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October 16, 1799 Men are destitute of shirts, overalls, and shoes... Nehemiah Freeman Alexander Hamilton "...In August last I made out a return of clothing that would be due to my company on the first of the present month. The men...all are destitute of shirts, overalls, and shoes...We claim arrearages of pay from the 30th of June."
April 13, 1797 Clothing for Soldiers at West Point James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver shirts, shoes, etc to West Point.
August 8, 1788 Forwarding of Shirts & Shoes for Springfield Soldiers; Request for Prompt Receipts William Knox Peter Colt Forwards shoes and shirts for the soldiers at Springfield, as per the Secretary of War's instructions before he left Philadelphia. Asks that receipts be sent both to Henry Knox and the War Office as soon as the articles are received.
October 3, 1799 Receipt of John Bishop for shirts and shoes John Bishop [not available] Captain John Bishop, 2nd Regiment Artillerists and Engineers, received of Lemuel Bent paymaster to the 8th Infantry Regiment, shirts and shoes for his company. Attached note indicates received from General Hamilton.
April 19, 1800 A Deficiency of Shoes, Shirts, and Overalls Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Stevens notes the deficiency in the quantity of shoes, shirts, and overalls in the clothing he forwarded to Niagara. He claims that the packages were never opened while in his possession. The mistake must have been made at the time they were packed or the articles were stolen after they were opened to dry after they were dropped in the lake.
October 6, 1799 Lack of Pay, Shoes, Coats, Etc. Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Parker laments the fact that his recruits have not been paid which renders them open to the insinuations of the enemies of the government. Many of them also do not have basic necessities like shoes, shirts, and tents.
December 4, 1791 Mistake in Forwarding Clothing, Etc. John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Armstrong is sorry that a mistake was made in forwarding the clothing brought by the pack horses. He will ask the General to let him have shirts and shoes from the stores at Fort Hamilton to be replaced by his shirts and shoes from Fort Washington. Included in the return of the pack horses are one anvil, two vices, twenty axes, and two casks of nails.
December 29, 1798 Receipt of clothing for the use of recruits Amos Stoddard George Washington Duncan Receipt for articles of clothing for recruits, including artillery hats, private coats, overalls, shoes, shirts, socks, and blankets.
November 25, 1799 Delivery of Clothing James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms and shoes.
November 17, 1797 Delivery of Clothing James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms, shoes and blankets.
December 11, 1791 Clothing, Etc. John Armstrong Samuel Hodgdon Armstrong fears that Hodgdon will be disappointed in not receiving the clothing mentioned in his recent letter. Armstrong has some of the clothing, shirts and shoes, but it is not marked so it is impossible to tell which is for the levies and which is for the artillery. Since he has no invoice he is not willing to part with them.
October 3, 1798 Delivery of Clothing James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms, shoes, blankets, stocks etc. to West Point.
December 10, 1799 Deliver Goods to Colonel Mentges for Indians James McHenry John Harris Requests Harris deliver shirts, blankets, and shoes for the use of the Indians now in town.
January 4, 1792 Return of Clothing Wanting for Recruits of Captain Thomas Hughes. Thomas Hughes [not available] Return of clothing, arms and accoutrement used by Capt Hughes' troops of the Second [2nd] US Regiment. Includes woolen overalls, shirts, shoes, blankets, hats, knapsacks, bayonets, belts, cartridge boxes, buckles.
1799 Invoice of public stores Samuel Hodgdon William R. Boote Invoice of Public Stores, forwarded to Ensign Boote. Includes hats, coats, overalls, vests, shirts, shoes, socks, swords, and blankets.
November 13, 1799 Return for Winter Clothing for one Sergt. & one private of the First Regt. of Infantry for the ensuing year Charles Hyde [not available] Stores, return for winter uniforms for a sergeant and private.
September 10, 1798 Delivery of Uniforms James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms, shoes, socks, blankets, etc.
July 6, 1791 Return of Clothing Forwarded to Pittsburg William Knox Samuel Hodgdon Return of clothing includes hats, coats, vests, stocks, shirts, shoes, drilling overalls, sheeting, blankets, pouches and horns.
April 21, 1800 Request for Issue of Clothing to Savannah Troops James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of clothing to troops at Savannah, GA.
March 10, 1794 Inferior Quality of Hats & Shoes Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the inferior quality of the hats and shoes of the soldiery. A large proportion of the hats are not much better than stiffened blankets and the shoes are not equal to the common shoes issued during the previous year.
October 3, 1799 Discrepancy of 132 Shirts in the Invoice Staats Morris Samuel Hodgdon Morris complains that since he has no place to store clothing, he has not been able to compare it to the invoice until the present time. He finds a difference of 132 shirts--100 private's shirts and 32 sergeant's shirts--more than the invoice shows.
August 20, 1800 Deliver Summer Allowance of Clothing to Private George Groses Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Request to deliver completion of summer allowance of clothing to Private George Groses of the First Regiment of Infantry as requested by Captain Charles Hyde. Includes shirts, shoes, overalls, to complete summer allowance for year.
July 6, 1796 Assessment of Sample Cotton Shirts James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to examine a sample of cotton shirts and, if they are not suitable, describe how they are defective. Do these sample shirts provide durability equal to the linen shirts usually furnished the soldiery.
November 14, 1791 Return of stores forwarded to Pittsburg. [not available] [not available] Return of military clothing and equipment forwarded to Pittsburg, to include woolen overalls, shoes, shirts, lead in pigs, drums, drum cases, drum carriages, drum sticks, medicine chest.
February 12, 1796 Proper Clothing for the Corps at West Point, Etc. Stephen Rochefontaine Samuel Hodgdon The inclemency of the season requires that the men remaining at West Point be furnished with the proper clothing, including woolen overalls, shoes, shirts, socks, etc. These items are exhausted in the regimental store and some of the men are unfit for duty for want of them. Captain Frye has been at West Point while checking on his family and did not know that his accounts had to be passed through...