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October 27, 1794 Receipt for cases of shoes forwarded by William Hill for Terrance Reilly received 27 Oct 1794 William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for the shipment of 762 pairs of men's shoes shipped to War Department by way of the Amboy Stage Boat.
April 29, 1799 Send My Company's Arms by the Burlington Stage Boat Joseph McIlvaine Samuel Hodgdon McIlvaine of the Burlington Volunteers asks that the arms to be provided to his company be sent by Capt. Myers' stage boat as quickly as possible.
December 15, 1791 Clothing for the Troops William Hill Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War encloses two boxes containing articles of clothing for the troops in the service of the United States on board the stage boat Amboy. One box contains 160 pairs of woolen overalls and the other contains 133 pairs of woolen overalls and 499 pairs of woolen socks. A receipt for delivery should be transmitted by post.
May 11, 1797 Goods Now Forwarded to Their Destinations, Etc. Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon The partnership of James Manning & Co. has been dissolved and Smith now holds the contract for supplying the troops at West Point and Governors Island. All the goods are now forwarded to their destinations including those for Albany. He has found the muskets discussed by David Ames and has sent them by the Amboy stage boat. It appears that the muskets were sent from the stage house to the ferry...
August 7, 1795 Deposition of Jacob Heyer William Heyer Colonel Van Emburg Enclosed is the deposition of Jacob Heyer in which he attests to the poor condition of the muskets shipped on board the stage boat "Polly."
August 26, 1794 Six Boxes of Musket Cartridges Manning, Wychoff & Co. Samuel Hodgdon Wychoff discusses the disposition of six boxes of musket cartridges addressed to Capt. Cornelius R. Sedam.
April 30, 1791 Boxes of Clothing Forwarded to Philadelphia William Hill Samuel Hodgdon Statement of boxes of clothing sent to Philadelphia, forwarded by the Amboy Stage.
June 17, 1793 Receipt for Military Stores at West Point Melancton Smith Samuel Hodgdon Encloses receipt for 3 boxes of military stores sent by the Amboy Stage Boat from Captain Fleming at West Point, by order of General Knox.
August 28, 1799 Invoice of Coats and Vests for Captain Irwin Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Encloses invoice of coats and vests for Capt. Irwin's company of artillerists and engineers at Reading, Pennsylvania.
January 2, 1786 Settlements with Army Pay Agents Richard Lloyd Joseph Howell Lloyd requests information on the action of Congress in regards to settlement with regimental pay agents
May 9, 1797 Asking Manning About the Muskets David Ames Samuel Hodgdon General Lincoln says that the muskets he charged to Mr. Minning or Manning, were seen at the stage house where the passengers went to warm themselves while waiting for the boat. Ames assumes that they are in the care of Minning so he has written him and asked him to find them and convey them to Hodgdon.
August 8, 1799 Requests Payment and Receipt for Delivery by Mr. Hutchins, Burlington Stage Boat Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Mr. Hutchins requests payment for the freight of 2 hogsheads and a clothing bale for William Littlefield in Newport. Hutchins claims to have lost receipt for safe delivery. Requests another receipt.
July 18, 1798 Soldiers Ordered to Join Their Company in New York Samuel Hodgdon Proprietors of the Bordenton Stage Boat Hodgdon provides a list of soldiers who are ordered to join their company in New York. Their passage money will be five dollars for each man and will be paid by Capt. John Henry in York.
February 17, 1798 Recommendation of Perth Amboy, New Jersey for Naval Port Captain Thomas Truxtun James McHenry Judge Rattoone advised on depth of channel in Perth Amboy. Truxtun gave additional justification for the use of Amboy as a port for both commercial and military ships.
February 20, 1798 Notification of Advisement on Perth Amboy as a Port Captain Thomas Truxtun Jonathan Dayton This is the notification by Captain Truxtun of his advisement on Perth Amboy as a potential port.
November 23, 1794 Clothing Sent By Way of Amboy, Etc. Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon Sedam is happy that the the articles he requested are due. He has sent the clothing, including four boxes and one hogshead, by way of Amboy. If there are watch coats in store, he asks Hodgdon to send six for the use of the night guards.
December 1, 1798 Men & Women for Whom Passage is to be Paid, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Commanding Officer, Troops Embarked for Charleston Upon arriving in Charleston, the Commanding Officer of the Troops is to give the captain of the vessel the number of men and women for whom the United States is to pay the passage and the freight of their articles.
August 4, 1794 Hose & Bale of Military Stores Cornelius Sedam Samuel Hodgdon By the Amboy Stag boat came a hose and a bale of military stores and all appeared to be in good order.
February 17, 1798 Enclosed Letter from Judge Rattoone Regarding Use of Perth Amboy as Port Captain Thomas Truxtun Jonathan Dayton Copy of letter from Judge Rattoone regarding the depth of the channel at Perth Amboy for the use of the city as a port. Believed it would be a suitable port for ships of war. Contains testimony from Captain Angus.
February 9, 1786 Settlement of Account Colonel Israel Shreve John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his account.
December 23, 1793 Recruiting Rendezvous at Albany John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon A recruiting rendezvous is to be established at Albany in New York. Hodgdon is directed to have packed up forty suits of infantry clothing, including two sergeant's and two musician's suits and mark the packages "Capt. Michael G. Houdin, Albany." Also pack up for Capt. Bezaleel Howe at West Point the articles of clothing requested in his letter. This clothing will be transported in the care of...
December 13, 1792 Request for Boat and Military Escorts for Judges Winthrop Sargent Henry Knox Boat on loan now lost, request for new boat to be delivered to Cincinnati. Judicial circuits and discrepancy with Gen. Wilkinson discussed in detail.
October 15, 1794 Stage Boatman's Receipts Manning, Wychoff & Co. Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the stage boatman's receipts for five chests of pistols received from Middletown, Connecticut.
August 4, 1791 A Minor Accident, Etc. Major General Richard Butler Henry Knox Amongst other matters, General Butler reports on an accident in which a boat struck a rock. The only injury is to the boat.
June 18, 1800 Authorization for New Boat Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Issued a new boat for Fort Mifflin to be under Captain Meminger. Current boat used for transport deemed dangerous to people and provisions.