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October 23, 1790 General Orders: Conduct of Brigade Major Ormsby Josiah Harmar [not available] Harmar recognizes the conduct of Brigade Major Ormsby, in rallying a party of militia and firing upon savages, whereby he destroyed several of them and expresses his thanks. Although they have been galled, the enemy may hover about the encampment. Cautions to maintain vigilance. Wounded militia to be collected in one place, where Doctor Allison and Doctor Carmichael will attend and dress them....
June 14, 1788 Regarding the conduct of elected militia officers whose commissions were withheld Timothy Pickering Peter Muhlenberg Discusses conduct of elected militia officers whose commissions were withheld. Discusses legal proceedings related to rights of land possession.
1791 Affidavit of Colonel John Harding, John Hardin [not available] This is the affidavit of Colonel John Harding relative to the inquiry into the conduct of General Harmar during the 1790 Indian campaign. Colonel Hardin found no fault with General Harmarís conduct.
January 18, 1790 Report on the Organization of the Militia Henry Knox [not available] Unless a Republic prepares itself by proper arrangements to meet those exigencies to which all states are in degree liable, that its peace and existence are more precarious than the forms of government in which the will of one directs the conduct of the whole, for the defense of the nation. An energetic national militia is to be regarded as the capital security of a free republic. Knox goes on to...
April 29, 1793 Conducting the Security of the Frontier in Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither In the conduct of Indian affairs, Knox directs Major Gaither "to calm every attempt to raise a storm....and let this idea govern all your conduct" Knox calls the robbery and murder at Traders Hill the actions of marauders and not part of a large design of the Creeks generally. The propriety of calling out militia cavalry and horsemen may be justly questioned. Expresses concern about the expense....
November 6, 1790 Hardin informs Knox of a successful expedition for the militia John Hardin Henry Knox Colonel Hardin reports of a successful expedition to Knox. Hardin also recommends Major Paul as an officer of ability.
December 22, 1793 Jackson discusses organization of the militia with Knox Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses management of Knox's lands in Maine; advises on organization of Militia.
September 7, 1791 Assurances of Exemplary Recruiting Services John Stagg Bezaleel Howe Letter, discusses conduct as a recruiting officer.
November 13, 1788 On the calling up of Virginia Militia Arthur St. Clair Ebenezer Zane Notes that it has been a long time since Virginia called up one thousand militia. Inquires as to whether this is practicable.
July 30, 1793 Further Light on the Conduct of the Cherokees Daniel Smith Henry Knox Further light on the conduct of the Cherokees can be gained by contrasting the letters from General Roertson and Piamingo with the letter from Little Turkey.
February 21, 1790 Jackson advises that Knox's militia plan is not well received Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, discusses plan for militia.
August 28, 1798 French prisoners in Lancaster James McHenry General Edward Hand Indicates that he has referred Hand's letter to the Secretary of the Navy. Hand reported that some French prisoners in custody of the Sheriff of Lancaster, Pennsylvania had exhibited poor conduct, and were now to be put under guard of the militia.
November 14, 1798 Propietors Have Treated Me Shamefully, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Melancton Smith Along with discussing the means of settling Smith's account, Hodgdon expresses his dismay at the shameful treatment to which he has been subjected by the proprietors of the Amboy conveyances who have apprently not delivered the muskets to New York.
January 4, 1793 Peace overtures towards Indians, reinforcements, and mounted militia Henry Knox James Wilkinson Letter, mentions overtures of peace towards Indians; informs regarding reinforcements; discusses mounted militia. Mounted militia useful but expensive.
July 25, 1798 Testimonies of My Military Conduct Lewis Murarius Alexander Hamilton Murarius presents testimonies of his military conduct for Hamilton's perusal.
August 8, 1799 Regarding Conduct of Troops at Detroit Toward Civilians James McHenry [not available] Addresses cannon sent to Detroit, and actions undertaken by the commandant of the garrison there, who has apparently acted outside his authority. References the "rules and articles for the better government of the troops of the United States." Addresses the limits of the authority of all soldiers, officers and enlisted, in relations with civilians.
August 23, 1799 Approval of the Conduct of Colonel Hawkins John Adams James McHenry Asks McHenry to convey his satisfaction regarding the conduct of Colonel Hawkins.
November 4, 1790 General Orders to Kentucky and Pennsylvania militia Josiah Harmar [not available] Harmar says the order and regularity of the militia on their return to the Ohio River was highly commendable. Notwithstanding losses, notes the destruction of corn and vegetables, and killing of 100 warriors. Militia from Kentucky to receive pay until 10th instant, then draw provisions and march home. General returns thanks to every officer and private for good conduct, and discharges them with...
February 16, 1792 Macomb discusses Indian affairs with Knox Alexander Macomb Henry Knox Letter, discusses conduct of interpreters and Indian captain.
June 13, 1793 Court Martial of Captain Beard Daniel Smith Henry Knox Acting Governor Smith discusses the unwarranted murderous attack on friendly Indians by Captain Beard and his miliitia and the court martial he must face to answer for his crimes. Smith believes that are too many inhabitants like Beard whose first response to any Indian misdeed is extreme violence.
November 21, 1798 Abstract for Pay Due Militia David Henley William Simmons Due to "multiplicity of businesses" Henley resubmitted the documents so militia can be paid.
April 8, 1794 Annely's Questionable Conduct John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon [Joseph] Cranch, the armorer at West Point, has complained to the Secretary of War about the conduct of Mr. [Thomas] Annely, the gunsmith, who has tried to entice away from Cranch several people employed by him. Hodgdon is to investigate this business and communicate the result.
September 30, 1800 Everything Relative to My Conduct Must Be Thoroughly Examined Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams discusses the need for an investigation into the conduct of the officers of his department, including himself but assures Hodgdon that he is innocent of wrongdoing.
March 13, 1792 Sargent relays violent incident in Columbia Winthrop Sargent [not available] Letter, discusses pioneers and frontier life; discusses militia; describes Indian aggression; discusses conduct of officers and court martial.
August 14, 1797 Following Instructions to Raise Militia Oliver Wolcott James McHenry Response to request to raise a militia. Has issued orders for detachment and to hold in readiness such militia. Has assigned such matters to the Adjutant General, with the request to communicate with the War Department.