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September 3, 1796 Accounting issues and prevention of speculation on soldiers' pay William Simmons Caleb Swan Acknowledges accounts, receipts, and muster and pay rolls received from Swan. Cautions Swan against any "improper persons" viewing lists of sums due to soldiers to prevent them from speculating on the sums due to the soldiers.
March 16, 1795 Certificate of Jonathan Haskell of the 4th Sub Legion regarding pay to deceased soldiers Jonathan Haskell [not available] List of pay advanced to dead soldiers. Haskell notes that the men under his command who died were sick and there was no paymaster at the post; each of them had six months pay due from United States.
June 7, 1785 Resolve of Congress to Provide for Disabled Soldiers Congress of the United States [not available] The document is a resolution of Congress recommending to the states to make provisions for soldiers and seamen who were disabled in the line of duty. A list of said personnel shall be furnished by each state, along with information regarding their particular units and pay levels. If the required procedures are followed, there will be quarterly returns made out to these men.
May 5, 1787 Balances of Revolutionary War soldiers John Pierce Royal Flint Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding soldiers' balances throughout the early years of the Revolutionary War.
December 7, 1789 [Copy] List of Soldiers Eleazer McComb Joseph Howell List of soldiers assembled from documents available. Many documents stolen during Battle of Camden. New list was assembled with assistance from officers.
April 6, 1797 Balances Due the Soldiers Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Joseph Howell Wolcott encloses a letter for Howell's perusal with a request to ascertain whether there are balances due the soldiers named therein. It is possible that the certificates may be in Mr. Sherman's hands.
April 12, 1797 Vouchers and receipts for soldiers' pay William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges receipt of vouchers that will be credited to his account at the War Department. Notes expenses for pursuing a deserter. Relays instructions from the Secretary of War on charging "express to and from the post office." Requests that all soldiers capable of writing sign their names to receipts for pay.
March 27, 1800 Soldiers Subjected to Hard Labor, Etc. Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Soldiers who have committed a crime and sentenced to confinement and hard labor should be provided with clothing but it is Hamilton's wish that the clothing be of inferior quality so as to distinguish them from soldiers in general.
May 19, 1794 Enclosed Act for Mustering Soldiers Henry Knox Richard Howell Official letter ordering the muster and readiness of soldiers of New Jersey by order of President. Pay and rations for each rank listed in letter.
December 6, 1794 Request for Pay of Soldiers Frederick Frye Joseph Howell Sent along muster rolls, but uncertain if his method and format for submission were correct as Frye never received blank rolls or instructions on how to submit the documents for approval. Requested pay for his soldiers based on the rolls Frye transmitted, and if they paid is being withheld due to the method in which he submitted the documents, Frye requested immediate instruction. Frye stated...
July 15, 1784 Estimated pay of West Point soldiers Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for additional pay due to unnamed soldiers for services performed and estimate of balance due to a listed contractor.
June 3, 1796 Money for Dayton's soldiers William Simmons Horatio R. Dayton Notifies Dayton that he will receive money from Nicholas Fish to cover the pay of the soldiers under his command.
February 2, 1793 Advances to the Representatives of Soldiers Joseph Howell Caleb Swan Howell requests Swan's attention regarding the advances to the representatives of soldiers. For want of some arrangement in Swan's department, the thing was unavoidable but needs to be addressed.
May 26, 1796 Clothing has Saved the Lives of Many Soldiers Henry Gaither Samuel Hodgdon Lt. Col. Henry Gaither informs the Commissary of Military Stores that the shipment of clothing, arms, and accoutrement was timely in its arrival since it probably saved the lives of many soldiers. The soldiers of Virginia were crowded into the hold of a single schooner and many arrived without shirts or blankets and suffering from bad colds. Captain Eaton's company endured a long passage and many...
July 3, 1795 Problems Issuing Land to Soldiers Timothy Pickering Henry Lee Obligation of state or Congress to issue land grants to soldiers and officers explained in detail. New rules issued in letter.
July 15, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Jonathan Cass Simmons informs Cass that his recruiting account cannot be settled until it is determined on which muster rolls the new soldiers appear.
September 1798 List of Soldiers Names Who Received a Part of Their Bounty [not available] William Simmons Lists names of soldiers who received a part of bounty, and the date and amount paid.
March 17, 1800 Soldiers Allowed to be Taken From the Line Alexander Hamilton [not available] General Orders: "Regulations respecting soldiers allowed to be taken from the line of the army to attend an officer."
January 12, 1797 Pay of Soldiers of Engineer Corps Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Discusses his concerns regarding the pay of his soldiers who had been in the Corps of Artificers and Engineers
March 20, 1790 Back pay for officers and soldiers of late Army of the United States Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell submits an estimate of monies required to make good to the sums already granted to certain officers and soldiers of late army of United States.
October 10, 1789 Enclosed Account of Payments to Delaware Soldiers Joseph Howell Eleazer McComb Account information enclosed.
July 2, 1799 RE Officers and Soldiers John Adams Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers
April 2, 1799 Officers and soldiers Alexander Hamilton William North Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers
June 26, 1799 RE Officers and Soldiers Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers.
April 3, 1799 Officers and soldiers Alexander Hamilton Joseph Elliot Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers