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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 23, 1794 Equipage for Capt. Sedam John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is directed to forward to Capt. [Cornelius] Sedam, at Governors Island, a list of specified articles.
June 1, 1793 Secretary of War Requests Horsemen's Caps John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War requests 100 horsemen's caps under the care of Hodgdon.
April 2, 1791 Return of Brass Ordnance and Implements George Fleming Henry Knox Captain Fleming's return of Brass Ordnance and implements, sent to the Honorable the Secretary of War by his order.
July 18, 1797 Sponge, Rammer, & Ladle Staffs for the Frigate"United States" James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to the Purveyor the sponge, rammer, and ladle staffs intended for the frigate "United States" so that he can have them finished for use and returned to the store.
September 6, 1798 Contract Edward Miller Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions Mr. Robert Chapman is desirous of obtaining a contract for horseman's caps for the public.
March 26, 1798 Estimate for Dragoon Accoutrements Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Estimate for Dragoon accoutrements for a complete company.
June 14, 1798 Payment for Repaired Boxes and Caps Henry Bedinger Samuel Hodgdon The boxes and caps were delivered by Adam Bishop and found to be repaired so, in accordance with the agreement, payment was made to him. Major Langham will inform Hodgdon if those boxes are part of the returned stores loaned to the State of Virginia. It is still not known who is to succeed Major Langham in the care of the stores so, despite his anxiety, Bedinger will continue to transact the...
July 19, 1798 Articles for Lemuel Weeks in Portland Samuel Hodgdon John Harris A list of articles to be put on board a vessel bound for Portland, to be delivered to Lemuel Weeks.
May 10, 1791 Delivery of Stores Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Two loads of public stores delivered. Specifications of saddles, bridles, and halters for dragoons. Remaining accoutrements to arrive in next wagon.
November 1, 1796 Articles Wanted at Fort Johnson Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon In addition to enclosing the ordnance and military stores and clothing returns, Kalteisen requests the following; bunting for garrison and boat colors, dressed sheep skins for sponge staffs, two six-pound field pieces, and stationery.
May 3, 1798 Articles Needed to Prove Eight Inch Howitzers James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver the following articles needed for proving the eight inch howitzers on the frigate "United States": shells, paper cartridges filled, a rammer and sponge, and a worm and ladle,
May 25, 1798 Proving the Nine Pounders for the Ship "Delaware" James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver, via Mr. Humphreys' office at Southwark, to Captain Decatur for proving the nine pounders for the warship "Delaware": a barrel of powder, wads, sticks of portfire, rammer, sponge, ladle and worm, shot, searcher with its ring, and a priming wire.
August 12, 1796 Horse, bridle, and saddle James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions horse, bridle and saddle for Stephen Hillis
June 8, 1796 [Estimate of cost for building frigate for Dey of Algiers] Joshua Humphreys [not available] List of materials and cost. Noted that using white oak would cause the ship to rot within three years time.
December 28, 1796 Winter Clothing for the Guards James McHenry John Harris Harris should deliver twelve greatcoats and twelve woolen caps to the guards watching over the frigate.
January 18, 1798 Articles Intended for the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver to Lieutenant John Mullowney for the frigate "United States" the following items: paper cartridges, a powder horn, bit and priming wire, a rammer and sponge, a worm and ladle proper for 24 pounders, cannon powder, and sticks of portfires.
November 16, 1795 Anthony Wayne's order for uniforms Anthony Wayne [not available] List of clothing to be procured for surgeons, dragoons, and officers.
January 18, 1798 Accoutrements for the Frigate "United States" James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver the following to Lieutenant John Mullowny for the frigate "United States": paper cartridges, a powder-horn, bit and priming wire, a rammer and sponge, a worm and ladle proper for 24 pounders, cannon powder, and sticks of portfire.
April 24, 1800 Request for Issue of Artillery Materials to Major Lewis Tousard James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of cannon, with carriages, implements, and ammunition, to Maj. Lewis Tousard.
October 15, 1796 Sheep Skins, Bunting, & Six-Pound Field Pieces Michael Kalteisen Samuel Hodgdon Kalteisen requests the following; sheep skins for sponge staffs, bunting for a new set of colors for the garrison and the boat, six pound field pieces.
November 2, 1786 Estimate for cost of saddles Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for furnishing one hundred and twenty light horsemen's saddles
[not available] Estimate of Clothing for 1797 [not available] [not available] Estimate of clothing for 1797
May 22, 1793 Dragoon Equipment to be Furnished John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing to equip twenty dragoon recruits marching from Elkton in Maryland under the orders of Major [Michael] Rudolph to headquarters agreeably to his return transmitted the same day to the War Office.
May 17, 1786 Clothing on Hand in Philadelphia Military Stores Department Henry Knox Report of Army clothing in store at Philadelphia
March 29, 1797 List of Items for Cannon Casting James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver materials to Mr. Francis for cannon casting.