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September 10, 1798 Appointment as Commandant of Massachusetts Recruiters; Duties & Regulations for That Office James McHenry Daniel Jackson Appoints Jackson as commandant of recruiting parties in Massachusetts; orders him to inspect Castle Island and report on its readiness to receive recruits, once the convicts detained there have been removed. Notifies Jackson of the commanders now recruiting in his district; specifies certain recruiting regulations as suspended during the current mobilization. These stipulations are meant to...
April 17, 1793 Forgive and Forget What Has Passed William Blount Hanging Maw Blount apoligizes to the Cherokee chiefs for the death of Noon-day who was killed because he was armed and mistakenly identified as a Creek warrior. Blount hopes that this accidental death will not lead to further bloodshed between the Cherokees and the United States.
February 3, 1796 Objects of the Military Establishment of the United States. Timothy Pickering [not available] Lists goals of U.S. military regarding boundary lines, military post occupation, and methods for obtaining these objectives. Advocated for preserving current military structure and force even in times of peace.
November 17, 1794 Content of Packet Delivered to Constant Freeman Discussed John Habersham Joseph Howell Received letter containing packet from Howell regarding John Matthews. Matthews attorney, John Berrien, opened the packet and found pay for troops. As a result, he order the packet be put into the Custom's House money chest until Matthews specifically requested it, which was not until August. Unsure of why it took Matthews so long to send for the money as Habersham made sure they were aware of...
July 27, 1792 Enclosed List of Deserters, Indian Relations Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Negotiations with the Chickasaws, anxiety of the frontier settlers, enclosed list of deserters.
July 5, 1793 Whereabouts of Men and Boys from Cussetah Town James Seagrove [not available] Seagrove reports that men and boys are staying at his house for their protection. They are well fed and being taken care of so well, they do not wish to leave. Reports that Indian cut his throat. Seagrove refers to enclosed letters for Alexander Cornell, Cussetah King and Kinnard. Chaves, the bearer can provide details. Reports that Great Father General Washington has forbid any troops from going...
November 22, 1796 Report from Hopewell Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins reports on his plans for surveys to establish boundary lines between the Creeks, the Cherokees, and the United States. Reports on his plans for a tour through the towns of the upper Cherokee and the Creeks.
November 28, 1785 Old Tassel's Map of Cherokee territorial claims The Tassel [not available] This document is a copy of the map drawn by Old Tassel to support Cherokee territorial claims at the Hopewell Treaty.
January 23, 1799 Principles Upon Which My Conduct Must Be Founded David Strong James McHenry Strong chronicles the ongoing disputes betwen the residents and the soldiery on the northwestern frontier and asks McHenry to clarify the principles upon which he must act to resolve these disputes.
February 1, 1793 Trials of Offenders Against Treaties William Blount Henry Knox Blount agonizes over the two narrowly averted invasions of Cherokee towns and proposes that a tribunal be created with jurisdiction over trials of offenders agains treaties.
June 13, 1799 Legality of the Constitution of a Court Abraham R. Ellery [not available] Ellery reviews the requirements for those serving on General Courts-Martial. Only those officers of the highest rank are authorized to impose the sentence of death.
July 18, 1794 [Extract] Orders for Operating Public Stores Henry Knox Michael Kalteisen Alludes to recruiting of new artillery company and general rules for operating public stores.
January 31, 1790 Talbot seeks an appointment from Washington Captain Silas Talbot George Washington Letter, asks for appointment as Harbour Marshall.
May 28, 1796 Capture of the "Mount Vernon", Recommendation of William Smith, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton There is concern about the entry of the prizes of French Privateers into American ports. Action on this matter will requre congressional and executive action, which will take time. Wolcott mentions the capture of the ship "Mt. Vernon" and the need for a reputable, confidential American diplomat in France. He recommends William Smith, who is trusted and admired by the French. He wonders if Mr....
July 25, 1797 Regarding the Launching of Frigate Constitution Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, discusses launching Frigate Constitution; advises Fox regarding rank in Marine Department.
October 11, 1800 Simmons Discussing Charges with Alexander Gibson and Requesting the Orders of Alexander Hamilton William Simmons Alexander Gibson Alexander Humphrey's late contractor produced for Simmons an account of logs harvested and stone mined for building 27 huts, the amount being $636 along with a charge of $141.42 for the use of blacksmiths' shops, barracks and store houses. The order to put the soldiers under cover at Staunton apparently came from Alexander Hamilton; however, these orders have not been produced, and the Secretary...
March 23, 1793 War Between the Chickasaws and Creeks William Blount Henry Knox Following the brutal murder of a Chickasaw brave by a party of Creeks, Blount assesses the potential for war between the two southern tribes.
November 24, 1800 Request for Information on Pay, Future Destination Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Reports of an ulcer on leg which has prevented leaving with last of troops departing Harpers Ferry. Reports on medical supplies; mentions pay and desire to know next destination and status of extra pay for attending to Indians.
March 3, 1796 Treat with the Creeks at Colraine James McHenry Jared Irwin Colraine is selected as the site of the treaty with Creeks over Fort Fidius because the troops at that place are sufficient to protect and give respectability to the negotiations.
August 22, 1793 Indians Have Been Commonly in Our Settlements General Robertson William Blount Robertson reports on the hostile actions of the Indians which, though frequent, have been committed by small parties which can be confronted by companies of cavalry.
April 18, 1785 Roth's Pay as a soldier of infantry and sundry pay matters Joseph Howell A.W. Dunscomb Believes that Roth is entitled to pay at a higher station. No Treasury Board formed; Mr. Gervais has resigned. Differs on the matter of Captain Armstrong and Doctor Irvine's certificates. Details the account of Captain Armstrong. Mentions Mr. Gordon's death and the invalid regiment.
August 22, 1799 Early Preparation for Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton stresses the importance of preparing early for winter quarters and lists his requirements for a proper site. He prefers Uxbridge in Massachusetts and recommends huts for quartering the troops. There must be sufficent wood for fuel and for building the huts and good water must be available. He would prefer to hire the ground but if that is not possible, a reasonable purchase price should...
August 25, 1796 COPY: Command of Militia for Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee Conveyed Presidential appointment of Lee to command militia in campaign to suppress insurgents in the western part of Pennsylvania.
July 5, 1793 Killing of Creek Indians at Spanish Creek & Detention of Indians at Seagrove's Home James Seagrove Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Seagrove recounts the incident whereby Creek Indians were reportedly mistakenly killed by whites at Spanish Creek. Points out that David Cornell was killed by same man whose brother Cornell killed past winter on frontier of Cumberland. Expresses hope that matter can still be settled peacefully. Seagrove then reports on detention of Indians at his house, including the incident whereby one Indian...
April 29, 1793 Request for Two Thousand Volunteers & Account of Duel Between Officers Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne assesses his current troop strength at two thousand not including the 844 men assigned to garrison duty. If war progresses, he will need two thousand volunteers rather than the one thousand initially requested. He adds that he is tortured by the recent death of his wife Maria. Includes account of duel between officers at Legionville.