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April 30, 1790 Schedule of Pay and Rations R.J. Vandenbrock [not available] A schedule of pay and rations, Approved April 30, 1790. Lists dollars for each position and quantity of goods allocated for soldiers.
March 9, 1791 A Schedule of the Expense of Thirty Days of Corps War Department [not available] A schedule of the expence of a corps of 760 noncommissioned and privates, mounted volunteers, calculated on a scale of 30 days from the point of departure.
June 29, 1793 Schedule of Payments Made at the Requisition of the Quartermaster General. Henry Knox [not available] A schedule of the payments made at the requisition of the Quartermaster General.
1799 Schedule "A" Appointments to the Army Unknown Author [not available] Schedule A, appointments to the Army arranged by regiments
June 12, 1795 Enclosed Documents Isaac Craig William Simmons Packets containing muster and pay rolls. Pay and schedule enclosed.
February 2, 1799 List of vouchers belonging to the account of John Wilkins Joseph Nourse William Simmons In addition to suspended vouchers to General Wilkins' account, sends other suspended accounts, according to annexed schedule.
March 12, 1799 Schedule B: Connecticut Appointments & Appointments for the Army Uriah Tracy [not available] This document is entitled "Schedule B' and is divided into two parts.The first called "Connecticut Appointments" is signed by Uriah Tracy. The second part of the document is entitled "Appointments for the Army."
September 23, 1796 Army pay matters William Simmons Caleb Swan Amount due to the estate of Lt. Bunter. Discusses schedule of balances for unpaid absentees from the 3rd Sub-Legion;
January 7, 1795 Schedule of Notes Transmitted to Major Craig Joseph Howell Isaac Craig This is the schedule of notes transmitted to Major Isaac Craig by Lieut. Colonel Thomas Butler, being the pay and forage of the troops at Fort Fayette and its dependencies for the last quarter of 1794.
November 3, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Major Craig William Simmons Isaac Craig William Simmons confirms receipt of Major Craig's estimates and schedule of payments.
October 17, 1795 General correspondence William Simmons Caleb Swan Encloses the schedule taken from the warrant books. Discusses Captain Greaton's pay; he had been setting aside $30 per month for his family, but this was discontinued in error.
September 15, 1794 Schedule of sums of money John Stagg David Henley In absence of the Secretary of War, clerk John Stagg encloses a schedule of several items of money furnished David Henley as agent for War Department in the Southwest Territory
September 18, 1794 Schedule of sums of money [not available] [not available] In the absence of Secretary of War, clerk John Stagg encloses a schedule of several items of money furnished David Henley as agent for War Department in the Southwest Territory.
April 22, 1791 Schedule of Monies John Stagg [not available] List, monies received by Captain Piatt to be delivered to Major Paterson for one month's pay and subsistence for officers and men.
March 9, 1791 Expenses of a Corps of 760 Men for Thirty Days Henry Knox [not available] This is a schedule of the expenses of 760 men, calculated on a scale of thirty days from the point of departure, allowing three days for travel to the rendezvous and three days for returning home.
June 30, 1797 Payment of Officers Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed schedule for muster and pay of Capt. Bissell's company along with amounts of pay given to Charles Martin and Ensign Rosecrantz. No news on Polhemus.
March 31, 1794 Schedule of the official papers Unknown Author Unknown Recipient Schedule of the official papers which accompany the letter of Secretary of War Henry Knox to Major General Anthony Wayne. Itemized list of letters and notations on the contents of individual letters.
July 7, 1791 Updates on Expedition to Frontier, Transportation of Rations Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Progress of marching troops and expedition to frontier, transportation of rations to troops, and disbanding militia discussed.
May 28, 1791 Schedule of Troops to March for Fort Pitt Unknown Author [not available] List of troops and commanding officers and location of departure for march to Fort Pitt for defense of frontier from Indians.
October 22, 1792 Contract for Supplying War Department with Clothing for the Army Alexander Hamilton [not available] Copy of contract between Alexander Hamilton and William Young and George Dannacker, contractors, for supplying clothing to War Department for the Army. Describes procedures for inspection of quality. Schedule of articles are for infantry and cavalry.
June 29, 1793 Schedule of Payments Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Brief listing of amounts remitted to various individuals, at the requisition of the Quarter Master General, James O'Hara.
March 21, 1799 Organizing the Eventual Army James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry provides considerable detail on how the Eventual Army will be organized and supplied.
January 2, 1796 Complaints of Discharged Soldiers William Simmons Caleb Swan Account of soldiers means of subsistence after not receiving pay upon discharge. Congressional inquiry into matter to follow.
January 22, 1799 Explains Reasons Why One Nominee Declined Appointment James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses schedule that was forgotten in the previous post. Mentions plans of officers to decline nominations until actual operations are necessary in order to maintain occupations. Claims that this is more damage than good.
September 3, 1796 Receipt of Payments, Etc. Caleb Swan William Simmons Swan has received the list of payments made by Simmons. He encloses a schedule of the bills of exchange drawn by him from No. 17 to 106 amounting to $88,491.60.