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November 14, 1794 Difficulties in Obtaining Saltpeter Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Henry Knox Wolcott discusses a letter from the bankers in Holland which describes the unfavorable prospects of obtaining significant quantities of saltpeter in Europe. Information from Hamburg demonstrates that the prices of saltpeter has increased dramatically as a result of the war.
August 2, 1799 Delivery of Saltpeter to Philadelphia Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Reports that 500 tons of saltpeter may be expected in Philadelphia for the public accounts. Makes arrangements for the delivery of cargo.
June 12, 1798 Loss of Saltpeter Samuel Hodgdon John Steele Hodgdon informs Steele of the loss of a portion of shipped saltpeter due probably to drying during storage and to loss during transportation.
May 26, 1800 Regarding Saltpeter for Gunpowder Manufacture William Govett Israel Whelen Informs Whelen that the 100 bags of saltpeter sent for refining into gunpowder were received, and that tests have been undertaken to see how much pure saltpeter may be gotten out of the unrefined substance.
June 11, 1798 Loss of Saltpeter Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Lloyd Halsey Hodgdon alerts Halsey that the saltpeter he forwarded falls short of the amount indicated on the invoice, probably due to loss due to drying and loss during transportation.
May 8, 1798 Saltpeter to Philadelphia Under Perfect Security Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Lloyd Halsey Hodgdon orders Halsey to deliver a quantity of saltpeter to Philadelphia with all convenient speed and under perfect security.
May 8, 1794 Parcel of Saltpeter Tench Francis Samuel Hodgdon [Partially illegible] Francis requests a parcel of saltpeter, carefully weighed, and wants a receipt for the amount. He has asked Hazlehurst to deliver to Hodgdon the six twelve-pound cannon that he purchased.
May 17, 1799 Delivery of Saltpeter and Brimstone Tench Francis John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Philip Geisinger three hundred pounds of saltpeter and five hundred pounds of brimstone [sulphur] and a like quantity of each to Lawrence Jacoby, taking receipts from both men.
November 5, 1794 Eighty Nine Casks of Saltpeter Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wolcott transmits an invoice and bill of lading for 89 casks of saltpeter which is on board the vessel "Bacchus"-- Richard George, Master--currently docked in the port of Philadelphia. Hodgdon is to see that this property is placed in the magazine after granting the appropriate discharge to the Master.
June 6, 1800 Request to Deliver Order Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Deliver order to Robert Gill, naval storekeeper, for 20 tons saltpeter.
March 13, 1798 Request for Issue of Powder and Saltpeter to Be Manufactured into Portfires James McHenry John Harris Directs that rifle powder and saltpeter for manufacture of portfire.
May 17, 1799 Saltpeter & Sulphur Needed to Manufacture Gunpowder James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to the Purveyor the quantities of saltpeter and sulphur [brimstone] needed to manufacture gunpowder which, when manufactured, should be deposited in the public store.
November 8, 1797 Delivery of Saltpetre James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver saltpeter for making gunpowder.
September 20, 1798 Muskets for Patterns & Saltpeter from Hamburg Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon George Fleming has informed Wolcott that there no Charlesville muskets at West Point that might be used as patterns for contracts negotiated in Vermont. Hodgdon is directed to furnish six muskets as soon as possible to Nathaniel Brush, Supervisor of Revenue at Bennington, Vermont. Tench Francis has informed Wolcott that the saltpeter imported from Hamburg has been sold.
September 19, 1800 Request for Saltpeter Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Requests delivery of saltpeter to Israel Whelen to be charged to Navy Department.
May 28, 1800 Poor Quality of Saltpeter in Military Stores Purveyor's Office James McHenry Upon discovery of poor quality of saltpeter in military stores, suggests its disposal.
June 12, 1787 Powder and Saltpeter Sold, Contracts Received, Shifts Needed William Price Henry Knox Per Knox's letter of the 9th, Price has weighed and delivered to Mr. Hensler all the damaged powder. It weighed 25276 pounds. Price weighed and delivered to Mr. Pitkin the saltpeter, per Knox's letter of the 5th. Receipts enclosed. Price will work to comply with the contracts enclosed in Knox's other letter of the 5th. If the shifts being made for Captain Molly are done, Price hopes Knox will...
September 19, 1800 Navy Department Order for Saltpeter Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Request for delivery to Israel Whelen, purveyor of public supplies, an order of 20 tons of salt petre for Navy Department.
November 10, 1800 Warrant for Saltpeter Purchased Israel Whelen Samuel Meredith Israel Whelen Secretary of Treasury has issued warrant in Whalen's favor for $20,000 on account of salt petre [peter] purchased
October 14, 1794 Bonds from Amsterdam Banks, Disbursement of Funds, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Alexander Hamilton Wolcott discusses several Treasury matters including bonds placed to the credit of the United States by bankers at Amsterdam, and bills of lading for casks of saltpeter shipped from Hamburg on the ship "Bacchus".
June 6, 1801 Casks of Saltpeter Received by Lane and Decatur from the Military Store [not available] [not available] Casks of Salt Peter received by Lane and Decatur from the military store on order from Acting Secretary of War in favor of Navy Department.
August 1, 1795 Saltpeter for the Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Pickering Director of the Mint The enclosed order for salt peter is to be issued from the public store and is given at the request of the Secretary of the Treasury.
August 8, 1800 Reports Local Costs for Powder, with Shipment Israel Whelen Samuel Dexter Provides an estimate on the price of powder at Philadelphia and Baltimore, and cost of hauling to Pittsburg.
September 13, 1800 Requests Saltpetre to be Made into Gunpowder Benjamin Stoddert Samuel Dexter Requests salt petre out of cargo imported by Adam Babcock, to be manufactured into gunpowder for the Navy.
December 5, 1800 Request for Issue of Cartridge Materials & Raw Minerals to Fort Jay, NY Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of cartridge materials and raw minerals to Fort Jay, NY.