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October 14, 1800 Information Respecting Discharged Storekeepers Samuel Dexter Samuel Hodgdon Dexter wants to know if any of the storekeepers have been discharged due to the removal of their stores to places of general deposit. The closing of the estimate is retarded for the want of this knowledge.
November 11, 1796 Outlines Instructions for Storekeepers James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Sends instructions for storekeepers, purveyors, and public supplies. Lists expectations for books and military purchases.
January 16, 1798 Account of Salaries for Hodgdon and His Staff for 1795 Samuel Hodgdon [not available] An account of salaries for the Superintendent of Stores, the Superintendent of Armorers, the public storekeepers, and clerks for the year 1795.
August 28, 1795 Reconfiguring Military Store Accounts, Expenditures, Reports, and Accountability Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Timothy Pickering Wolcott maintains that the accountant of the War Department should receive on a quarterly basis the accounts of the Superintendent of Military Stores and Supplies which should include his and his clerks' compensation. Accounts should also be maintained with the subordinate storekeepers at the different posts to include their compensation and that of their clerks.
April 15, 1799 Outlines Responsibilities and Chain of Command Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Has examined plans for army duty reconfiguration. Requests information about how the parts apply to the whole, particularly pay, provisions, clothing, and stores. The Purveyor is to procure all supplies not immediately contracted for by department heads, and will require assistants. Outlines chain of command among deputies, the superintendent, and storekeepers. Requires precision at all times....
September 3, 1798 Orders for Pattern Muskets, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses various supply matters and urges that Mr. Mackey be paid as soon as possible.
June 1, 1798 War Seems Inevitable Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Among sundry references to supply and accounting matters, Hodgdon warns of the inevitability of war and mysteriously observes that President Adams "has embraced her element" and soon hopes to hear that "she has a consort."
August 24, 1784 List of articles for commissioners Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon List of articles for the commissioners traveling to Fort Schuyler to negotiate with the Native Americans
July 24, 1785 Hints for consideration of the Committee Samuel Hodgdon Unknown Recipient Announces appointments for Committee made by the Secretary at War Henry Knox, including Samuel Hodgdon and General Lincoln.
October 3, 1796 Report of the Superintendent of Military Stores James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is to provide the following information to the Secretary of War: (1) the number of clerks he needs to discharge his duties and the expenses involved therein; (2 )the number and pay of the superintendents, armorers, conductors of military stores, and storekeepers in the Ordnance Department; (3) the pay of the laborers, armorers, and workmen at the arsenals; (4) the rent paid in the...
June 3, 1784 Congressional Resolution Calling for Militia to Indian Nation Congress of the United States War Department Congressional resolution, signed by Secretary Charles Thomson, directing the Secretary at War to raise militia and provisions necessary to accompany Indian negotiators. Resolved that the Superintendent of Finance provide necessary articles for Indian commissioners to negotiate treaties. Promises support of Secretary, messengers, interpreters, store keepers, and other officers.
October 7, 1800 Wilkinsí explanation regarding some objections to his accounts John Wilkins, Jr. William Simmons In responding to objections to accounts, Wilkins notes a lack of clarity regarding certain principles on scope and scale of authority of the Quarter Master General, under what conditions he may make purchases, and the nature of his military appointment which puts him under orders of the commanding general.
August 11, 1784 List of articles for Indian commissioners Quartermaster General's Department Samuel Hodgdon List of articles from the stores of the Quartermaster General and Commissary General of military stores required for the commissioners treating with the Indians.
October 22, 1798 With Considerable Zeal and Detail, Hodgdon Defends Himself Samuel Hodgdon Oliver Wolcott, Jr. In a six-page letter, Hodgdon energetically defends himself with regard to Wolcott's complaints and threats related to the availability of muskets for patterns and related supply concerns.
May 21, 1799 Outlines Administrative Responsibilities for Purevyor, Superintendent, Clerks, Assistants, and Deputies for Military Stores Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports plan that business of providing stores is to take one distinct branch of service, overseen by the Superintendent of Military Stores. The Purveyor's 3 assistants will take account of supplies for the quartermaster, the commissary, and the military stores. Outlines responsibilities for the clerks and storekeepers. Suggests role of deputy purveyor and deputy superintendent of stores to...
November 11, 1796 Instructions for Superintendent of Military Stores James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Lays out instructions for office of Superintendent of Military Stores, including inspection & reporting on the condition of supply houses, armories, arsenals, etc.; proper record keeping; and cooperation with the Treasury.
1792 Regulations for Receiving, Distributing, and Accounting for Public Property James Wilkinson [not available] Discusses regulations concerning the delivery of public stores to the U.S. army on the Ohio, with instructions to each department (Ordinance, Quartermaster, Hospital, Clothing, and Indian). Also details duties of Quartermaster General, the Conductor of Military Stores at Headquarters, the Hospital Storekeepers, and their deputies, along with the surgeons and surgeons' mates. Orders strict...
May 22, 1790 Treaty Between Southern States and Indians, Goods Purchased by Commissioners Steele Henry Knox Refers to previous resolutions of the "old Congress" on Indian affairs and direction of Indian Commissioners and funds and the difficulties they faced seeking power between federal, state, and territory.
July 28, 1790 Schedule B Additional Estimate For Which No Provision Hath Been Made By Congress. Joseph Nourse Alexander Hamilton Schedule B Additional Estimate For Which No Provision Hath Been Made By Congress. Mentions Indian affairs, treaties, extinguishing Indian claims to lands, government of Western Territory, treaties with Wabash Indians, pay for officers and men, contractor warrants, debts due to foreign officers.
October 20, 1792 Estimate of War Department expenses for 1793 Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Estimate of War Department expenses for 1793; describes personnel salaries and location of arsenals.
November 18, 1794 Estimate of Expenses of the War Department for 1795 Henry Knox [not available] This is an estimate of the expenses of the War Department for the year 1795, made by the Secretary of War, and dated in his office the 18th of November, 1794 including the probable expenses of the detachment of the militia now in service in the Western parts of Pennsylvania.
April 8, 1799 Plan for the Providing and Issuing of Military Supplies Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton describes in some detail his plan for providing and issuing military supplies.
December 10, 1793 Estimate of Expenses of the War Department for 1794 Henry Knox [not available] This is Knox's estimate of the expenses of the War Department for 1794. The total of these expenses is $1,457,936.01. At the bottom is a certification by Joseph Nourse as well as a nofication that $80,289 has been deducted for invalid pensioners, leaving a balance of $1,377,697.01.