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July 9, 1796 Stores Shipped to Capt. Rickard, Etc. William Reais Samuel Hodgdon The stores shipped by Hodgdon to Captain Rickard have been received and forwarded to him with Reais paying the freight from Tarborough. He would prefer to receive orders from the Treasury Department before making changes in that sum for his next quarterly accounts.
October 23, 1799 Return of stores to be shipped to New Orleans Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Writes that he will be unable to formulate a return of stores to be shipped to New Orleans in the timely manner that Hodgdon requests.
1794 [Invoice of Ordnance & Stores]. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] List of materials shipped on vessel captained by John German to Charleston, SC.
December 12, 1794 Military Stores Shipped to Colonel Olney Jeremiah Olney Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is Colonel Olney's account of the military stores shipped, the amount being $75. Hodgdon is asked to transmit a draft for that sum to the bank in Providence.
June 22, 1793 Forwarding of Money; Shipment of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Draft in favor of Mr. Butler paid; $5000 forwarded by last post. Many stores have been shipped.
July 12, 1796 Packages Shipped by the Brig "Welcome Return" John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon The packages shipped by the brig "Welcome Return" for the troops at Colerain and the box for Mr. Seagrove were received in good order and shipped in a schooner bound for that post.
April 4, 1800 Request That Purchased Shoes be Shipped to Philadelphia James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Directs that a recently-procured order of shoes manufactured on a new pattern be shipped to Philadelphia.
May 18, 1791 Supply of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed invoice of supplies shipped by wagoner. Advised examination of all items received.
August 27, 1792 Account against the United States Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Encloses account against the United States to include public stores to be shipped to West Point, New York, with exception of cannon, which will be left at Newport, Rhode Island.
December 9, 1796 Bills, Stores Shipped, Returns of Stores Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig acknowledges the receipt of money from Hodgdon. Craig informs Hodgdon that a general return of ordinance, hospital stores, and quartermaster stores has been forwarded to the Secretary at War.
April 16, 1791 Return of military stores shipped by the order of Henry Knox from West Point to Philadelphia. George Fleming [not available] Inventory of military stores shipped by George Fleming from West Point to Philadelphia via the Sloop "Good for Wie". Items include coils of flow match, canteen straps and wooden canteens.
September 18, 1794 Stores Shipped to Philadelphia George Fleming Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] Fleming discusses the stores and arms which he is shipping to Philadelphia.
August 11, 1790 Discussion of Transportation of Military Stores from Rhode Island Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, discusses transportation of public stores from Rhode Island.
May 9, 1794 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig acknowledges receipt of hospital and stationary stores that were shipped by Hodgdon for the quartermaster general.
April 15, 1800 Instruction for Shoes to Be Shipped to Philadelphia, & That More Be Contracted For James McHenry Jeremiah Wadsworth Directs that two thousand pairs of shoes be shipped to Philadelphia and that an additional two thousand pairs be contracted for.
April 23, 1794 Invoice of ordinance and military stores shipped on brig Noah's Ark and subsequent report on whereabouts and condition [not available] [not available] Inventory of military stores shipped from Philadelphia to Wilmington North Carolina on the Brig Noah's Ark for Griffith McRea in the year 1794. A subsequent note dated April 1798 by Griffith McRea indicates that the stores were found in a warehouse. The stores were in damaged condition, particularly the fuses and powder. Some of the equipment, mortars, cannon, traveling carriages, are located...
May 28, 1793 Acknowledges Receipt of Military Stores, Invoice John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon Has received bill for sundry military stores shipped on the schooner Peggy, with Thomas Shelly master. All were received in good order. Also received an invoice for the items.
May 21, 1798 Ordnance & Military Stores Shipped to Hartford, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Hodgdon directs Smith to ship the ordnance and militry stores at Hartford to the destination that he will designate.
August 8, 1785 Autograph Letter Signed, Donaldson Yeates to Samuel Hodgdon Donaldson Yeates Samuel Hodgdon Donaldson Yeates notifies Samuel Hodgdon that payment for stores shipped is forthcomming.
May 14, 1800 Enclosed Invoice for Rifles Shipped to Savannah John Harris Edward Wright Invoice for rifles shipped on schooner to be delivered at Savannah, Georgia. In a post script, notes the resignation of James McHenry as Sec of War.
June 24, 1790 Request for Estimate of Transport Cost for Military Stores Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, directs estimate of transport cost for public stores.
June 14, 1797 Maria's Trunks Shipped James Manning Samuel Hodgdon The trunks of the sloop "Maria" have been shipped.
September 11, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses stationary with Samuel Hodgdon. Craig also requests that an estimate weight of stores remaining to be shipped to Fort Pitt be provided for transportation calculations.
June 4, 1798 List of Articles Shipped for Hospital James McHenry Captain Thomas Truxtun List of Articles shipped on board the sloop May-Flower for the Frigate Constellation containing hospital supplies.
July 3, 1795 Invoice of Public Stores Shipped to Captain Thompson. Samuel Hodgdon Alexander Thompson Invoice of public stores shipped on board the Sloop "Sally," Captain Nicholas Frambes, Master, addressed to Captain Alexander Thompson, Governors Island, New York, July 3rd, 1795.