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November 17, 1796 Twice Drawing Subsistence for September W. Wilson William Simmons Wilson finds himself astonished that he may have drawn his subsistence twice for the month of September. He assures Simmons that he will make a strict examination of his acount and rectify whatever mistake has been made.
December 7, 1793 Strict Neutrality Toward Spain Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Responding to an alleged enterprise against Spanish settlements by General Clarke of Kentucky and by a group of Frenchmen, St. Clair proclaims a posture of strict neturality toward Spain by all those who are part of the military establishment of the United States.
December 20, 1797 Paymaster General under Examination William Simmons Alexander James Dallas Letter directs Dallas to War Office; advises accounts of pay master general under examination.
June 15, 1787 Regarding Examination of Military Stores in Rhode Island Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, Regarding Examination of Military Stores in Rhode Island
January 30, 1799 Circular to the Commanding Officers at New York and West Point Alexander Hamilton George Ingersoll Hamilton announces the transfer to his superintendence of the posts and troops under the command of the officers to whom this circular is addressed. He wants to be notified of the state of things under their command and places particular emphasis on maintaining the strict discipline of the troops.
August 12, 1787 Regarding Examination of Military Stores in Rhode Island Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Letter, discusses examination of military stores.
June 6, 1799 General Orders: Strict Observance of These Regulations Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton explains the requirements for the enlistment of recruits. He wants recruiting limited to citizens of the United States which would include properly certified naturalized citizens. Recruiters must adhere to regulations regarding the proper age of recruits and the admonition against enlisting recruitswho are in a state of intoxication.
April 12, 1791 Examination on the Claims of Various Officers Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb The Commissioner of Army Accounts writes on his examination of the claims of Captains Watts and Fisk, along with Lieutenants Clayton and Green.
February 16, 1799 Seeks to Settle Accounts for Kentucky Volunteers James McHenry William Simmons Encloses report to Quartermaster General. Requests sums needed to settle accounts. Asks for information about the Volunteers of Kentucky. Seeks strict justice for Captain Butler, requiring General Wayne's instructions.
December 6, 1776 Request for pay for Captain James Wilson Joseph Howell General William Irvine The author examines the request for pay for Captain James Wilson and, after a thorough examination of the records, finds the request unwarranted. Indeed, Wilson may have been given more pay than was due him.
October 27, 1795 Transmits examination of accounts William Simmons Richard Harrison Transmits to the Auditor the Treasury's examination of the accounts of the War Department.
August 19, 1800 Accounts Received Peter Hagner Joshua Orne Accounts received and to be placed under examination.
February 11, 1801 Doctor Thomas' Accounts Have Been Sent for Examination William Simmons Thomas Turner Accounts of Dr. Philip Thomas have been sent for examination to Turner's office
June 27, 1792 Strict Oversight of Indian Commerce Henry Knox [not available] Knox advises Chapin to employ individuals of character and to exercise meticulous accounting practices in transacting business with the Indians.
December 17, 1800 Receipt of letter and accounts William Simmons Joshua Orne Received letter and accounts, which will be placed under examination.
July 5, 1794 Receipt of Letter to Recruiting Officers Nehemiah Freeman Joseph Howell Freeman received letters addressed to recruiting officers, stated he would pay strict attention to the directions contained in them. Freeman advanced money by Supervisor of the Revenue for Massachusetts.
August 15, 1797 Disqualified recruits James McHenry Unknown Recipient Circular letter from the Secretary at War - states that in many instances, upon examination, certain recruits have been shown to be entirely disqualified from service by age or infirmities.
December 13, 1800 Receipt of letter and accounts William Simmons James Miller Received letter and accounts will be place under examination.
June 21, 1797 Receipt roll examination William Simmons William Rickard Informs Captain Rickard of the results of Simmons' examination of his vouchers and receipt rolls. Mentions a soldier who enlisted but deserted before he could be mustered. Sends muster rolls requiring certification.
August 22, 1796 Examination of Ohio Company's Books, Credit to Account of Col. Sproat Rufus Putnam Peter Hagner Putnam has completed a full examination of the books and vouchers of the Ohio Company, and duly submits pay and subsistence abstracts to Hagner.
September 16, 1796 Documents needed William Simmons Alexander Gibson Requests that Gibson send documents required for an examination of his accounts.
May 2, 1800 Acknowledged Receipt William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons received letter and two bundles of accounts, examination to follow.
August 15, 1794 Circular Letters to Recruiting Officers Joseph Howell David Hale Enclosed are copies of Letters to Recruiting Officers dated 1st and 20th of March 1793 and January 23rd 1794. Strict attention should be paid to them to avoid any embarrassments in the settlement of accounts.
July 12, 1794 Circular Letters to Recruiting Officers Joseph Howell George Taylor Enclosed are the Circular letters to Recruiting Officers of the 1st and 20th March 1793 and January 23rd 1794 to which strict attention is to be paid to avoid any embarrassment on the settlement of accounts.
February 11, 1801 Confirming Receipt of Swan's Letter of February 11th William Simmons Caleb Swan Swan's letter dated the same day has been received and the accounts therein have been filed for examination.