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February 23, 1787 Regarding sold certificates John Pierce Samuel Keeler Orders Captain Keeler to reveal the name, organization, and place of abode of the person to whom he sold his certificates including the time and place where they were sold. Likely has to do with counterfeiting.
May 3, 1788 Provisions Sold to Mr. Morrow William Price Henry Knox Agreeable to Knox's request, Price has sold 228 of stores to James Morrow. Encloses two accounts of the articles sold to him. Discusses the state of the powder and need for new casks. Encloses returns.
June 8, 1798 Nine Pounders to be Sold at Auction Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon notes that two long nine-pounders are to be sold at auction and inquires as to whether they should be purchased for public use.
December 18, 1792 Arms Sold to South Carolina Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Hamilton explains the process for obtaining the monies received for the arms sold to South Carolina.
May 4, 1787 Forwarding of Ordnance and Stores Returns William Price Henry Knox Forwards various ordnance and stores records, along with an account of stores sold to James Manon.
February 27, 1798 In Thanks for a Return Detailing Cannon Sold to Merchantmen William Jones John Harris Jones thanks Harris for a return detailing cannon sold to Philadelphia merchants for their ships.
February 19, 1787 Request for Powder Sieves William Price Henry Weisner Price wants to know how much Weisner is asking for his powder sieves. If Weisner has sold them, would he please let Price know where he could get some new ones made and how much they might cost?
April 14, 1797 Request for Supplies Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Vouchers for Le Boeuf enclosed. Notification that powder and lead held by Col. McClary was sold and stolen. The remainder will be sold to the Secretary of War only. Requests hoisting tackles and lignum vitae sheeves.
March 8, 1787 Identification of Willard John Pierce Samuel Keeler The Commissioner of Army Accounts received Keeler's letter containing his and Willard's deposition. He still wants a description of Willard and how he was dressed as well as a description of the man to whom he sold his certificate. He asks also if either of them are yet in Connecticut. (probably relates to counterfeiting)
May 22, 1787 Frigate Orders, Powder to be Delievered and Sold William Price Henry Knox Pirce acknowledges receipt of Knox's letter of May 3 regarding the frigates. Mr. Green will attend to the business of the frigates as soon as it is warm enough. Per Knox's letter of the 8th, the powder will be packed and ready to transport as soon as ordered. Price has made inquiries to see what people would be willing t pay to purchase the damaged powder. The highest offer has been 25 shillings...
February 8, 1787 Ordnance & Stores William Price Henry Knox Informs Knox of the state of his quartermaster stores and ordnance, along with the various orders he has placed with contractors to replace items that are in short supply.
February 1, 1798 Sale of Blankets, Canteens, & Other Stores Samuel Hodgdon Samuel Biddle Letter, asks for information re sale of public stores furnished the troops employed in the western expedition.
June 14, 1796 Accurate Accounting of the Indian Trade James McHenry James Byers In order to provide an accurate accounting of the Indian trade, McHenry directs Byers to provide him a copy of his day-book which should contain all invoices of goods received for the Indian trade, all goods sold to the Indians, and entries of all furs and peltry received in exchange.
October 9, 1795 Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Pickering Israel Chapin Jr Timothy Pickering Letter, discusses expenditures re Six Nations; informs re British council with Senecas at Fort Erie.
March 16, 1787 Counterfeiting trial John Pierce Thomas Smith Discusses the advisability of having Isaac Bronson testify in the counterfeiting trial of Wilson.
January 20, 1794 Invoice of powder purchased of Whelen and Miller by Tench Francis. Wheelen & Miller [not available] Stores, invoice of powder sold to United States by Whelen & Miller.
[not available] Extract of Letter About Bricks Philip Schuyler Henry Knox Contract recommended for obtaining brick and lime which is problematic to obtain. Notes from Stagg regarding cost and location.
July 2, 1796 Requesting a travel journal of western lands James McHenry James Ross McHenry requests for a travel journal that documents and describes the lands beyond Pittsburgh, including a portion of land which is to be sold under an act of Congress.
July 28, 1796 Transmission of Swan's Account Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan is sending his warrants No. 430 to 477 with complete muster and pay rolls and receipts annexed and an abstract of said payments and of all monies received by him on account and bills of exchange sold by him up to No. 62.
February 27, 1799 Receipt to Major Thomas Cushing for horse sold Thomas H. Cushing [not available] Received $125 of Samuel Hodgdon for horse to be used by Colonel John McKee by order of Secretary of War.
December 8, 1796 Speech at Conference with Indian Chiefs, Treaty Cannot Be Amended James McHenry [not available] McHenry's speech to the assembled chiefs, on behalf of the president. Tribes represented: Wiandots [Wyandots], Delawares, Shawanees [Shawnees], Ottawas, Chippewas, Putawatimies, Miamis, Eel River, Weeas, Kickapoos, Piankeshaws, and Kaskaskias. States that the president has considered the Indians' requests that some land sold in the treaty be remitted to them, as well as a formal marking of the...
September 1, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce Robert Treat Paine In Pierce's previous letter, he enclosed a sundry disposition of the individuals who sold the counterfeited certificates. Discusses the case further.
April 26, 1784 Springfield depot Samuel Hodgdon Captain John Briant Discusses the need to "overhaul" the powder at the Springfield depot. Lists the rate of additional pay the enlisted men were to receive for doing the extra duty. The men were also to oil the new muskets. Buildings used to store weapons were to be "clapboarded." Some stores must be sold to provide money to preserve the remaing stores. Hodgdon authorizes Briant to use a "reasonable part" of the...
May 19, 1797 Doctor Scandella Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Mentioned arrival of Doctor Scandella, notable scientist, who will replace Doc. Brown who is detained in Canada with a broken leg. Orders to sell pack horse transporting receipts enclosed.
October 24, 1793 Sale of Bonds Receipt Henry Knox [not available] Certification that Knox sold 2 shares of stock in the Bank of the United States.