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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 19, 1798 Request for Issue of Sundry Materials for Use at Knoxville James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of various materials to be stockpiled in Knoxville, TN.
April 2, 1791 Return of Brass Ordnance and Implements George Fleming Henry Knox Captain Fleming's return of Brass Ordnance and implements, sent to the Honorable the Secretary of War by his order.
April 12, 1794 Stores to Charleston Henry Knox Arnoldus Vanderhorst List of stores to be shipped to Charleston enclosed. Cannons discussed.
August 6, 1797 Estimated Cost for Making Various Stores Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry A ledger-like estimate for making stores, primarily ordnance.
April 28, 1800 Request for Ammunition & Cannon Implements for Proving Cannon at Foxall's Furnaces James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of powder, cartridges, and cannon implements to Maj. Lewis Tousard, for use in proving a cannon at Foxall's Furnace.
August 8, 1794 Inventory of military stores wanted for public use. Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Inventory of military stores wanted for public use, at Philadelphia.
July 21, 1797 Brass Ordnance at New London [not available] [not available] List of brass ordnance on field carriages at New London which have been ordered to Knoxville.
March 3, 1799 Invoice of cannon implements at the Garrison in Portland. Amos Stoddard [not available] Inventory includes cannon, ammunition, and powder. Signed by Captain Amos Stoddard of 2d Regiment of Artillery and Engineers.
April 3, 1785 Enclosed return of military stores Donaldson Yeates Samuel Hodgdon Encloses a return of military stores to the Commissary of Commissary Stores.
March 3, 1799 Invoice of cannon implements at Portland Maine Amos Stoddard [not available] Inventory includes cannon, artillery equipment, ammunition and powder. Signed by Captain Amos Stoddard of 2nd Regiment of Artillery and Engineers.
May 9, 1797 Rigging a Frigate [not available] Captain Thomas Thompson The writer responds to Thompson's proposal for rigging a frigate by offering terms of a contract and clearly specifying the work to be done.
February 28, 1785 Return of Ordnance and Military Stores at West Point William Price Unknown Recipient William Price, Deputy Commissioner of Military Stores, issues a return of military stores on hand at West Point to an unknown recipient.
July 9, 1798 Order for Two Sets of Signal Colors and Pendants Timothy Pickering John Harris Pickering, on behalf of the Secretary of War, requests two complete sets of signal colors and pendants be delivered to Samuel Hodgdon.
June 6, 1799 Requests Bell Tents to Store Army Music and Arms Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Requests the purchase of bell tents to store arms and music. 172 should be enough to provide for the entire army. Requires proper dimensions.
March 27, 1799 Circular to the Commandants of Regiments Alexander Hamilton Commandants of Regiments Hamilton distributes thirteen sets of Rules and Regulations for the Recruiting Service which should be immediately distributed so that the officers may begin the business of recruiting as soon as the order is given.
February 8, 1792 24 Horses Received John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith announced that he has received all 24 of Hodgdon's horses which seem to be hearty and doing well. He has heard that there are a number of horses on the other side of the Ohio which can also be brought over if Hodgdon wants. Smith will ask some his neighbors to board them which they will do for a small reward. He has asked about public strays in the town and if he receives any will inform...
April 23, 1794 Invoice of ordinance and military stores shipped on brig Noah's Ark and subsequent report on whereabouts and condition [not available] [not available] Inventory of military stores shipped from Philadelphia to Wilmington North Carolina on the Brig Noah's Ark for Griffith McRea in the year 1794. A subsequent note dated April 1798 by Griffith McRea indicates that the stores were found in a warehouse. The stores were in damaged condition, particularly the fuses and powder. Some of the equipment, mortars, cannon, traveling carriages, are located...
February 10, 1797 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury on the bolt ropes for the sails required for frigate building for Dey of Algiers [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Estimate for the bolt rope for the sails for frigate building Dey of Algiers. Recommend contract be entered under, either at Portsmouth New Hampshire or Philadelphia
March 12, 1787 Report of Ordnance & Stores William Price Henry Knox Informs Knox that he has forwarded various stores and ordnance that were requested and includes the cost of each. He has given Morrow certificates for cleaning French carbines and laying axes.
June 16, 1791 COPY: Ordinances, Military Stores, and Medicines Forwarded to Pittsburg Samuel Hodgdon [not available] List of military and hospital supplies for troops.
1792 Estimate of Supplies required in the Quartermaster's line for 1792 Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of supplies required in the quartermaster Lines for 1792. Lists equipment with required numbers.
[not available] Invoice of Stores Sent to the Militia [not available] [not available] Invoice of clothing, arms, accoutrements, camp equipment, ammunition, etc. sent from Philadelphia for the use of the militia in 1794.
April 16, 1800 A New and Improved Tourniquet Walter Buchanan Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a tourniquet which answers the purpose of preventing the flow of blood until the patient is under the care of a surgeon. It can also be used after the operation as it sets light and easy on the limb.
March 21, 1797 Letter Signed [not available] [not available] Letter, directs delivery of saddle, etc. to General Wilkinson.
August 2, 1797 Blunderbusses for the Frigates James McHenry John Harris Harris is to deliver to Mr. Francis five stocks, seven corks, and six sets of mounting to complete the blunderbusses for the frigates.