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January 5, 1799 Preparatory Steps for Commencing the Recruiting Service, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Among other matters McHenry discusses the steps needed to begin the recruiting service. He notes Mr. Francis will report on the exact periods at which calculations can be made regarding certain quantities of clothing.
May 5, 1799 Potomac Upper Level is Marked John Mackey Samuel Hodgdon Mackey notes that the upper level of the Potomac River is now marked and preliminary steps for digging have already begun with over one hundred men employed in that effort.
[not available] Marching George Hamilton Unknown Author Letter, discusses length and speed of marching steps of troops; discusses foreign armies.
March 29, 1791 Extradition of the Accused by the State of Virginia Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Regarding the murder of the Indians at Beaver Creek, Knox recommends that an inquiry by the proper magistrates should begin immediately and the appropriate legal steps taken to demand that the accused be extradited to Pennsylvania by the State of Virginia.
June 25, 1788 Steps taken by commissioners to bring about treaty with Creek Indians Richard Winn Henry Knox Steps taken by commissioners to bring about treaty with Creek Indians. Talk was addressed to Mr. McGillivray, and headmen and warriors, insisting that hostilities cease. Executive of Georgia said 15th September is as early as this matter can be begun on. Discusses further supply of goods as presents to indians as necessary. Points out that commission as superintendent expires 29 August.
October 16, 1798 Information about Approval of Majors General James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Confidential. Encloses steps taken and information on approval process of Major Generals. Expresses uncertainty at outcome. Seeks corrections.
April 22, 1798 Obstacles to Becoming a Commissioner Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon Referring to the probability that he might be appointed as one of the commissioners to hold a treaty with the Cherokees, Butler argues that the representatives of his country would oppose such an appointment. This is evdident from the steps they have taken in laying before the President certain communications which they believe would defeat such an intention.
February 13, 1795 Capt. Dale's Account Joseph Howell Captain Richard Dale Howell reminds Dale of the steps he must take to update his account so as to be exonerated from existing charges.
January 26, 1791 List of Debts Due Me John Mercer Joseph Howell Enclosed is a list of debts due Mercer from the advances made to soldiers under his command. He requests that Howell take the proper steps to secure the approriate amount for him.
November 22, 1798 Settling Houdin's Account Samuel Hodgdon Michael G. Houdin Hodgdon explains the steps Houdin must take to settle his account.
June 27, 1800 Results from Marching Experiments John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Details on various trials performed to obtain proper marching technique. Weights of knapsacks, steps/minute, type of arms, etc. are provided. Gives recommendation.
February 2, 1784 Hospital Accounts Isaac Ledyard John Pierce Doctor Ledyard wants to settle the hospital accounts and wants to know the steps that are necessary to do that.
October 16, 1798 CONFIDENTIAL: James McHenry George Washington Enclosed info shows frustration with unresolved political issues, hopes Washington will visit Philadelphia. Disagreement with Major Generals.
May 18, 1800 Six Troops of Light Dragoons Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton indicates he will take steps to immediately comply with the President's orders to reduce twelve regiments, but inquires on any directives relative to the status of the six troops of Light Dragoons.
May 2, 1794 Memorial of John Leamy Edmund Randolph [not available] The Secretary of States asks the rest of Washington's cabinet whether any steps should be taken upon the enclosed memorial of John Leamy, a Philadelphia merchant.
May 18, 1796 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Secretary at War Israel Chapin Jr James McHenry Letter, informs re British steps to leave Niagara; alludes to Jay's Treaty; discusses land claims; discusses White encroachment; mentions Congress.
May 5, 1800 Fixed Measure for the Pace Alexander Hamilton Vicomte De Noailles Hamilton inquires about the fixed measure of the pace adopted by the French. He wants to know the reason for adopting a determinate length for all direct steps without regard to velocity.
March 4, 1801 Informing Powell of Steps to be Taken Before he may Receive a Credit William Simmons James Powell A receipt signed by Solomon Ellis for Daniel Elam, amounting to $27079.49 has been presented to Simmons by the Treasury. Before Powell may be credited, he must provide the authority under which the advance was made.
April 29, 1800 Request for Information Regarding Double Rations William Simmons William North Simmons requested to be informed on what steps were taken regarding the issue of double rations received by Col. Strong and Maj. Briell so that charges of the overdrawn rations could be deducted from the accounts by the Pay Master General.
December 19, 1798 Rectifying Mr. Marts' Account Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon discusses the steps that need to be taken before rectifying the account of Mr. Marts for the storage of military goods deposited by Captains Carberry and Price.
June 25, 1799 Responding to Rivardi's Complaints Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton reviews the steps that are to be taken to respond to the complaints of Major Rivardi.
April 27, 1797 Settling Captain Thompson's Account Peter Hagner Alexander Thompson Acting in the absence of William Simmons, Hagner discusses the steps Captain Thompson must take to settle his account.
July 8, 1796 Information requested on the frigate promised to the Dey of Algiers James McHenry Timothy Pickering McHenry requests from Pickering information on the frigate promised to the Dey of Algiers, including its dimensions, weight of metal, and number of guns, so that McHenry may begin preparatory steps in its construction.
July 28, 1798 Remarks on the Proposed Regulations for Recruiting Services Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton commented on the proposed Articles for the Regulation of the Recruiting Services. Hamilton believed the military should take steps to maintain its enlisted officers through pay and rank incentives.
August 29, 1798 Deriving Aid from the General Officers Alexander Hamilton Theodore Sedgwick Among other matters, Hamilton decries the decision to waive emoluments for general officers until called into active service and hopes the President will change his mind and take advantage of this important resource.