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April 18, 1787 Hiring Cooper, Wind Damage, Need for More Men, Request for Oil William Price Henry Knox Price refers to the cooper's terms laid out in his letter of March 20 and asks Knox whether or not they should hire the cooper. A strong wind has damaged some of the buildings, including the magazine and the roof of the magazine at Fort Putnam. The four deserters reduced the number of men to the point where they cannot mount a proper guard at Fort Clinton. Price still needs gallons of oil for the...
October 7, 1786 Report on Desertions, Equipment, Morale & Storm Damage at West Point William Price Henry Knox Reports sending of ordnance & stores returns, as well as a return of different parts left over from an overhaul of old arms. Reports ashamedly that more New Jersey recruits have deserted, and the party sent after them could not track them down; reports an "uneasy" situation at West Point, with troops lacking pay and clothing. Asks for these things to be sent if at all possible, & encloses a...
August 17, 1799 Concerning supplies, quarters, and rations for New Jersey regiments James McHenry Jonathan Dayton On the subject of quartering regiments in New Jersey for the winter, with mention of rations and supplies for the year 1800.
July 31, 1798 Erecting an Armory & Arsenal at Harpers Ferry Samuel Hodgdon James Brindley Hodgdon asks Brindley for advice and assistance related to the race to erect an armory and arsenal at Harpers Ferry on the Potomac.
February 27, 1799 Fire at the Springfield Armory Joseph Williams Samuel Hodgdon Williams discusses the fire that occurred at the Springfield Armory, caused perhaps by a spark from the chimney.
May 11, 1795 Use in the Fortifications and On Shipboaard Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Pickering expresses his disappointment that Mr. Francis declined receiving the ash [?] which could have been used in the fortifications as well as on ship board for working the great guns. He is apprehensive about receiving them in the public stores where they will take up more room than they are worth.
November 6, 1788 Forwarding Receipt for Uniforms William Price Henry Knox Agreeable to Knox's request, Price forwards receipts for 134 suits of uniforms. Sends returns for ordnance and quartermasters stores for July through October. Reports damage due to structures on Constitution Island due to strong winds.
April 28, 1791 Poor Condition of Fort and its Structures Isaac Craig Henry Knox Repairs and improvements to magazine complete, Gen. St. Clair believed it more appropriate to erect new store houses than repair the dilapidated structures. St. Clair ordered road built then left for Kentucky.
March 28, 1794 Appointment as temporary engineer Henry Knox John Jacob Rivardi Instructions to John Jacob Ulrick Rivardi, acting as temporary Engineer in the service of the United States. Rivardi has been appointed engineer for the purpose of fortifying the ports and harbors of Baltimore, Alexandria and Norfolk. Rivardi will be paid at the rate of four dollars a day.
June 14, 1796 Request to protect and stow oak planks at New York ship yard [not available] John Blagge Naval Agent John Blagge is ordered to take measures to protect and stow the oak plank intended for the frigate at New York, since there is a possibility that worms may be attacking the wood. Therefore, remove planking to the navy yard and stow in piles with roofs over them, that they may be preserved from the weather at the smallest expense.
September 17, 1790 Hodgdon discusses military stores with Knox Samuel Hodgdon Henry Knox Letter, discusses Knox's accomodations in Philadelphia; discusses housing and transportation of public stores.
May 31, 1787 Theft of Powder & Tents by Soldiers at West Point William Price Henry Knox Describes catching two thieves pilfering the contractor's stores, and their earlier deeds in stealing powder & tents from the public stores. Discusses the affair in detail, including confessions of stealing and selling the items. Expresses confusion at the stealing of the powder, as he has kept tight control over access to the magazine.
November 26, 1794 Coffee & Sugar, Planting a Garden, Etc. Doctor Charles Brown Samuel Hodgdon Last summer Dr. Brown asked Hodgdon to send him coffee and sugar and he repeats that request with a promise to pay for it when he is able to do so. At Greenville he has been given a house and enough ground to allow him to plant a garden. He wants to be informed if he is soon to be ordered to Philadelphia so he can prepare for the move.
July 16, 1791 Instructions Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Itemized list of how Hodgdon wants goods and troops distributed on the boats and directions for outfitting the boats.
September 18, 1793 Williams informs Knox of fever Jonathan Williams Henry Knox Letter, advises that army clothing is believed to be the vector of a malignant fever which has produced fatalities.
October 16, 1788 Clothing and Foreign Relations William Knox Henry Knox W. Knox discussed military supply issues. Feared clothing would not be ready for troops by the contracted date. Knox not yet written to Col. Wadsworth for money to fund Pratt's march.
January 25, 1793 Information of Congressional Measures Concerning the Army, Officer Vacancies, & Indian Relations John Stagg Henry Burbeck Apologizes for the lateness of reply to Burbeck's letters, claiming busyness at the War Office. Reports on the projected movements of two doctors. Reports on the health of friends, and sends their best wishes. Notes that Mr. Steele of North Carolina had attempted to introduce a Congressional measure to reduce the army, but that this was defeated; informs Burbeck that there is currently no...
July 14, 1797 Pessimism over Public Affairs William Vans Murray James McHenry Letter, discusses foreign affairs; discusses French military.