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April 18, 1793 Settle of Accounts for 1791, Etc. Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Swan protests that he cannot be expected to settle the accounts for 1791 because Daniel Britt settled the accounts of his regiment during the Summer of 1791 and then carried the arrearages with him down the river. How can Swan be expected to settle accounts he never made and which are probably unfinished?
January 31, 1801 Simmons Informing Anderson that the Discovery of Pitchlynn's Statement may Help Settle his Account William Simmons Alexander Anderson Found a statement of John Pitchlynn that may help settle his account
April 20, 1797 Request to Settle Accounts of Public Monies Thomas Lewis William Simmons Lewis cannot comply with Simmons' request to settle his public accounts because he does not have all his vouchers with him and some were burned.
May 20, 1796 Captain Price Has Not Settled His Accounts William Simmons James McHenry Simmons complains that Captain Price has not submitted a single voucher or attempted to settle his accounts for years, despite being stationed very close to the Pay Master. He asks for McHenry's help to get Price to settle his accounts.
May 12, 1798 Fear of Mailing Vouchers, Request to Settle with Agent of Accountants Office John Francis Hamtramck William Simmons Hamtramck wont send vouchers through the mail, requested Simmons send representative to settle account.
May 22, 1799 Seeks to settle Accounts for the Resignation of Col. O'Hara Samuel Hodgdon Daniel Haragan Seeks to settle accounts for the time of the resignation of Col. O'Hara. Need to adjust business. Requests information as soon as possible.
August 20, 1799 Direction to settle and pay accounts for office furniture James McHenry [not available] McHenry requests that Quarter Master General settle and pay accounts of chairs, desks, tables, stools, carpets furnished for office of Caleb Swan, paymaster general.
March 13, 1786 Settlement of the Continental Lines John Pierce Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Copies of documents needed to settle the accounts of the Continental Lines of the states are to be transmitted to the state executives
March 3, 1800 Accounts Peculiar to the Quartermaster James McHenry William Simmons Accounts peculiar to the Quartermaster, as with transportation and quartering troops, should be referred to the agent for the Quartermaster to settle and pay agreeable to the practice in such cases. If Simmons prefers to settle them in this manner, they should be referred accordingly.
September 27, 1799 Settling with Mr. Fisher John Wilkins, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Fisher is going out under the direction of Captain Vance. Wilkins wants to know whether Fisher should settle with Hodgdon for his disbursements previous to this period or with Wilkins. If Hodgdon settles with Fisher for five hundred dollars, Wilkins should not be charged with same. If Wilkins is to settle with him, he needs to know the time of Fisher's engagement and the terms under which he...
November 27, 1794 Settle My Recruiting Accounts with Major Craig Cornelius Lyman Joseph Howell Because of the difficulty of settling his recruiting accounts from Pittsburgh in the winter, Lyman suggests that it would be more convenient to settle with Major Craig, the acting paymaster at that place. He has paid most of the recruits that he marched from Trenton excluding those who were left on the road and have not found him yet.
June 30, 1796 Autograph Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, discusses receipt from War Office; asks for directions to settle account.
August 13, 1800 Vouchers Required to Settle Accounts Peter Hagner Henry Glen No further advances to be made without settlement of existing accounts. To settle the accounts, vouchers required. Subject of letter from Glen to be dealt with by Simmons upon his return.
August 15, 1797 Account for inspection to settle debts/balance William Simmons Caleb Swan Account from Major Rivardi for inspection to settle debts/balance.
August 14, 1792 Henry Gaither intends to settle his account with Hodgdon Henry Gaither Samuel Hodgdon Gaither states that the proceeds from the sale of his sword will be used to settle his account with Hodgdon.
May 26, 1800 Seeks to Settle Clothing Account Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Col. Taylor has presented a charge for the transportation of clothing. Seeks to settle account before troops are disbanded.
June 9, 1797 Request for Stagg to Settle Accounts in Philadelphia in sted of Haskell Jonathan Haskell John Stagg Requested Stagg settle Haskell's accounts with Simmons in his sted due to Haskell's obligations that keep him from traveling to Philadelphia.
May 11, 1798 Failure to Settle the Commissary Account, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig expresses displeasure to Hodgdon over the failure to settle the commissary account. Craig also notes that neither Indian goods nor trucks have been received.
May 21, 1794 Advice to Settle Accounts in Philadelphia Caleb Swan Henry Bedinger Swan advised H. Bedinger to settle accounts of his brother, G. Bedinger, in Philadelphia. Swan enclosed a list of charges against G. Bedinger.
March 27, 1798 Order to Settle Affairs and Rejoin Company James McHenry Samuel Vance Order by Secretary McHenry to settle affairs in Pittsburgh, and then to repair immediately to Georgia to rejoin the company.
February 24, 1800 Enclosed Account of Contractors James McHenry Accountant's Office Encloses a copy of a letter from Messrs. Phelps and Sanford related to expenditures against the U.S. government. Asks Simmons to examine the account and notify Phelps and Sanford if additional materials are needed to settle their claim.
April 22, 1800 Request for Visit to Settle Accounts William Simmons Henry Glenn Simmons requested a visit from Henry Glenn to settle objections regarding Glenn's accounts and vouchers submitted to the Office.
November 20, 1799 Encloses Public Records; Reports Efforts with Major Lewis to Settle Indian Claims David Henley James McHenry Encloses copy of public books. Reports visit with Major Lewis, Cherokee agent, to settle Indian claims.
July 7, 1792 Settlement of accounts of William Bailey William Bailey Joseph Howell William Bailey informs Joseph Howell that he has sent his son to settle his accounts and asks that he not be delayed. Son lives 150 miles from the city and being absent from his hands will be a loss to him.
December 11, 1795 Enclosed Receipts to Settle Account of Haskell Jonathan Haskell William Simmons Haskell sends Simmons documents which should help speed up the settlement of his accounts.