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February 11, 1799 Withholding Security for Payment of the Money, Etc. John Kilty Samuel Hodgdon Kilty found the person in question, not at Price's, but at another shipyard and he was informed of Hodgdon's claim. He did not immediately consent to provide security for the payment of the money but promised to discuss the business the next day. He continued to withhold security until his letter is answered by Hodgdon.
February 1794 Better Security for the Arsenal Henry Lee Henry Knox Lee reveals his plan to afford better security to the arsenal at New London by engaging a fixed guard under a trusty sergeant for the same daily pay.
May 8, 1798 Saltpeter to Philadelphia Under Perfect Security Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Lloyd Halsey Hodgdon orders Halsey to deliver a quantity of saltpeter to Philadelphia with all convenient speed and under perfect security.
February 22, 1798 Security of the Bridge Charles Lowndes James McHenry Lowndes, Templeman, and Stoddert warn that the bridge may not be safe due to the need for additional work. The only available means of financing the work will be for the stockholders to advance fifteen dollars for each share. This is essential because, without the work, the bridge may be dangerous to use.
January 10, 1800 Submission of Proposed Amendments to U.S. Military Establishment James McHenry John Adams Submits proposed amendments to the military establishment of the United States, aimed at refining the system while maintaining U.S. security.
September 26, 1797 Pickering articulates the President's need for security to Hodgdon Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering informs Hodgdon that an attempted break-in was made at the home of President John Adams. The president has inquired to Pickering regarding security.
September 16, 1784 Requirements for obtaining a certificate John Pierce Richard Platt John Pierce sends to Richard Platt a letter that states the requirements for obtaining a certificate.
December 18, 1798 Recommend Me to be the Agent Ebenezer Stevens Alexander Hamilton Stevens insists that he be appointed the agent for laying out the money appropriated by the State of New York for its defense. He has a large a large family to provide for and if he not given this appointment with appropriate compensation he must quit.
June 15, 1800 Authorization to Draw Up Contracts Thaddius Sherman Samuel Dexter Sherman authorized Peter B. Porter to make contracts for the supply of troops.
February 27, 1799 Inspection of Military Stores in Virginia Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon In 1791 Freeman was ordered by Secretary of War Knox to make an inspection of the ordnance and military stores of the United States in Virginia. The rent for the store in which the arms were deposited was submitted to arbitration. Freeman made a report in July of that year and the Secretary approved of the measures he had taken for the security of the US.
August 2, 1797 Extract rules and regulations relative to maritime, frontier posts, or fortified places James McHenry [not available] Extract on rules and regulation relative to remittance and frontier posts or fortified places. Discusses methods for security and safeguarding plans for forts or fortified places.
May 19, 1791 Requests Congressional Law to Raise Militia Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Refers to need for a Congressional law to outline the raising of a militia. Discusses security of upper settlements along the Ohio. Reports need to compensate Colonel Sproat.
July 25, 1796 Compensation for the sorting, security and transportation of frigate timber to Corlear's Hook in New York Harbor James McHenry Foreman Cheeseman Discusses compensation of accounting, provide security, and transporting timbers to another location, Corlear's Hook, in New York Harbor. Allowance is $400. Instructions will be furnished by Josiah Fox.
December 29, 1791 Use of Scouts to Provide Security for Local Inhabitants Henry Knox [not available] Extract taken from records of the War Office, signed by John Stagg, War Office Clerk. The Secretary of War informs the Lieutenants of the Pennsylvania Counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland and Washington that a detachment of recruits of regular troops has been marched for Fort Pitt in order to provide security for the inhabitants, presumably from Indians. In addition, Knox gives the authority to...
July 29, 1790 Offensive Action Against Shawnee Henry Knox Harry Innes Circular letter forwarded to several counties. Due to countless depredations on the Ohio, President authorized use of mounted militia to act offensively against Shawnee Indians. Outlined method of payment for rangers and scouts.
March 28, 1797 Rules and regulations relative to Maritime and Frontier posts or fortified places. James McHenry [not available] Numbered list of regulations discussing post security, integrity of Indian country, surveillance of foreigners, etc.
November 25, 1793 Forward Payroll with Security Provided Enroute from Pittsurg Henry Knox Isaac Craig Colonel Mentges will bring money for the army to Pittsburg. Must be sent off in armed boat. Either Major Winston, Major Cass or Captain Crawford is to take charge of money. Has ordered clothing from Shippensburg.
July 12, 1786 Regarding intruders on public lands, Captain Hutchins and his surveyors, and dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the Indians Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Colonel Harmar reports on efforts to dislodge illegal settlers on public lands. He reports on the efforts of surveyor Captain Hutchins and his crew, and the provision of security against Indians. States that recent murders by Indians on Ohio river reflect dissatisfaction prevailing amongst the Indians.
July 6, 1792 Langor of the Enemy and a Cautious Vigilance James Wilkinson Henry Knox General Wilkinson includes his monthly return with the strength of the respective posts and his assessment of the reasons for Indian inactivity.
July 29, 1790 Security of the Frontier and Employment of Scouts Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Discusses protection on the frontier against Indian incursions. Suggests that Shawanese and outcast Cherokees may be perpetrators. President Washington has ordered extirpation of banditti. General Harmar to command expedition. Troops to be mounted. Expect that this will result in added security and tranquility. President has directed that Scouts be discontinued. Letter on the same subject is...
March 28, 1797 Regulations for Commanders of Frontier & Maritime Posts James McHenry [not available] Regulations for maritime and frontier forts & posts, which address post security, not divulging fort layouts and garrisons, record-keeping of visitors to the post, punishment of unauthorized persons violating Indian territory, keeping a close eye on foreigners and strangers nearby, and the secrecy of these orders.
June 3, 1797 Letter to the Secretary at War Felix D. St. Hilaire James McHenry St. Hilaire informs McHenry that business was delayed for security reasons.
August 30, 1798 A Loan of Three or Four Hundred Dollars James Bayer Samuel Hodgdon Bayer requests a loan of three or four hundred dollars to make up for the business that has been lost due to his wife's affliction with the prevailing disorder.
September 7, 1793 A report of a council of federal officers requesting party of federal troops to provide security for James Seagrove and his party during peace visit to Creeks Captain Richard B. Roberts [not available] Federal Officers request [recipient unknown, perhaps Major Gaither] that protection be given to James Seagrove. Base this recommendation on James Aiken's deposition which describes threats from Georgia citizens against Indian Agent Peace overtures. Officers identify a party of militia stationed at Rock Landing headed by Jeremiah Oats which may run into Seagrove's party. Recommended security...
June 16, 1795 Delivery of Cannon to Captain Malbone, Etc. William Littlefield Timothy Pickering Littlefield reports that the cannon have been delivered to Captain [Francis] Malbone and the ammunition is to be removed to the powder house for security.