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October 12, 1793 Long Sufferings of the People William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports that a large body of Indians has invaded the district of Washington resulting in losses of life and property. General Sevier has been ordered to pursue the invaders and perhaps ease the long sufferings of the people of the district.
October 8, 1785 Evils Done by the State of Massachusetts to Veterans of the Continental Army Benjamin Lincoln William Jackson Benjamin Lincoln requests a meeting with General William Jackson so as to rectify the "evils" done by the offices of the state of Massachusetts to the veterans of the Continental Army. Said officers are asking daily for their sufferings to be represented to the U.S. government.
December 19, 1782 Clothing for the Southern Army from Charleston Nathaniel Greene Benjamin Lincoln Greene informs Lincoln that in consequence of Lincoln's orders Greene had taken measures to provide winter clothing to his soldiers. Greene reports that Banks and Company have furnished most of the articles wanted and will provide the rest. Complains that prices goods are high. Reports that demand for cloths among the planters is so great that clothing can sell at high prices. Contracts cannot be...
September 27, 1793 Frontiers are Infested with Indians Daniel Smith Henry Knox Smith reports on the sufferings of the inhabitants of the southwestern frontier. He notes that the Chickasaw head-man Mountain Leader intends to visit the President. The Cherokees are committing frequent depredations including the slaughter of an entire family of thirteen. The Indians are so bold as to be reconnoitering General Sevier's movements and his camp.
May 21, 1785 Letter offering testimony in support of Major John Adam's request for reimbursement John Beatty Henry Knox John Beatty sends to Henry Knox a letter offering testimony in support of Major John Adam's request for reimbursement for extraordinary expenses incurred in the course of duties rendered.
March 12, 1785 Petition for pay Joseph King Congress of the United States Petition of Joseph King to Congress concerning pay for service in the Revolutionary War
November 17, 1789 Barrett writes of appointments to Knox Samuel Barrett Henry Knox Letter, asks for recommendation for federal appointment.
July 10, 1782 General Greene's Southern Army Benjamin Lincoln Nathaniel Greene Lincoln expresses sympathy for the sufferings of General Greene's troops. Greene's army entitled to better fare. Mentions the meritorious and gallant exertions of Greene's troops under extreme difficulties. Lincoln believes they merited a better fate. He regrets that he is unable to redress the army's grievances. Other extracts mention supplies and clothing during the Revolutionary War.
September 27, 1799 Statement of William Maxwell William Maxwell [not available] Statement of "sufferings and losses in the Cause of American Liberty." Maxwell, originally from Rhode Island lived in Nova Scotia, but moved from the British Province due to his patriotism.
December 29, 1800 Allowances of Land Recommended for Refugees Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Senate of the United States Wolcott, Dexter, and Steele respond favorably to the claims of refugees Francis Carean, Martha Bogart, Abraham Bogart, and Daniel Tucker with recommendations for allowances of parcels of land.
December 31, 1789 Sundry Claims to be Considered Beverley Randolph Henry Knox Encloses a resolution from the Virginia General Assembly to War Secretary Henry Knox, in order to determine whether there is a federal office to take cognizance of various claims. Randolph thinks the claims ought to be sent to the War Department but asks Knox to confirm.
April 15, 1792 Retirement and Appointment M. Gist Henry Knox Discussed familial obligation of a captain and the appointment of another to take his place.
December 29, 1800 Claims of Certain Canadian Refugees Samuel Dexter Thomas Jefferson "I have the honor to enclose to you a Report on the claims of certain Canadian refugees, under the Act of the 7th of April 1798."
March 24, 1790 Discussion of Invalid Pensions, and Federal/State Disagreements on Them Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, discusses inspection of invalids in Rhode Island; alludes to federal and state conflict re: invalid pensions.
January 21, 1793 Petition of Monsieur Louis Garranger Henry Knox United States Senate Petitioner, Monsieur Louis Garranger, states that he and his brother entered into service of United States in December 1776 conformably to contract made by Silas Deane with Monsieur Du Coudray. The petitioner was experienced in artillery, but could not be accorded any rank for fear of exciting discontent. Congress informed the petitioner that it could not employ him in the army. Knox closes by...
December 29, 1800 Claims of Canadian Refugees Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Congress of the United States Pursuant to the "Act for the Relief of Refugees from the Canadian Provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia," claims are submitted for Francis Cozeau, late of the city of Montreal, and Martha Bogart, wife of Abraham Bogart and before him of Samuel Tucker, formerly an officer in the service of His Britannic Majesty.
April 21, 1792 Punishing the Persons Guilty of this Base Act William Blount Henry Knox William Blount describes for Knox various incidents on the frontier in which Indians have murdered innocent Americans and in which Americans fired at an innocent Indian. In response, he has called up three companies of militia to protect the frontier.
April 2, 1783 Suppression of Rumors Benjamin Lincoln Nathaniel Greene Idle surmise mentioned by Greene has not reached the office of the Secretary at War's office, nor does Lincoln suppose it ever will. But he assures Greene that should anyone presume to echo the malicious whisper the most pointed contradiction shall suppress it.
November 8, 1792 Turmoil in the Southeast William Blount Henry Knox Governor Blount reports on the tumultuous state of Indian affairs in the southeast. He believes the Creeks and Cherokees cannot be controlled by their chiefs and therefore seem likely to go to war. The Chickasaws and Choctaws seem disposed toward peace.
January 14, 1793 Complaints & Threats of the Cherokee Nation William Blount Henry Knox Blount disputes the Cherokee claims to the land of the Cumberland settlements upon which they are threatening war against the inhabitants. He charges the Cherokee young warriors with stirring up the antagonism against the settlers and defends his summons of the militia to protect the settlers against Indian depredations.
December 1, 1782 Clothing for the Southern Army Benjamin Lincoln Nathaniel Greene Lincoln trusts that General Greene will be able to supply his troops with clothing from the warehouses in Charleston. If the clothing cannot be supplied from Charleston, Lincoln hopes he can supply the clothing from Virginia which he thinks can be speedily forwarded in a coasting craft to Charleston.
November 5, 1782 Procurement of Clothing for General Greene's Southern Army Benjamin Lincoln Nathaniel Greene If Greene's whole army is to remain before Charleston and the British do not leave the city, large supplies of clothing must be forwarded to Greene's army. Hopes that the necessary clothing can be procured in Charleston if it should be evacuated. Lincoln desires earliest information on these matters.
December 16, 1782 Clothing for the Southern Army Benjamin Lincoln Nathaniel Greene Lincoln is exceedingly oblidged by General Greene's attention to the arrangement and the manner in which Greene conducted it. He is equally pleased with Greene's care in procuring clothing for his troops which has relieved Lincoln's long anxiety about supplying the clothing. Mr. Morris will honor Greene's draughts and appears satisfied with the steps Greene has taken.
June 26, 1793 Reports on treaty efforts at Sandusky; events in France Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Reports that interpreter Jasper Parrish arrived with letter. Reports on travels, mentioning Fort Erie, Sandusky. Indians assembled at rapids of Miami of the Lake. Communication by post to Niagara not yet established. Indians have heard that General Wayne has advanced as far as great plains of Miami. Expects such tales, some void of truth, to be common during Treaty. There are villains of all...
January 19, 1801 Report of the Committee Appointed to Prepare a Bill for Regulating Grants of Land Congress of the United States [not available] Details of types of relief allocated to Canadian refugees in United States, according to recommendations from the Secretaries of the War and the Treasury and altered by the committee.