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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
March 8, 1799 Statement of account received William R. Boote William Simmons Informs Ensign Boote that the Accountant's Office has received his letter enclosing his statement of account.
October 31, 1795 Enclosed account statement William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Encloses Nehemiah Freeman's account statement.
January 12, 1787 Account of Charles Stockly Joseph Howell Charles Stockly After correcting the errors in the account statement sent by Stockly , Howell is ready to settle his account and will send the appropriate Certificate to him.
December 18, 1796 Statement of the Account of Lieutenant Devin Caleb Swan [not available] This is a statement of the account of Lieutenant Willimam Devin which shows that $670 is still unaccounted for. Swan notes that he called on Devin in January 1793 to settle his account up to that time but Devin declined to do so while he was still in the Army.
July 25, 1799 Requests Information about Account Discrepancies Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Requests explanation for difference in account. Damaged stores have not been examined and do not appear in the statement, which may account for the discrepancies.
March 6, 1800 Request for Statement of Account William Simmons William Chancellor Simmons requested a statement of Chancellor's account to settle all monies he received.
June 19, 1797 Enclosed Statement David Hale William Simmons Enclosed statement of Hale's recruiting account. Hale also returned account of Mrs. Nichols against Lieut. Cudworth. Due to the triffling nature of the dividend from the account Hale deferred it.
January 31, 1801 Simmons Informing Anderson that the Discovery of Pitchlynn's Statement may Help Settle his Account William Simmons Alexander Anderson Found a statement of John Pitchlynn that may help settle his account
November 25, 1796 Account and balance due William Simmons George Fleming Cover letter for a copy of Fleming's account current with statement of differences as settled at the War Department and notifies Fleming of the balance due to the United States
August 21, 1800 Credit to Account William Simmons Joshua Orne Accounts for the fortifications at Marblehead, MA examined and credit to account given. Balance due United States carried to next statement.
October 6, 1797 Statement of Account William Simmons George Claghorn Simmons received Claghorn's statement of account for compensation from July through September. Total of $500.00 will be paid by Johnathan Jackson to Claghorn.
August 10, 1798 Statement on Captain Preston account Peter Hagner David Henley Peter Hagner encloses statement of Captain Preston's account as it stands in the books. There are objectionable vouchers that Preston should be obliged to settle.
January 29, 1798 A Mistake Somewhere in Your Account Samuel Hodgdon Major C. Langham Langham is advised to resolve the problems with his account so as to settle it as soon as possible.
April 16, 1800 Account of Mr. McDermott while Paymaster William Simmons Senator Joseph Inslee Anderson The enclosed statement will answer Anderson's questions in his letter of the 15th respecting the account of Lieutenant McDermott. The statement will show the amount of each month's pay received for the troops while he was Paymaster. Simmons has no information from Colonel Neville on this subject.
June 11, 1791 Statement of the account of Captain Caleb North Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses a statement of the account of Captain Caleb North, for service during the Revolutionary War.
March 12, 1790 Nourse gives account of travel expenses to Knox Joseph Nourse Henry Knox Letter, encloses statement of Allowances for travelling expences.
June 26, 1798 Enclosed Accounts Current Limited, with explanation Michael G. Houdin William Simmons Houdin has only just received Simmons' letter of March 22. He explains the limited nature of his enclosed account current: he had been informed that his account would close in August 1797 and had sent a statement to Hodgdon, but did not keep a copy. He suggests Simmons ask Hodgdon for the statement.
December 4, 1799 Account of Springfield Armory James McHenry William Simmons The statement of expenditures made on account of the armory at Springfield should exhibit the charges made to same since it was considered an armory under the Act of 2nd day of April 1794
June 15, 1797 General Wilkinson's account William Simmons James McHenry Requests that McHenry advise him as to which of the charges in General Wilkinson's account statement are to be admitted to his credit. Mentions payments for "secret service."
July 12, 1796 Discussion of Shipbuilding Timbers & Lost Statement Josiah Fox David Stodder Letter, discusses timbers for shipbuilders; discusses lost statement.
October 10, 1796 Statement of Money Received George Fleming William Simmons Statement enclosed from Lieut Freeman's accounts of money received. Statement details 3pgs.
December 29, 1800 Expenditures on Fortification of Ports & Harbors Samuel Dexter William Simmons Simmons should furnish Dexter with a statement of the expenditures in account of the appropriations for the fortification of ports and harbors, designating the amount expended for each port.
March 17, 1800 Statement on Differences of Settlement William Simmons John Woodward Detailed account of differences in the account of John Woodward, Agent of Fortifications, New London, Connecticut.
February 21, 1791 Account of James Blanchard Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses a statement of the account between the United States and James Blanchard, paymaster in the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment.
April 2, 1796 Statement of Commissions Allowed D. Stevens, Monies Remit by War Dept. Daniel Stevens [not available] Enclosure to letter from Stevens to Simmons disputing account balances.