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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
December 2, 1793 Equipage for Capt. Kersey John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Stagg lists articles needed by Capt. [William] Kersey at the rendezvous at Spring Garden.
September 23, 1794 Clothing for Hutchins' Recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing wanted for the recruits of Lt. [Thomas] Hutchins of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers.
May 29, 1795 Estimate of Clothing for a Non-Commissioned Officer William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons' estimate of the cost of one year's clothing of a non-commissioned officer Music or Private for one year, Captain William Rickard's company.
December 14, 1795 Stores Military Clothing in Philadelphia John Harris Samuel Hodgdon A 1796 return of stores of military clothing in Philadelphia.
May 25, 1799 Return of Clothing Delivered, April & May 1799 John Harris Samuel Hodgdon A chart with an itemized list of clothing items delivered to each of ten regimental commanders during April and May 1799. Items include hats, socks, overalls, coats, vests, etc.
July 15, 1794 Clothing, Arms, & Accoutrements Nicholas Hannah Samuel Hodgdon Hannah discusses his clothing account and his need for knapsacks.
October 6, 1794 Clothing for Bruff's Company John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon should have transported to Baltimore for the use of Captain [James] Bruff's Company of Artillerists and Engineers the following items; hats, vests, pairs of woolen overalls, pairs of socks, pairs of shoes, clasps, stocks, shirts, and blankets.
September 2, 1791 Clothing for Abraham Springer John Stagg William Knox Knox should provide the bearer, Abraham Springer, with the following articles of clothing: one hat, two shirts, one pair of woolen overalls, one pair of shoes, one pair of socks, and one vest. A receipt for same should be taken.
November 29, 1796 Delivery of Clothing James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniform items to soldier.
December 5, 1799 Return of Clothing Forwarded to Richmond John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing forwarded to Richmond Virginia addressed to Col. Edward Carr for the use of the Seventh Regiment of Infantry. Items include coats, vests, overalls, and socks.
February 5, 1798 Request for Issue of Clothing to an Enlisted Man James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of various articles of clothing to an enlisted man.
October 6, 1798 Invoice of public stores Samuel Hodgdon William R. Boote Invoice of public stores, forwarded to Ensign Boote.
November 15, 1798 Delivery of Clothing James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms, musket cartridges, etc.
March 27, 1798 Supplies for Capt. Brock's Company James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Transmit to Baltimore for the use of Capt. James Brock's Company of Artillerists and Engineers the following: six hats, six vests, twelve pair of woolen overalls, twelve pair of socks, twelve pair of shoes, six stocks, sixteen shirts, and six blankets.
November 9, 1793 Clothing Received Nicholas Hannah Samuel Hodgdon On November 6th Hannah received Hodgdon's letter from Capt. Elwood informing him that specific articles of clothing were on board his vessel all of which were in good order.
July 17, 1794 Clothes for John Philips John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to provide clothes for John Philips of [Joseph] Shaylor's Company who had been taken prisoner by the western Indians at the time Lt. Lowery and Ensign Boyd were killed.
October 31, 1794 Arrears of Clothing for John Tibbets John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Stagg notes that John Tibbets, a discharged soldier, is entitled to the following arrears of clothing: hat, vest, coat, linen overalls, woolen overalls, shirts, stock and clasp, socks, blanket, and pairs of shoes.
April 18, 1794 Clothing for Ensign McClean Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to fill Ensign Levi McClean's order for clothing.
January 4, 1796 Supply Difficulties at Fort Johnston Jonathan Robeson Stephen Rochefontaine Robeson complains that his detachment arrived at Fort Johnston after a very disagreeable passage of 29 days. He did not get a sergeant's coat, vest, woolen overalls, and shirts at Governors Island because Captain Frye had none of those articles. There is a mistake on the return to the Quartermaster because he only received nine pairs of socks.
April 30, 1799 Return of clothing John Harris [not available] Return of clothing received since 19 April 1799 by John Harris
November 24, 1798 Delivery of Clothing James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms to 3rd Regiment.
February 23, 1797 Request for Delivery of Artillerists' Clothing for New Recruits James McHenry John Harris Directs delivery of clothing for privates and sergeants of artillery to new recruits at Spring Garden.
July 16, 1794 Return of Clothing for Kersey's Detachment John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing wanted for the detachment under the command of Capt. William Kersey which is included in the extra supply needed for the recruiting service in Charleston [South Carolina].
September 1, 1794 Articles of Clothing for Discharged Soldiers John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Philip Delabar, a discharged soldier, is due arrears of clothing. Stagg laments the necessity to deliver articles of clothing to discharged soldiers instead of paying them in cash.
May 17, 1786 Clothing on Hand in Philadelphia Military Stores Department Henry Knox Report of Army clothing in store at Philadelphia