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April 26, 1799 Sends Shipwright Receipts at the End of Their Service Samuel Hodgdon Matthew Ernest Sends all receipts taken on shipwright orders as their period of service ends and they need documentation.
May 12, 1794 Timber for 44 gun ship Henry Knox Alexander Hamilton The Secretary of War transmits to the Treasury Secretary the opinion of shipwright Joshua Humphreys on the mode of procuring white oak plank and timber for a forty four gun ship to be built in Philadelphia
January 14, 1796 Salary of James Hackett, shipwright and constructor of the frigate building at Portsmouth, New Hampshire William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $500 is due James Hackett for his salary as Constructor of the frigate building at Portsmouth, New Hampshire from Oct. - Dec. 1795, sum to be transmitted to Joshua Wentworth Esq., Supervisor of New Hampshire.
October 25, 1794 Reports Efforts to Replace Mr. Morgan Tench Coxe Henry Knox Reports that Asa Copeland is a trader, not a shipwright, and Mr. Humphreys does not consider him as appropriate for Mr. Morgan's business. Hopes to replace Mr. Morgan soon.
April 26, 1799 Effort to Obtain Assistance for Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig In response to his letter, reports that Winthrow is in the employ of Mr. Harris and cannot come to Craig's assistance. Hodgdon promises to search for some other means of assistance. Remainder of annuities are on their way. Forwards letter to Mr. Ernest with receipts from the shipwright at Detroit.
April 27, 1798 Enclosed Shipwright Contract Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Enclosed agreement of shipwrights, billed amount charged to Craig. Craig must credit Hodgdon accordingly. Shipwrights left for Pittsburgh Monday morning.
February 6, 1798 Concerning the USS Constitution George Claghorn James McHenry Letter from a shipwright in regards to the USS Constitution, launched on October 21, 1797.
June 22, 1798 War with the Great Republic, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Hodgdon discusses sundry items including the infamous "Aurora" [newspaper] and war with the Great Republic [France].
July 14, 1798 Bond of John Patterson, James Seagrove and William Hunter. [not available] [not available] Copy of bond for holding galley at St. Marys Georgia. States that John Patterson, shipwright, James Seagrove merchant, both of St. Marys, and William Hunter, merchant, Savannah, are bound to United States for $3000.
June 25, 1794 Supplies for the construction of six frigates Alexander Hamilton Thomas Pinckney Treasury Secretary Hamilton informs Pinckney that he has determined to import from Europe materials for the construction of six frigates. He will procure the articles from Northern Europe. Hamilton's first choice is Britain, with Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands as alternatives.
June 25, 1794 Supplies for the construction of six frigates Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Letter from the Commissioner of the Revenue to Treasury Secretary Hamilton regarding the shipment of supplies from Europe - principally London, with alternatives in Copenhagen, Gottenburg, and Amsterdam - for the construction of six frigates.
July 19, 1794 Letter from Henry Knox to William Pennock regarding duties as Naval Agent Henry Knox William Pennock Knox provides Pennock with general instructions as Naval Agent. Secretary of Treasury will furnish instructions on purchase of certain articles. Will work with master builder Mr Morgan, who is currently overseeing the cutting of timber in South Carolina and Georgia. Once this is finished, repair to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Asks for the price at which journeymen, shipwrights and blacksmiths may...
December 20, 1794 Naval armament Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton The Commissioner of the Revenue discusses in detail the preparation for provisions, materials, supplies, and labor in the naval armament, and the construction of frigates.
December 22, 1794 Letter from the Revenue Office concerning naval armament Tench Coxe Henry Knox This letter notifies the Secretary at War that public advertisements have been issued for the procurement of naval armaments. The letter also outlines the contractual relationships for the construction of frigates in six port cities.
November 17, 1791 Pierce Butler estimate for a brigantine of 14 guns equal to about 200 tons Henry Knox Pierce Butler Estimate for Brigantine construction, supplies, and crew. He recommends using live oak; white oak, cedar, and locust for the trunnels.
August 2, 1797 Discussion of Terms for Shipbuilding & Vessel Dimensions Josiah Fox Timothy Pickering Letter, encloses terms of shipbuilders; discusses terms of shipbuilders; discusses timber for vessels; mentions dimensions of vessels.
October 30, 1790 Estimate of Expenditures for Construction of Frigates of Various Tonnage John Foster Williams Henry Knox Knox solicits an expert to provide one of many estimates for the cost of constructing frigates of various tonnage for Navy. Foster notes that Knox may be a better judge of the cost of the guns and the warlike stores. Recommends that timber be cut in the fall of the year of construction.