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July 20, 1798 Condition of Clothing George Ingersoll Samuel Hodgdon Encloses report of the Quartermaster of the garrison at West Point regarding the condition of packages of clothing forwarded by Melancton Smith from New York. Also addressed a deficiency of clothing.
February 27, 1798 Condition & Worth of Two Horses Samuel Hodgdon Peter Shoemaker Letter, asks for information re condition of horses.
March 9, 1784 Funds from the state legislatures. Robert Morris John Pierce Discusses the state of of obtaining funds from the state legislatures.
April 29, 1800 Irregular Condition of My Accounts Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon $1100 in post notes on account of the Armory have been received. The irregular condition of Williams' accounts will be attended to and remedied.
February 13, 1793 Proposed War with the Creeks Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation General Robertson The Chickasaw chiefs blame the Creeks for the violence in the southwest and ask for the guns, ammunition, supplies, and food to go to war with them.
December 6, 1785 Poor condition of roads Richard Backhouse Samuel Hodgdon Richard Backhouse writes Samuel Hodgdon concerning the weather and exceptionally poor condition of the roads in the region.
September 5, 1798 Condition of the Packed Clothing, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon John Henry Hodgdon is surpised at Henry's comment on the condition of the clothing which was packed carefully and sent on board the Sloop "Patience," whose captain guaranteed safe delivery.
December 3, 1800 Report on Condition of Muskets in Military Stores Jonathan Nicholson Samuel Hodgdon John Nicholson submits a detailed report to Hodgdon on the condition of muskets recently received from Virginia and others stored at Race Street in Philadelphia.
April 28, 1791 Poor Condition of Fort and its Structures Isaac Craig Henry Knox Repairs and improvements to magazine complete, Gen. St. Clair believed it more appropriate to erect new store houses than repair the dilapidated structures. St. Clair ordered road built then left for Kentucky.
March 21, 1794 Report on condition of cannon at Baltimore Ports George P Keeports [not available] Report written and signed by George P. Keeports reporting on the condition of the cannons at Fort Whetstone Point and Fells Point. The cannons are without carriages, are covered with dirt and water, and are rusty.
August 7, 1793 Necessary Accumulation of Men & Materials Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne emphasizes that he is only accumulating the number of men and provisions necessary to carry out his mission and objects to the complaints of the hostile Indians who say that the build-up indicates that he is about to invade their territory.
October 28, 1791 Attention to the Objects I Recommended George Washington House of Representatives Washington expresses his satisfaction at the promise of the House of Representatives to consider the recommendations contained in his message of 10/25/1791.
October 17, 1798 Acceptance of New York Plan of Defense, with Hamilton to Execute It, on Condition of Silence John Adams John Jay Adams accepts the plan of Governor Jay and the New York legislature to place the funds and execution of the preparations for the defense of New York City in the hands of General Hamilton. Does so on the condition that no part of this "act of the Executive authority" shall be understood to have any inference which may at one time come under the scrutiny of the legislature of the United States.
August 10, 1796 Exaggerated Claims of Illness at Fort Miamis, Necessity of Fort Discussed Anthony Wayne James McHenry Wayne en route for Detroit to meet with several nations of Indians, noted the claims of illness that afflicted British troops at Fort Miamis were exaggerated. Captain Andrew Marschalk sent to investigate condition of fort and report to Wayne.
January 2, 1784 Settlement of an Officer's Account Jedediah Huntingdon John Pierce Asks if Pierce is yet in a condition to adjust Huntington's commissary account; discusses certificates of pay.
August 23, 1793 Money, Invoice of Clothing, Arrival of Valentine Pancake, Condition of Wagons, Additional Transportation Charges Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Received $5000 and invoice of clothing for 2d Sub Legion. Valentine Pancake arrived with cavalry clothing and suits. Mentions broken shafts and gumbrels, Mr. Culbertson's wagons. Because stores are forwarded late in season, will be additional charges. Boats cannot carry half loads. Need an assortment of files.
May 11, 1796 Boats Built in Schenectady for Transporting Goods to the Northward Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon to provide him with information regarding three boats built in Schenectady and used in the service of the US Army.
April 25, 1798 Order to Examine Ship, Two Friends, and Send Assessment of Condition James McHenry Captain Thomas Thompson Thompson and Humhreys are to examine a ship called Two Friends and report on its age, the number of guns it can carry, the state of the hull, mast, yards, rigging, and sails, and give their opinion on its fitness as a vessel for war. They should also state any alterations, repairs, or articles needed for the vessel to be ready for sea, and the time and expense needed for the alterations, repairs,...
May 9, 1787 Request for Detailed Return of Military Stores in Rhode Island Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, asks for detailed return and condition of stores.
November 13, 1800 Mr. Lyman's Health is Critical, Etc. Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is an estimate of the expenditures of the Armory for November. Mr. Lyman's condition is critical and he is confined to his bed. Hodgdon's wishes for his improved health are gratefully received.
April 23, 1794 Invoice of ordinance and military stores shipped on brig Noah's Ark and subsequent report on whereabouts and condition [not available] [not available] Inventory of military stores shipped from Philadelphia to Wilmington North Carolina on the Brig Noah's Ark for Griffith McRea in the year 1794. A subsequent note dated April 1798 by Griffith McRea indicates that the stores were found in a warehouse. The stores were in damaged condition, particularly the fuses and powder. Some of the equipment, mortars, cannon, traveling carriages, are located...
August 7, 1795 Deposition of Jacob Heyer William Heyer Colonel Van Emburg Enclosed is the deposition of Jacob Heyer in which he attests to the poor condition of the muskets shipped on board the stage boat "Polly."
1797 Uncle Alex's Health Benjamin Hodgdon Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Hodgdon discusses the critical condition of Uncle Alex and believes the prospects for his recovery are poor.
June 23, 1798 Condition of Anchors Unfit for Frigates, Extra Supplies With Pennock Captain Thomas Truxtun James McHenry Truxtun had purchased a small quantity of slops just before a shipment of them arrived from Philadelphia. The extra have been placed under the care of Mr. Pennock where they can supply other ships. Truxtun has also left extra lanterns with Pennock. The ventilators have not arrived. The ship Constellation has too deep a draught to go into southern ports without removing guns. The ship lost one of...
February 15, 1799 Circular letter to the Officers commanding posts on the Sea Coast. Alexander Hamilton [not available] Letter, informs re superintendance of coastal posts; directs report re state of post works & euipment; describes importance of military discipline.