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October Information regarding Iserloan and Seal [not available] [not available] Letter relates to a reward for Iserloan, a power of attorney, John Winers, and the location of a notarial seal. The author apparently knows where the seal and Iserloan are and will inform the recipient if there is in fact a reward for the information. The author can be reached at the White Swan Tavern in Race Street.
November 26, 1800 Regarding the War Department seal Israel Whelen Samuel Dexter The Post Master has Received the War Department Large Seal; Hogdon Requests Information about the Small Seal
December 1, 1800 Seal for War Department Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen This letter informs Whelen that the Department Seal has been received. Whelen is also directed to complete the commissions.
July 28, 1791 Expedited Transport of Correspondence Tobias Lear John Stagg President thought it best that communications between Pickering and St. Clair go directly to General Butler without a seal, expediting the transfer of letters.
December 12, 1800 Regarding War Department Seal Purveyor's Office Samuel Dexter Sends the small War Department Seal. Describes time lines for completion.
February 26, 1799 Letter Forwarded to General Lee George Washington Alexander Hamilton "I received your letter of the 18th instant yesterday. You refer me to enclosed letters for information on the subject therein mentioned. One letter only came, and that under a seal to General Lee which I shall forward, unopened, tomorrow by my nephew, Mr. Bushrod Washington, who is a neighbor of his.
September 29, 1792 Knox writes to Washington about Mr. Penn Henry Knox George Washington Letter, Knox informs Washington that Penn was well received.
November 9, 1796 Certificate of Thomas Smith Thomas Smith [not available] Smith verified his signature and seal, but stated he did not write the body of power of attorney document, nor is the information familiar to him.
November 11, 1796 Certificate of Nicholas Bayard Nicholas Bayard [not available] Describes the authenticity of a series of powers of attorney and certificates for compensation of Revolutionary War soldiers, which appear to be frauds.
November 21, 1796 Conspiracy Unknown Author John Steele Intelligence on a conspiracy masterminded by Israel Loan. Sought to clear the name of Hubbard with information on his character. The conspiracy involved receiving pay due to soldiers, using a false seal.
November 9, 1796 Certificate of Jasper Hopper Jasper Hopper [not available] Four certificates W. Simmons believed to be forged enclosed, Hopper verified his signature and seal, but the body was not written by him. Genuine certificates also enclosed. Physical description of John Campbell.
March 24, 1790 Power of Attorney for Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates Ephraim Steel Unknown Recipient Document grants General William Irvine power of attorney for a large number of officers, non-commissioner officers, and privates of the army residing in Cumberland County.
November 10, 1796 Certificate of William Bleecker William Bleecker [not available] Verified Barney Merkel's identity, relative to charges of fraudulent claims.
January 20, 1792 Assignment and Power of Attorney George Moore John Moore Assignment and Power of Attorney for George Moore; Moore is making his son, John, attorney, to take out warrants specified in the document.
July 3, 1799 Secretary of the Treasury's Opinion Regarding Presidential Power Over Officers' Commissions, Relative to the Court Martial of Richard Hunt Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Regarding the issue of officer appointments, Wolcott believes that the laws dictates that officer appointments are made by the concerted action of both the Senate and the president. States opinion that no commission can be issued except one based on prior appointment by the president, as he holds control over such offices. Notes that a law states that all civil commissions must bear the Seal of...
August 19, 1784 Funded certificate John Pierce John Lillie Requests that an expected "funded certificate" be sent to him.
October 20, 1796 Certification of Joshua Ball's Power of Attorney James Booth [not available] Certified John Lea a justice of the peace.
October 17, 1796 Orders to Pay James McHenry Presley Nevill Nevill to pay Samuel Meredith, Treasurer, for account balance owed United States. With seal.
October 18, 1796 Patterns of Clothing Available for Potential Contractors Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a copy of the estimate of clothing sent to the Secretary of the Treasury. Patterns for every article mentioned in the estimate should be ready for the inspection of persons who want to contract. If there are articles that are in store that may serve to replace those that are deficient, they should be sent to the office where, if approved, the Seal of the Office will be put on them.
June 30, 1797 Carleton issues commission to Caron, Chief of the Village of the Abbeye. 1st Baron Dorcester Guy Carleton [not available] Document, Caron, Chief of the village of Abbeye.
October 9, 1788 Connecticut accounts for depreciation of pay Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Discusses Connecticut accounts for depreciation of pay. Howell has a number of questions related to receipts and on what principles the charges are formed.
November 16, 1794 Closing remarks for the Conference between the Six Nations and the U.S. Timothy Pickering [not available] Document, Pickering issues a statement praising Chief Little Billy for making the conference productive.
November 10, 1800 Records consumed by fire Samuel Dexter Israel Whelen This letter informs Whelen that (on Saturday evening last) of the fire that destroyed the War Department. Dexter asks Whelen to find replacements for items lost in the fire.
July 19, 1795 Cover Letter for Certificates of Four Soldiers Griffith James McRee William Simmons McRea enclosed muster roll and certificates for four soldiers. Certificates state: "I certify that __ answers the description of an able bodied recruit and under __ years of age, give under my hand and seal at Brunswick this tenth day of July 1795." Signed by Samuel Bell. Also included certificates of death signed by Nathaniel Hill, attending physician.
July 10, 1795 Certification For James McDonnell Samuel Bell Jr [not available] Certification by Samuel Bell that officer appearing in front of him was fit for duty.