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May 21, 1797 Regarding Frigate Stern Draft Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Letter, encloses plan for draft of stern.
December 13, 1792 Account of David Stern Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of pay and service for David Stern, late a private in the 1st Virginia Regiment of Dragoons. Stern is owed 237 dollars.
April 24, 1796 Night Heads Raised with Frigate's Stern Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Some man had reported that the night heads were not raised with the stern of the frigate, but Truxton assures Fox that they were bolted to the apron and have been raised.
October 5, 1796 Progress in the Construction of the New Frigate Josiah Fox Samuel Hodgdon The keel of the new frigate is laid and the sternframe finished.The stern is nearly ready to sail and it is hoped that great progress will be made during the coming week.
June 7, 1797 Regarding draught of stern of Algerine frigate at Portsmouth New Hampshire [not available] Captain Thomas Thompson Captain Thomas Thompson sent draught of stern for Algerine frigate for the carver. When flannel arrives, fix the copper, which must be done at the stocks before ship is launched.
May 17, 1795 Discussing Ship Construction David Stodder Timothy Pickering Stodder is discussing ship modeling and ship construction with Pickering. He recommends improvements in design and structure as well as evaluating the state of the timber being used for shipbuilding.
December 1794 Request for Report on Frigate Construction Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, asks for draft regarding frigate construction.
December 16, 1793 In what manner the frigate tonnage is calculated Joshua Humphreys Samuel Hodgdon Humphreys provides formula for calculating the tonnage that he has estimated for the frigate building.
January 12, 1798 Construction of Shipboard Gun Deck Joshua Humphreys [not available] Letter, describes construction of gundeck.
December 31, 1794 Adjustments to Ship Measurements Joshua Humphreys Henry Knox Humphreys' changes/discoveries in ship building processes and measurements.
[not available] Transporting Our Personal Effects to New York Timothy Pickering John Pierce Pickering has arranged for his and Pierce's personal effects to be transported on Anderson's sloop as soon as it is able to sail.
May 12, 1794 Estimate of Timber Joshua Humphreys Henry Knox Regards estimate of timber for 49 gun ships.
June 19, 1794 Penalty levied on the Brig Florida Alexander Hamilton George Bush Letter from the Secretary of Treasury regarding a penalty levied on the Brig Florida according to the 3rd section of the Registering Act. The "act concerning the registering and recording of ships or vessels" was passed on December 31, 1792.
December 12, 1795 Progress in Building a Frigate at Boston Timothy Pickering [not available] Statement of the progress made in building a frigate to carry forty four guns at Boson.
July 1, 1794 Augmentation of force in foreign vessels Henry Knox George Mathews Issues direction pertaining to the arming of foreign vessels in U.S. ports, which Knox considers unlawful augmentation of force.
June 29, 1796 Dimensions for Frigate to Be Detailed to Mediterranean Service Joshua Humphreys Timothy Pickering Letter, describes dimensions of frigate for Mediterranean.
September 30, 1796 Request that live oak frigate timbers be exposed to air and protected from elements [not available] William Herbert Request goes out to clerk of shipyard at Norfolk [Gosport] Virginia to remove live oak timbers from the ground, separate the bolted timbers, gather all the remainder of timbers and ensure they are exposed to the air. If stem and floor are bolted, leave them as they are. Protect from sea and rain.
1798 Ship Timber and Planking to be Procurred Unknown Author [not available] A list of timber and planking to be procured from six sources.
April 21, 1792 Knox advises Sargent to be more subtle in performance of his duties Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses appointment to Adjutant General; discusses raising of the army; Knox asks Sargent not to be so abrasive in his new position.
[not available] Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 36 guns. Joshua Humphreys [not available] Detailed list of the materials needed for building a 36 gun frigate and the dimensions and sizes for those materials.
December 1796 Articles Necessary to Complete Frigate for Mediterranean Service [not available] Unknown Recipient The following articles by the report of Captain Cathcart will be necessary to complete and equip the frigate building for the Mediterranean Service.
July 24, 1797 Manifest of sundries shipped by Samuel and Joseph Sterret, Naval Agents for Baltimore James McHenry [not available] Manifest of sundries shipped by Samuel and Joseph Sterret, Naval Agents for Baltimore on board the ship Mount Vernon, William Stokes master, bound for Baltimore for frigate Constellation. Manifest certified by Secretary of War.
[not available] Dimensions and Sizes of Materials for Building a Frigate of 44 guns. Unknown Author [not available] Document, describes material dimensions for a 44 Gun Frigate.
April 30, 1787 Discussion of Iron, Stone Supply & Frigates William Price Henry Knox Discusses pig iron available for frigates; also discusses availability of stone. Two vessels drifted down river and were damaged or destroyed near Fort Montgomery.
July 1, 1794 Violations of Neutrality Act Henry Knox Richard Dobbs Spaight Secretary Knox writes Governor Richard Dobbs Spaight of North Carolina concerning rules for arming vessels of belligerent powers, in light of the Neutrality Act - and whether this is deemed an unlawful increase or augmentation of force. Knox considers the mounting of additional guns, or altering the caliber of the guns, or the making of new gun carriages, to be an unlawful augmentation of force....