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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 22, 1796 Request for Information on How British Caulk Their Warships Joshua Humphreys Josiah Fox Letter, directs Fox to describe British caulking on ships of war; alludes to frigates.
July 24, 1796 Discussion of Caulking and Frigate Timbers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Describes the method of caulking ships used in the English dock yards, and discusses timber for frigates.
March 23, 1798 Report of frigate United States defects and request to repair [not available] Joshua Humphreys Captain John Barry of frigate United States reports seams are opened and oakum loosened. Humphreys is asked to oversee an estimate of repairs.
March 23, 1798 Request for Estimates of Defects in Decking of Frigate United States James McHenry Joshua Humphreys The captain of the frigate United States reported that the seams of its deck are opened. Humphreys is to survey the problems and write an estimate of the repairs costs.