798 Accounts and Payment Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon perplexed that Indian goods had not arrived at Pittsburgh, Hodgdon will make an inquiry into the "trucks" transportation. Kirkpatrick's commissary accounts are in discrepancy with War Departments records which is the reason for Craig being unpaid for his work with Kirkpatrick's department. Hodgdon will make an attempt to discharge Craig's debts with Col. Forrest. Enclosed accounts that...
May 23, 1798 Accounts Settlement David Henley William Simmons Discussed injuries sustained by brother, settlement of Mr. Hillis' account, money advanced Henley, and transportation of goods due Indians per treaty agreement.
February 8, 1790 Debts of General Greene Henry Knox Edward Carrington Discussed General Greene's debts which are a mix of public and private. Debts must be settled or his family will be left penniless.
August 25, 1797 Settlement of Accounts Isaac Craig William Simmons Accounts of expenses received, Craig will try to settle accounts, however J.Toomy descended Ohio river to Spanish Territory leaving several debts.