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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
1796 MIscellaneous Papers Relative to Fraudulent Claims Against the United States Christian Hubbert [not available] Cover page of large file of documents stating that various Justices of the Peace in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware had their signatures/seals/certificate of power of attorney forged.
July 29, 1790 Measures for the Protection of the Frontier Henry Knox Lieutenant of the County of Mason, Kentucky Knox discusses defensive measures for the protection of the frontier.
April 13, 1792 Report on Additional Appropriations Alexander Hamilton Speaker of the House of Representatives Hamilton provides the Speaker of the House of Representations with a list of additional appropriations including the amounts needed to provide an additional regiment for the protection of the frontier.
March 1, 1784 Virginia: Cession of Western Land Claims. General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia [not available] Virginia Cession of Western Land Claims in the Ohio Territory based on Act of Congress which recommended to the several states having claims to waste and unappropriated lands in the Western Country a liberal cession to the United States of a portion of respective claims for the common benefit of the Union.
July 12, 1798 Sundries for the Frigate "United States" John Harris Captain John Barry A ten-page list of sundries for the Frigate "United States," commanded by Captain John Barry.
June 26, 1794 Treaty with the Cherokee Nation Henry Knox [not available] This document reaffirms the terms of the Treaty of Holston with the Cherokee Nation, with an addendum regarding fair compensation for Indian land and punishment for the theft of horses owned by white inhabitants.
August 7, 1790 Secret articles of US/Creek Treaty of 07/04/1790. [not available] [not available] This treaty discusses the continuance of U.S. trade with the Creek Nation in the event of war with Spain. McGillivray is appointed U.S. agent to the Creek Nation. U.S. agrees to educate and clothe a number of Creek children not to exceed four.
October 17, 1800 Contract with Henry Foxall [not available] [not available] Contract between Secretary of the Navy Stoddert and Foxall for delivery by Foxall of forty eight iron cannon.
March 24, 1790 Power of Attorney for Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates Ephraim Steel Unknown Recipient Document grants General William Irvine power of attorney for a large number of officers, non-commissioner officers, and privates of the army residing in Cumberland County.
July 17, 1790 Termination of Scouts for Protection Henry Knox Colonel David Shepherd Notification letter that ended the use of scouts and patrols to protect against Indian attacks. Although the scouts were held in high esteem by the public, they are overall inefficient for protecting an extensive frontier. Militia, or rangers, will be used instead of the scouts. Knox then describes the composition of the militia to be established and regulations relating thereto.
August 7, 1790 Treaty of New York with the Creek Nation of Indians Henry Knox Senate of the United States This is the Treay of New York concluded between the United States and the Kings, Chiefs, and Warriors of the Creek Nation of Indians.
July 17, 1790 Termination of Scouts Employment Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Protection of western frontiers by scouts to cease upon receipt of this letter. Rangers to replace the scouts post of protecting against Indian attacks. Details on troops.
July 17, 1790 Circular Letter to the Lieutenants of Counties of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky Henry Knox [not available] Refers to order of the President to authorize power in the case of imminent danger from Indians on the western frontier. That power has now been rescinded. Experience has showed that defensive means do not succeed. Speculates that the Shawaneese and Cherokees are the banditti. Seeks to rotate authority for militia. The President is anxious to protect the frontier and will take any reasonable...
August 13, 1790 [Proclamation] George Washington [not available] Peace treaty between United States and Creek Nation. Stipulated that the Creek Nation could not form any alliances with other nations, or pursue a treaty with an individual state. Prisoner exchange to take place. Boundary established, "where the old line strikes the Savannah [river]" extending North to the Keowee, from the top of the Occunna mountain range, to the Tugelo river, additional...
January 14, 1794 Release of Prisoners Anthony Wayne Indians Northwest of Ohio River Speech of Captain Big Tree: His Nephews were too proud last summer but came to their senses and lowered the asking price regarding the release of prisoners.