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October 4, 1799 Salaries of clerks and messengers employed in office of Caleb Swan [not available] Caleb Swan Salaries of clerks and messengers employed under Caleb Swan, paymaster general's office.
September 19, 1800 Expenses of the Accountant's Office Jonathan Newman William Simmons The Secretary of War has requested that Simmons furnish him with an estimate of the sum necessary to pay his salary and the salaries of the clerks and messengers in his office in addition to the contingent expenses for the year 1801.
February 20, 1801 A statement of the Number of clerks Employed in Simmons' Office William Simmons Jonas Platt A statement of the number of clerks employed in Simmons' office and the salaries heretofore allowed.
April 4, 1800 Account for salaries of clerks employed by paymaster general Caleb Swan James McHenry [not available] Salaries of the clerks employed in the office of Caleb Swan paymaster general.
April 3, 1800 Salaries of Clerks to Secretaries James McHenry William Simmons The salaries of Chief Clerks to department Secretaries should be higher than those of any branch of a department. The nature of their business and the confidence in them justifies their higher salaries.
January 1, 1800 Account for Salaries of Clerks [not available] Caleb Swan Lists salaries totaling $700 for clerks employed in Caleb Swan's office for one quarter.
December 30, 1797 Outlines Responsibilities for Clerks James McHenry John Adams War Department instructions, including salaries and numbers of clerks.
June 30, 1798 Compensation of Clerks James McHenry William Simmons McHenry has to apportion salaries that have not been fixed by law so Simmons should transmit the names of the clerks asssigned to his office along with his opinion as to the salaries they should receive.
February 12, 1796 Statement of Number of Office Clerks William Simmons Nicholas Gilman Encloses a statement of the number of clerks employed in the War Accountant's Office and their salaries, at the request of the Secretary of War.
April 3, 1800 Clarification of Clerks Salary Letter William Simmons James McHenry Simmons clarified his previous letter to McHenry regarding the increase in salaries of clerks in his Office. Simmons requested McHenry have approbations currently in Congress extended to clerks of Office of War Department.
March 30, 1797 Clerks in the War Office William Simmons James McHenry Cover for an account of the clerks employed in the War Department Accountant's office and their salaries.
September 1, 1795 Advance Pay of Hodgdon's Clerks Denied, Etc. William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Simmons states that an advance of monies for the salaries of Hodgdon's clerks would be improper but In order to make his quarterly adjustment of the accounts of the Superintendant of Military Stores, Simmons asks Hodgdon to state his own salary and the salaries of his clerks from the date of their last settlement up to the beginning of the present quarter. This must be done quarterly and...
January 16, 1798 Annual Salaries of Hodgdon and His Staff Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Annual salaries of the Intendent of Stores, Clerks, and Public Store Keepers.
October 25, 1795 Salaries of clerks and store keeper William Simmons Timothy Pickering Discusses the salaries of the Superintendent of Military Stores, store keeper, and office clerks.
October 7, 1799 Estimate for the Ensuing Year James McHenry William Simmons In order for McHenry to complete his estimate for the ensuing year he requires Simmons to furnish him with an estimate of the number of clerks needed in his office and their salaries, including Simmons' own salary, and also that of a messenger.
January 5, 1796 Salary of Samuel Hodgdon, storekeeper, and clerks William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $1,090 is due Samuel Hodgdon, Superintendent of Military Stores, being the salaries for him, for a storekeeper, and for the clerks from Oct. to Dec. 1795.
January 16, 1798 Account of Salaries for Hodgdon and His Staff for 1795 Samuel Hodgdon [not available] An account of salaries for the Superintendent of Stores, the Superintendent of Armorers, the public storekeepers, and clerks for the year 1795.
February 4, 1795 Account of appropriations for War Office salaries for 1794 Samuel Lewis [not available] Account, appropriations for War Office salaries, 1974.
October 2, 1793 Salaries of Howell and His Clerks Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Kean Kean is asked to advance $1020.11 to Joseph Parker, the assignee of Joseph Howell, for the salaries of Howell and his clerks for the period from July through September 1793. This sum should be charged to a separate account with the Treasury of the United States.
April 7, 1797 Accountant's and clerks' salaries William Simmons Richard Harrison Cover for Simmons' account of salary for himself and the clerks in the War Department Accountant's Office with letters from the Secretary of War to the Secretary of the Treasury on the subject.
June 30, 1798 Salaries of Clerks in the Accountant's Office William Simmons James McHenry In response to McHenry's request, Simmons lists the people employed in his office, their administrative tasks, and their salaries. Simmons claims that due to the increase in business, an additional clerk was employed..
May 11, 1792 Seeks Estimates for Transportation Costs, Articles, and Salaries for Quartermaster in the West James O'Hara Henry Knox Estimates necessary transportation, tools, and articles for the Quartermaster Department for the West. Seeks information about camp equipment for horse and infantry, and salaries for clerks and assistants.
May 30, 1796 Concerning the salaries of office clerks William Burton James McHenry Office clerk William Burton informs McHenry that he failed to apply for an increase in salary last year because he knew nothing about the application until months later. Burton, reminding McHenry of his meritorious service, asks for a raise.
October 2, 1792 Receipt for Salaries of the War Office War Department Henry Knox Account, War Office salaries paid for July, August, September 1792. Subscribers acknowledge amount of salaries.
July 6, 1790 Receipt for salaries of the War Office War Department [not available] Receipt, War Office salaries paid.