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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 13, 1784 Account settlements James Monwell Joseph Howell Discusses the settlement of his accounts.
May 28, 1796 Requests Settlement of Accounts Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Hunt is about to leave town and asks that Hodgdon forward the accounts or have them settled.
July 5, 1800 Settlement of Accounts Peter Hagner Jonathan Jackson On Settlement of accounts for Jackson regarding fortifications, a balance remained of $10,000 which was due back to the treasurer. Accounts submitted by Jackson received and to be examined.
December 15, 1797 Regarding the Settlement of Accounts John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Discusses the settlement of accounts.
July 6, 1784 Settlement of Army accounts in New York Isaac Ledyard John Pierce Discusses issues relating to the settlement of army accounts in New York. Requests documentation required by the commissioners appointed by the government of New York to settle the state's army accounts.
July 7, 1784 Settlement of accounts James Lovell John Pierce Discusses the settlement of accounts.
October 10, 1792 Settlement of Accounts Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig The Commissary of Military Stores writes Major Craig regarding the settlement of accounts. Hodgdon notes that if Craig is disposed to be angry, he would have abundant cause. Craig had expressed "another disappointment" in the affairs.
February 17, 1784 Settlement of accounts Benjamin Walker John Pierce Discusses the settlement of his accounts.
August 23, 1799 Concerning the settlement of accounts William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon States that it is desirable to expedite the settlement of all accounts rendered to the office.
January 8, 1784 Settlement of Accounts Philip Audebert John Pierce Discusses pay and settlement of accounts.
March 14, 1786 Settlement of Officers' Accounts John Pierce A.W. Dunscomb Discusses the settlement of a colonel's account and the settlement of the accounts of his officers; asks about the settlement of another officer's account
November 9, 1784 Settlement of accounts at Richmond Charles Stockly John Pierce Discusses arrangements for settlement of accounts at Richmond.
July 9, 1796 Accounts for Military Stores and Comments Regarding Settlement of Accounts Samuel Hodgdon William Simmons Hodgdon submits his accounts for expenditures. He is of the opinion that every item listed in his accounts is valid, and hopes that there won't be too much trouble in getting them quickly settled.
May 9, 1800 Abstracts and accounts William Simmons David Henley Received letter and accompanying abstracts and accounts with a letter from Mr. Hillis. Will be filed with those before forwarded subject to proper examination in settlement of accounts.
January 13, 1784 Request for Account Settlement Marinus Willett John Pierce Colonel Marinus Willett sends John Pierce a letter that requests settlement of his accounts.
January 24, 1796 Petition of the Undernamed Subscribes Most Humbly . . . . Stephen Rochefontaine Nehemiah Freeman Request for settlement of accounts for bounty due soldiers.
December 11, 1798 Accounts John Edwards William Simmons Details of money due soldiers for past services, settlement of accounts.
March 22, 1784 Settlement of accounts Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Nourse Discusses the settlement of the account of Colonel Pettit and the settlement of the accounts of the iron masters.
January 19, 1786 Settlement of accounts John Pierce Major Barber Discusses the settlement of the accounts of Colonel Livingston and the officers of his regiment
July 6, 1784 Settlement of Army accounts John Pierce John White Discusses the settlement of various army accounts and other accounting issues.
March 24, 1784 Settlement of accounts Joseph Carleton John Pierce Discusses settlement of accounts.
December 8, 1788 Certificate of Settlement of Colonel Lewis Nicola Accounts Joseph Howell Colonel Lewis Nicola Encloses certificate of settlement of Colonel Lewis Nicola accounts.
May 25, 1797 Settlement of My Accounts Alexander Thompson William Simmons Captain Thompson discusses the payment of bounty to recruits and other matters related to the settlement of his accounts.
July 17, 1786 Certificate of final settlement Joseph Howell Peter Curtenius Certificate of final settlement, from the Commissary of Army Accounts.
March 28, 1795 Suspending the Settlement of Miller's Accounts Joseph Howell Edward Miller Howell informs Miller that his accounts for recruiting have been called into question. The settlement of his accounts will be suspended and warrants cancelled until these questions have been resolved.